🊙Special NFTs, including Founders Tokens

There are some NFTs that are no longer sold by Million on Mars, and therefore are of special importance when they appear on the player marketplaces at places like Atomichub.

One of those special NFTs is the Million on Mars: Land Rush Founders Coin! This beautiful NFT was only minted 991 times.

The many perks of having a founder coin are covered in detail in our whitepaper. Coins purchased on the secondary market are only eligible to receive the founders perks moving forward, not retroactively. Among other benefits, the founders coin holders receive:

  • A weekly airdrop of blueprint packs to use in-game. This weekly drop happens on Fridays, from now until at least November 26, 2022.

  • A one-time drop of land and supply pack (which happened on November 26, 2021).

  • Exclusive NFTs only for Founders. These are not announced in advance and are never sold in our shop or in our collection on Neftyblocks.

There may be other limited edition NFTs from time to time. To keep an eye on the latest, check the marketplaces at Atomichub and Neftyblocks often!

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