Settlements are here!
We are just getting started with the Settlements expansion, and like Martizens, there is a dedicated roadmap of features planned for the Settlements.
Today we are releasing these feature points:
Form a settlement! There are three conditions to meet in order to form a Settlement:
  1. 1.
    Have 3 or more contiguously connected plots of land on the Red Planet. Can be 3 in a line, can be 19 in a hex, can be a spiral, or any other shape you might be driven to create, but a minimum of 3 land plots connected to each other.
  2. 2.
    Have 3 or more Habitats placed anywhere across these connected plots of land
  3. 3.
    Pay 1000 Dusk for the Settlement Creation Fee
Create a Zone
There is a new button - Create a Zone - this is a forming stage where you decide the boundaries of the settlement. At this moment we recommend you include all of your connected plots. NOTE: With this release there is no UI to increase the number of plots in your Settlement once it has been created. We anticipate to ship this option in the next 1-2 weeks. Join a Settlement! Find another player’s Settlement on the Red Planet, and if they have created a Settlement then there will be a new Red Button Join Settlement. Note, we do not yet have a flow for the obvious use-case of the Settlement owner to invite specific players to join their Settlement - coming soon.
Evict A Member Did someone join your settlement and you are just not that into them? You can evict them no problem - at will.
Loyalty Matters Players that leave a settlement or are evicted from a settlement are under a 30-day cooling off period before they are able to join another settlement. NOTE: if you are evicted inside of the first 24 hours of joining a settlement the 30-day cool-down period is not applied.
Settlement Maximum Population For each Habitat/Shelter in your settlement that maximum number of Settlement members is increased by 2x of your Maximum Martizen population limit.
Settlement Roster There is a roster view where you able to see every member of your settlement. Includes their last login date, and their join date.
Settlement Mission As the owner of a Settlement you are able to fill in a free form text message of what is the mission of your settlement.
Daily Message As the owner of a Settlement you are able to set the daily message for your members. Perhaps a call to action on getting busy machining Aluminum Plate? Or that perhaps you want to rally and save up for a Legendary RoverWorks for the settlement?
Language Abuse NOTE: Both the Settlement Mission and the Daily Message are free-form text fields. We have no current form of automated checking for profanity, hate messages etc. What are the rules? Use common sense. Use language that would pass in our general chat in Discord - when in doubt, take a moment and make it more tasteful. Any abuse of this feature will result in the permanent revocation of your custom naming rights.
Near term roadmap for Settlements:
Change Settlement Boundaries As you add land plots need to be able to add more land plots to an existing Settlement
DTM Inventory View A place to see an inventory of all of your DTMs - and the ability to rename those DTMs without needing to file a support ticket
Vending Machines These will be a series of buildings that Settlement Owners are able to install to supply commodities to their members at the prices that they choose - market rates, above market, below market, or even zero cost for those cooperative guilds!
Member Roles Owner, Director, Manager, Member and Associate 5 levels of roles and permissions to allow each Settlement to customize their own culture with 5 different levels.
View Member Earnings View the rental earnings from each member
Create a Custom Settlement Patch Create a Mission Patch or a Coat of Arms as such for your Settlement and mint out NFTs to your Members
Settlement Cultural Score Based on the quantity, and more importantly the quality of your buildings, your Settlement will have a higher cultural score. This will be used to influence a variety of other game systems, such as the point of interest visibility range, scavenging bonuses and rankings on the settlement finder. Federation of Settlements Many requests for players running their own settlements to have opportunities to work with another Settlement - somewhat like honoring a member of another yacht club!
First step is to select the land plots to form your Settlement
These 5 land plots will form the Settlement
And boom sauce - Bethkania has been formed!
What shall the name be? Bethkania!
Inspire your Members with a Mission and a Daily Message
All the Buildings in this Settlement
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