๐Ÿ“ˆDuskworks Landing

Duskworks Landing is a bit of a rough and tumble town in Valles Marineris, it is also the home of Lane Dusk (as he likes to be called now)

Welcome to Duskworks Landing!

You the players will be rewarded in Dusk for all of the buildings here in Duskworks Landing as we are keen on having Million on Mars a player driven and player created world! Go find for Wayne a.k.a. Beowulf and Jesse Le Beau in Duskworks Landing for the scoop here.

Speak to the Residents of Duskworks Landing:

Players must complete the associated Missions to gain access to the Aerospace Tournaments.

Build Launch Complex 0b100111a

Settlers at Duskworks Landing are working together to build the launch complex at Launchpad 0b100111a. Building out the launch complex will greatly ease the logistics for new settlers to reach Waterloo City. Below are the Buildings players will be using to donate materials and score points in the brand new Aerospace Launch Tournaments.

Players who are not enrolled in the matching tournament while using Duskworks Landing Recipes will not earn points!

Planetary Projects Inc. (3D Print Shop)

Layinโ€™ Bricks! - Jesse LeBou is supervising the construction launch pads for Launch Complex 0b100111a. Thousands of units of concrete, sulfur and water are being sought for the mass production of the Refractory Concrete Hexagonal Bricks.

Beowulf's Forge (Vulcan Metalworks)

Barn Raising! - Wayne a.k.a โ€œBeowulfโ€ at Duskworks Landing is organizing work parties to create the Hangars. He is thirsty for all sorts of Metals, Energy and Labor to create these Hangars.

ALFA Microbial Research Center (Water Filter)

ALFA Tournament - Dr. Jan Spacek based in Duskworks Landing is conducting an advanced search for extant Martian microbes. The work has been producing an array of microorganisms that have shown that Martian microbes share the same ancestry with ancient Earth Archaean microbes. A private donor on Earth has been impressed with this project and has stepped up the funding!

ALFA Mars (Agnostic Life Finding Association โ€“ Mars)

Duskworks Fuel Donation Site (Fuel Tanks)

Grab a Hopper - Fuel Duskwork's Aerospace ventures and support Mars exploration with Grab a Hopper tournament

Marisol's Garden (Greenhouse)

Waterloo Cityโ€™s Greenhouses have Failed!

Saboteurs from the Greens in Waterloo City have introduced a pathogen to the great greenhouses of Waterloo City! As a result, Marisol of Waterloo City has ordered all of the current crops to be destroyed and deep irradiation of the greenhouses. Marisol has issued a call for food production from the settlers, as well as soil to restock the greenhouses.

And more coming soon!

We will continuously grow Duskworks Landing and add in more fun folks, recipes, leaderboards, missions, and secrets here. You absolutely know something is going to go down at The Mines!

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