Dust, Rust and Glory

Wayne Dusk sees a huge opportunity...
Wayne Dusk leveraging the underground Combat Rover scene...
"Attention all rebels, dreamers, and renegades! Dust, Rust and Glory is upon us! It is the ultimate showdown between the brave and the bold. This is your chance to join the fight for a new future, to show all that Mars belongs to the daring and the clever, and to claim your place among the system's greatest heroes. Get your tickets now – the revolution is coming! #DustRustGlory #FightForTheFuture #JoinTheRebels" -Wayne Dusk
Wayne Dusk leading the weekly Operations meeting at Duskworks Landing
ScottieOnMars: Hey WD, have you seen that BS list of reasons LegalBeagle sent us about why the rover vs rover battles are a terrible idea? Dusk: Yeah, I saw it. But I don't buy it for a second. We're going ahead with the battles, no matter what.
LegalBeagle: BS!? WTF!? With all due respect, Wayne, I don't think you fully understand the risks involved. Putting weapons on autonomous rovers is a recipe for disaster. We are already under a consent decree from Lloyd's unlimited, we will never be able to secure the rider.
Dusk: I understand the risks just fine, thank you. And I've already addressed each of the points on your list.
ScottieOnMars: That's right. WD always has a plan B!
LegalBeagle: Fine. But I still think it's a bad idea. What if something goes wrong and someone gets hurt? There is a limit to what I am willing to clean up!
Dusk: Look, accidents happen. But that's not a reason to stop doing something that could be really exciting and profitable.
ScottieOnMars: Plus, we've taken every precaution to ensure the safety of the audience and the drivers. We're not amateurs here.
LegalBeagle: I understand that, but what about the potential for bad publicity? What if people start to view these battles as violent or barbaric?
Dusk: People love violence and barbarism! It's why they watch movies and play video games. We're just giving them what they want!
ScottieOnMars: And besides, the media attention will be great for us. It'll put us on the map, and draw even more settlers to Duskworks Landing!
LegalBeagle: I still don't think it's a good idea. But I'll leave it up to you, Wayne. Just make sure you're prepared for any legal consequences that may arise.
Dusk: Don't worry about me, LegalBeagle. I know what I'm doing. Dust, Rust and Glory is going to be huge, mark my words.
Wayne Dusk's medium armored command rover BigMac