Duskworks Guide: How to Get Your Private Space On Mars

DTM or Digital Terrain Map, is the main way that Duskworks splits up quadrants into individual parts for colonization. Each DTM consists of some number of plots, decided by the size of the DTM. But even smaller than that, are Mini-DTMs, which are portions of a DTM made up of plots.

How to get Mini-DTMS

Once the Duskworks company releases the DTM Tokens for sale, you'll be able to purchase them in the DTM SHOP category of the Shop.

How to get DTM Tokens

They are available for purchase as of June 29th.

Players will be able to purchase 1 DTM token for the equivalent of $20 in Dusk, Sol, or Minting Tokens.


Can I name my mini-DTM?


When can I buy a mini-DTM?

They are available for purchase as of June 29th.

Do mini-DTMs come with Land Packs?

Yes, click on the mini-DTM entry in the shop and read their descriptions to see how many land packs are in each pack.

Will there be a limit on DTM Tokens?

Purchasing DTM Tokens will also have a 10 tokens per 15 minutes limit to reduce to impact on our servers.

Can I buy a DTM token with WAX?

Eventually WAX based purchases for DTM tokens will be available.

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