๐ŸงงLunar New Year

The Lunar New Year Event has ended.


In addition to the new Lunar Event Workshop, there are new recipes in our existing buildings as the advancements in our Red Planet manufacturing process accelerates us to making this planet ours. There are many Lunar Event treats and additions for you to discover: tea chop, envelopes, fireworks, baijiu, dragon lanterns, sorghum...

The Lunar New Year especially holds a special place in the hearts of many on Mars ever since a Chinese Rover expedition helped assist multiple astronauts during the Mars Dart Disaster of 2032. Among these astronauts include the now famous Beto McCoy, famous for his heroic actions and selfless bravery when he was face to face with disaster.

Tea Shop

Let's start with the Tea Shop. The Tea Shop has six different recipes, two different envelopes, four different fireworks and a special type of alcohol. Yes, you read that right: Alcohol! On Mars!


What are the envelopes and how do you make them?

You can make the envelopes from paper which you can now fabricate in your 3D Print Shop. And you then you open your envelope in the Tea Shop for a chance of winning a lot of Dusk - the amount will depend on the envelope type. Golden envelopes cost more to create in Dusk than Red envelopes but can be much more rewarding.


Red Envelope

Paper and Dusk

Golden Envelope

Paper and 10x Dusk

Red envelopes when opened can give you back anywhere from 8.8% to 188% of your Dusk back while Golden envelopes, being much more expensive to produce, return 10x more than the Red envelopes do for a maximum return of investment of 888%!!!!

Type of Envelope

Return Of Investment In Dusk

Red Envelope

8% to 188%

Golden Envelope

8.8% or 88% or 888%

If youโ€™re wondering about the prevalence of the number eight, eight happens to be the lucky number in the Chinese culture!


Next are three different colors of Fireworks. These are used all over the sister planets to celebrate almost any occasion. But for this event, these are made in a traditional lunar pattern! You can fabricate these with Paper (which you now can get from your 3D Print Shop), Potassium Perchlorate (which you can now get from your Chem Lab), different metals - depending on the color of the firework.

Blue Fireworks get their coloration from the oxidized copper. So, youโ€™ll need Copper along with the Paper and Potassium Perchlorate to make blue fireworks!

Green Fireworks get their coloration from a combination of Barite which is a new byproduct from Mining Regolith and Aluminum. So, youโ€™ll need Barite and Aluminum along with the Paper and Potassium Perchlorate to make green fireworks!

Golden Fireworks get their coloration from a combination of Halite, a type of salt that can be Scavenged, and Iron which you get from your Smelter. These minerals give the fireworks that Golden coloring!



Blue Firework

Potassium Perchlorate, Paper, Copper

Green Firework

Potassium Perchlorate, Paper, Barite, Aluminum

Golden Firework

Potassium Perchlorate, Paper, Halite, Iron

Once per day, you can use all three of the fireworks in order to create a Fireworks Display within your Actions menu. Once a day, there will be a cooldown, but you will get many different rewards worth more than the single fireworks. Sometimes a lot more!

ActionPossible Returns

Create Fireworks Display

Up to 88 Dusk


What is baijiu, you ask? This traditional alcoholic beverage can be made from Fermented Sorghum and a bit of Bamboo. Youโ€™ll have to farm both the Bamboo and the Sorghum first in your Greenhouse before you can distill the Sorghum into Distilled Sorghum.



Fermented Sorghum and Bamboo

In the Actions menu, you can consume 1 Baijiu, 3 Dusk and 2 Stamina. This can give you up to 30 Dusk and 6 Stamina back but you will have to be pretty lucky!

Name Of Action


Possible Rewards

Drink Baijiu

1 Baiju, 3 Dusk, 2 Stamina

Up to 30 Dusk and Up to 6 Stamina

Obtaining a Lunar Event Workshop

Now, you may be wondering how to obtain a Lunar Event Workshop? You can purchase a Lunar Event Workshop pack from the Store for the following Dusk prices (note: the prices depend on how many have already been sold):

The First 100 Bought

100 - 200 Bought

200 - 500 Bought

500+ Bought

100 Dusk

200 Dusk

300 Dusk

500 Dusk

As you can see from the table, the earlier you buy your Lunar Event Workshop, the less youโ€™ll have to pay in Dusk up to a maximum of 500 Dusk.

Dragon Lanterns

The Dragon Lanterns event has ended, if you have any lanterns left over you can use them in the shop. If you have a Reliquary token that is unused, you can exchange it for a refund for your dragon lanterns.

Lunar New Year Artifact - Tiger RoverWorks

If you're lucky enough to collect 100 Tiger Roverworks Shards, the one of a kind unique Tiger RoverWorks Artifact could be yours any time during the 15 days of the Lunar New Year celebrations. The first player to purchase it from the Shop will have the Artifact minted to their wallet! Similar to the other 14 original artifacts, the Tiger RoverWorks comes pre-loaded with 13,200 Dusk which you can collect from every day for 150 days!

Tiger Roverworks Artifact Shards may possibly be found in any of the drops tied to the Lunar New Year Event. Rates will be increasing as we draw closer to the Lantern Festival.

In addition, all Tea Shop NFTโ€™s have a 5% chance of awarding a Tiger Roverworks Artifact Shard if deposited during the Lunar New Year event. (Shard Drops will be turned off after a player has claimed the Artifact)

As you saw above, the Lunar New Year event has added new recipes to the Chem Lab, 3D Print Shop. In fact, here are all the features that have been modified for the event:

Mining Rig

Mining Rig recipes are being adjusted to accommodating a new resource used in the process, a mineral called "Barite", used commonly on earth for Barium Mining. This is a permanent addition to the game, but will be tuned accordingly.

- Barite is now found occasionally when doing low level Regolith and Ice mining (level 1 & 2). It can also be found when Scavenging, and is occasionally a byproduct of smelting copper and steel.

- Level 2 Regolith Mining now requires a small amount of Barite.

- Level 3 Regolith Mining now requires a moderate amount of Barite.

Barite can also be used to create Green Fireworks.


While youโ€™re out scavenging, you can come across Halite, a new ore and a type of salt that is used in the production of all fireworks. In addition, two new seeds can be recovered from your Mars scavenge hunts: Bamboo Seeds and Sorghum Seeds. Bamboo will be used in many applications in the future while Sorghum is used for making Baijiu and Polyactic Acid.

Note: Scavenging will soon require power, so, remember to stock up on Full Power Cells!

Chem Lab

Within your Chem Lab, the Red Planet manufacturing process has been upgraded with the ability to fabricate Potassium Perchlorate and PLA (Polyactic Acid).


Potassium Perchlorate

Halite and Water

PLA (Polyactic Acid)

Fermented Sorghum and Co2

PLA: A Sorghum based plastic used commonly in 3d printing processes made from Fermented Sorghum and CO2.

Potassium Perchlorate: A chemical compound of Chlorine and Oxygen used commonly for pyrotechnic devices. Combines Halite and Water

Water Filter

Duskworks engineers have developed a new processing wing for your Water Filters and are now able to ferment Sorghum.

Fermented Sorghum is used for making PLA plastics. It can also be processed into strong alcoholic beverage: Baijiu.


Fermented Sorghum


3D Print Shop

Inside the massive interior of the 3D Print Shop sits a new lone printer, capable of fabricating paper from Bamboo and PLA.



Bamboo and PLA

Bamboo and PLA plastics can be combined to produce various paper and wood products without the need of trees! The first of these recipes is Paper, which is used for making fireworks, red envelopes, and will return to tie into future recipes as well.


The greenhouseโ€™s AI has been updated to allow the growing of two new plants: Bamboo and Sorghum.

You can grow these from seeds which you find while Scavenging.

Sorghum - An incredibly easy to grow crop that continues to develop new applications beyond its known uses for food, alcohol, and plastics.

Bamboo - Martians can now grow bamboo - a pathway to our Mars-grown paper and wood products. Transporting these from Earth has never been sustainable!



Bamboo Seed and Water


Sorghum Seed and Water

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