Q4 - 2021

September 2021 (Pre-Launch)


Founders Token Giveaway:

  • Our first of several Founders Token Giveaways has come to a conclusion! Congrats to the winning players who have earned themselves a founders token. The token has already been sent to your wallet.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug allowing players to spam placements of blueprints, placing more than owned.

  • Fixed public profiles to show only name/stamina/plots owned. (Feel free to change your publicly visible name, and upload a profile picture!)

  • Removed items with a zero quantity from displaying in your inventory.

  • Fixed several issues related to registration/account creation. (Thanks for the reports to those who ran into issues).

  • Added re-sync wallet for players with issues connecting to their wallets.

  • Daily Dusk is now paying out 200 per day every 24 hours. Look for it in your inventory after it arrives! You need to claim it!

  • Pack opening from your inventory now functions correctly. (Expect to see new packs to try soon)

Balance Changes:

  • All harvest actions now have a 20% chance of giving back the original seed, 1x soil, or both, in addition to the food produced.

  • Packs are much more accurately priced and balanced to feel natural.

  • Added Power Box and Supply Crate added to try out.

  • Significantly increased rewards of Ice and Regolith from Scavenging

  • Scavenging now has a 70% chance to also scavenge a bit of Dusk.

  • Eating timer was reduced to 12 hours, food required increased to 16. (Play twice a day if you can grow enough food. Let us know how it feels)

October 2021 (Pre-Launch)


Game Update:

  • Fractional Dusk is now supported. Some things may still round to whole values, but should be a lot closer to where they should be.

  • Dusk balance is now displayed on all Marketplace pages.

  • The claim button on Orders now stands out!

  • Negative quantities and fractional quantities are no longer possible with market orders.

  • Players can no longer fulfill their own open orders.

NEW DTM ADDED TO MC-11! These feature amazing new terrain medallions (See below!), with over 525 new plots to choose from!

November 2021 (Pre-Launch)


Game Update:

  • Roughly 500 new plots added to MC-11. Anyone who claims one of these will get in the next whitelist update for the remaining drops. A lot more plots are coming and will be added leading up to launch.

  • Work order system on track for friday-ish release. Will be a period of time for us to hammer on it before we do a full reset. (Friday night or Saturday reset should be expected)

  • When we do the reset for the work order system we plan to release a drop on Nefty with a specific whitelist of addresses we've been collecting/vetting from the requests channel. We appreciate everyone's patience as we get this process better optimized. (All these wallets will also be whitelisted for remaining drops). There is going to be players without land after the reset. We need to properly test the work order system so please try to play as if the game was live!

  • Expect some balance changes in the next update/reset. Some things are already live. (Seeds now using 2 Stamina per cycle as intended should be live now. More changes coming.

  • There's going to be some considerations to the UI efforts being planned that might not make it for the public launch. This should only mean some things may end up in our post-launch polish release. We're still making sure to address the most obvious/painful things before launch.


  • Big updates are coming to the whitelist next week to cover all finalized data, initial post-launch roadmap plans, tokenomics update, and a bunch more.

  • We're still on track to launch in November, but likely closer to the end of the month, just want to set expectations early as I can so there's no surprises. We're still committed to delivering on our roadmap first and foremost, and will delay release before we compromise on what we're working to build.


Game Update

  • Buildings will now error out on destroy/dismantle when there is anything in progress. (UI still allows players to try, but it will return an error - will disable UI later)

  • If there are work orders out there against destroyed buildings, itโ€™ll automatically be canceled if someone tries to do them

  • Work Orders can be made with zero stamina as intended.

  • Work Order transaction fees now being charged to poster (not yet being accumulated and shown; just taken. Will be accumulated into a global treasury value at launch.)

  • Work Order rewards less than 1 Dusk will now error out (UI changes will fix further). Pay 1 dusk per stamina minimum. It's the law of Mars. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Fixed numeric inputs to have fewer issues. (now lets you backspace all the way)


Game Update:

  • LAND! Now 15000 plots!

  • More work orders! Bumped max to 24.

  • Added back land deeds into the shop for fun (wont be included at launch)

11-27-2021 - (WE ARE LIVE!)

Game Update:


November 2021 (Post Launch)


Game Update:

  • All remaining Refer-a-Founder payments have been sent out. Thank you so much to our amazing fans for your loyal support and for going above and beyond to get the word out about the game up to launch. Sorry this took so long to get sent out for the last batch! If you think you should have received a founder referral reward and did not, let us know and we'll be happy to take a look.

  • Land Rush Access Pack opening has been enabled. Opening the pack gives you a badge to play the game, nothing else. Make sure you only get one.. you don't get anything for having multiple! If you already have a Settlement Access Badge, Founders Coin, or Founders Token.. you do not need one of these to play. You already can play now with any of those!

December 2021


Work Order Fixes:

  • Work Orders have now been increased to 100. We will continue to raise this as the player base grows and we are confident that things are stable and secure.

  • Work orders now have a default price of 1 Dusk per stamina required for the task. (Greenhouses will soon have a range of stamina costs for various planting actions)

  • Fixed a reported issue of players being able to create jobs for less than 1 Dusk.

  • Buildings now reflect external work orders in their # of available actions

Minor Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with clicking location pins on the map in Safari.

  • Daily reward named "Daily Rations" and is now required to be claimed each day. Soon it will give you food that is not sellable.

  • Dusk is now limited to three decimal places in market orders.

  • Inventory now shows "still confirming" when an item is freshly minted and has not been assigned a #. (Instead of '0' out of max supply)

  • Testing recipes left over from beta cleaned out of low-rarity greenhouses. (SORRY!)

  • Dusk replaced star image in Shop.


Bug Fixes:

  • The hex grid on the DTM map no longer disappears when claiming a plot or placing a building.

  • The typo in our 'Please Try Again' error page has been fixed.

  • Canceled jobs should now be cleared out from the list! Let us know if you're still seeing anything unexpected in the jobs list.

  • The login screen now points new players to Nefty or Atomic Hub so that you can purchase an access badge from either the secondary market or from our drops if you do not have one.

  • Jobs that require more stamina than you have available now have a disabled button state.

  • The terrain maps now have crisp white pins that are easy on the eyes!

  • An update released on Monday that was designed to address certain bad behavior in the work order system that ended up consuming some resources of players do the work. This bug has been fixed, and the lost resources have all been returned to the players retroactively!


  • Players now need to type in the word โ€œDESTROYโ€ to actually remove their buildings in a multi-step process to prevent accidental deletion.

  • Given that it is multi-step and you need to type in ""DESTROY"", customer service will no longer refund accidental removal if it occurs after today. If you have accidentally removed a building prior to this, we will still handle these on a case-by-case basis. Please email support@milliononmars.com


So we have a bit of an abundance of food problem that needs to be corrected. Some corrective actions to the food economy have been put in place that are designed to curb the rate of daily food production, and increase the rate of food consumption.


  • Eating now consumes 32 Food, 12 Water, and awards 8 Dusk.

Supply Crates:

  • Supply Crates have had the amount of Food t award reduced across the board.

  • Supply Crates are more likely to award Soil than Food. You might find this useful soon.

  • More rewards coming to deposited resource cards very soon.


  • Stamina costs for all Crops have been adjusted. There is a known bug where this is not fully updating across the board, but will be fixed later today.

    • Sprout Seeds: 1 (down from 2)

    • Lettuce Seeds: 2 (no change)

    • Carrot Seed: 3 (up from 2)

    • Sweet Potato Seed: 3 (up from 2)

    • Soy Seed: 4 (up from 2)

  • Food Yields for all Crops have been adjusted. T now yield between 70-100% of their original values.

    • Sprout Seeds: 6-8 Food

    • Lettuce Seeds: 22-32 Food

    • Carrot Seed: 50-72

    • Sweet Potato Seed: 90-130

    • Soy Seed: 140-200

12-08-2021 - (Grind & Brew Launch)

New Feature:

Itโ€™s time to โ€œRise and Grindโ€ Martians! Time to get brewing the finest coffee Mars has to offer. Dusk Works Coffee Co is proud to offer limited edition Interstellar franchise opportunities to the settlers on Mars!

Weโ€™re proud to release another major update to Million on Mars: Land Rush: โ˜•โ˜•โ˜•โ˜•โ˜• COFFEE! โ˜•โ˜•โ˜•โ˜•โ˜•

This system includes 12 items consisting of NEW Dusk Works Grind & Brew Blueprints, Resources, and a new Seed! The resources will exist in the game as long as the Buildings are being used, but the Blueprint supply will not last forever, and may change at any time!

Design Note: Coffee is a full production chain product that requires players to put all of their buildings to work from seed to sip. Our coffee system is modeled closely after the real world production of coffee on Earth in what is known as the โ€œWet Methodโ€ for processing harvested Coffee Cherries. Weโ€™re reducing the normal 4 year growing times of Coffee into less than 2 days, so hopefully you can appreciate how much effort goes into making coffee in even such a compressed format.

Hereโ€™s what the Coffee Journey looks like at a glance:

  • Players Plant Coffee Seeds in their Greenhouse.

  • Players Harvest Coffee Cherries from their Greenhouse.

  • Players Ferment Coffee Cherries in their Water Filter to produce Green Coffee Beans.

  • Players Roast their Green Coffee Beans in the CAD to produce Roasted Coffee Beans.

  • Players Grind Roasted Coffee Beans in the Grind & Brew to produce Ground Coffee

  • Players Brew Ground Coffee in the Grind & Brew to produce Brewed Coffee!

  • Players can Drink Coffee once per 3 hours to gain 5-8 Stamina!

Airdrop Land Rush Founders Token Holders (As of 1:30pm PST on 12/8/21) have been airdropped a limited edition G&B Blueprint Pack for their continued support of our mission. These packs (and the NFTโ€™s inside) will be the only tradeable versions of these Blueprints made available outside the game. The only other way to acquire a Grind and Brew Blueprint is to play the game, or purchase a Blueprint Pack inside the in-game market for Dusk on the in-game shop.

Note: We will also be giving away a set number of these Packs in some marketing giveaways, but t will not be sold!

Hereโ€™s a breakdown of additional changes going live with this update:

Shop A limited time Grind & Brew Blueprint Pack has been added to the shop for 250 Dusk. It comes with the same pack rarities as our other packs, but also only contains 1 Blueprint like the one distributed in the Airdrop. Available for a limited time.

Scavenging We have added Common, Uncommon and Rare Grind & Brew Blueprints to the scavenging system for a limited time. Expect the drop rates to be adjusted in the first couple of days of these being live so we can be confident in things.

Market Players can sell Blueprints and Coffee related items on the in-game Marketplace for dusk!

Resource Cards Coffee based rewards are now part of Supply Crate NFTโ€™s. Be warned that Coffee Seeds are very rare!

Seed Packs now contain Coffee Seeds!

Community Give Back Weโ€™re giving away Legendary NFT #1 of the Grind & Brew Blueprint to a player in the community who helped suggest and contribute great ideas to this concept early on without even realizing it.


Game Update:

  • Recipes for Soil making in the CAD were a bit crossed. This should now be fixed. Please tag a member of our if you are still having issues and we'll get you sorted out. Sorry for this!

  • Food balance is now displayed on the top HUD next to your Water.

  • Increased icon sizes on the in-game shop to be more readable.

  • Made minor improvements to the job system (More readable durations of time, and a few other small things)

  • Fixed Coffee planting work orders appearing as 16 hours instead of 40.

Late balance changes:

Coffee now has a chance to yield 1 Coffee Seed and/or 1 Soil when harvested, similar to all other seeds. -Grind and Brew Scavenge rate reduced.\

12-10-2021 - (DUSK on Chain)

Major Update!

Play To Earn IS HERE!

Daily Rations

  • Players now get a non-sellable Daily Ration that can be eaten to give full Stamina and Waste, but no Dusk.

  • Eating Rations uses the same timer as normal eating. Eating food and water still rewards Dusk.

New Actions!

  • Eat Ration: Consume 1 Ration for 16 Stamina and 4 Waste (4 hour Shared cooldown with Eat)

  • Protein Shake: Consume 150 Food and 150 Water for 2 Stamina. (24 hour cooldown)

  • Analyze Regolith - Spend 500 Regolith to get 1-3 Dusk. (3 hour Cooldown)

  • Transport Ice - Spend 250 Ice for 2-4 Dusk (6 hour Cooldown)

  • Prepare Rations - Spend 1500 Food to get 5-7 Dusk and 1 Coffee Seed (6 hour Cooldown)

Balance Changes

  • Scavenging rates have been reduced for Grind & Brew Blueprints

  • Scavenging yields have been reduced for Ice and Regolith.

  • Seed Packs now give 2-4 Seeds.

  • Resource Cards now give slightly less water, soil, and seeds when redeemed.

Store Changes =====Temporary Listings for the Food Barons =====

  • Legendary Grind & Brew - 50,000 Food.

  • Grind & Brew Blueprint Pack - 2500 Food

  • Coffee Kit - 500 Food (See below)

Coffee Kit Drop Table: Please note that only 1 reward from a pool will be selected per redemption. Ex: Epic would be either the Ground Coffee or the Uncommon Virtual Blueprint

Common - 46.5% (1x Coffee Seed) Uncommon - 30% (2-4x Coffee Seeds, or 30-50 Green Coffee Beans) Rare - 15% (30-50 Roasted Coffee Beans, or Common Grind & Brew (Virtual)) Epic - 6% (20-50 Ground Coffee, or Uncommon Grind & Brew (Virtual)) Legendary 2% (1-3 Brewed Coffee, or 1x Rare Grind & Brew (Virtual)) Mythic - 0.5% (Epic Grind & Brew (Virtual))"


Game Update:

  • Reduced Prepare rations to 250 food, increased the Dusk to 10, and the Coffee Seed to a range of 1-3.

  • Reduced Protein shake to 50/50, and increased Stamina to 3.

12-18-2021 - (Scorpimas 2021)

Holiday Event:

For those who may not be aware that Mars runs on the Darian calendar, we are now in the month of Scorpius! For Land Rush faring Martians, we celebrate surviving the winter dust storms on Mars towards the end of Scorpius with Gift exchanges of frivolous drinks, edibles, and toys to be shared by one and all!

This is a Limited Time Holiday Event that is now live!

Please note: This is our first limited time holiday.. we're going to be adjusting drop rates (and possibly costs in the shop) as needed!

  • During the event, Wrapped Presents and Candy Canes will drop when Scavenging.

  • Candy Canes are a new holiday resource that are used to fuel the limited time building, the Polar Workshop!

  • Presents will contain small random rewards, sometimes Candy Canes, along with some special surprises like Polar Workshop blueprints!

  • The shop has various items to buy for Candy Canes

  • Candy Canes can also be bought/sold on the market for Dusk.

  • Depositing resource cards also can awards large quantities of Candy Canes.

    Golden Wrapped Presents may also appear very very rarely.. but will not be able to be opened until Duskmas on 12/24!

New Building:

Polar Workshop Available for a limited time, players can acquire a Polar Workshop from the shop for Dusk.

  • Coming later today: You can buy a 1 Card NFT Polar Workshop Pack on Nefty Blocks.

  • Players must Fuel their Polar Workshop with Candy Canes to produce Scorpius Goods!

  • Candy Canes can also be spent in the Shop, and sold in the Market for those who don't own land.

  • Scorpius Goods will be able to be exchanged in new daily actions for generous rewards.

  • Players can also upgrade their Polar Workshop to a higher level to make things faster! (Currently only common rarity supported.. more coming soon!)

Please note that this building will not have long term use after the event is over so buy with caution and confidence!

ALSO NOTE: All unopened presents will become un-sellable after the event is over. We will give advanced warning before this happens. All unused Scorpius resources may be removed from the game after the event is over... or have little/no use after the Turn-in is over. Do not expect a future use for them! We will not remove Polar Workshops from any land. Expect them to work again next Scorpius!

New Action:

Share Scorpius Gifts!

  • Doable every 8 hours, sharing 1 of each of the 3 craftable Scorpius gifts yields between 30 and 60 Dusk!"

Game Update:

  • Analyze Regolith and Transport Ice now give 5-25 Candy Canes.


Game Update:

  • Share Scorpious Gifts has been made more generous!

  • We've also increased the drop rate of presents

12-24-2021 - (Factories on Mars)

Factories on Mars!

Who's ready to build their manufacturing Factories on Mars!

Our first set of Mining Packs are up for sale in 15 minutes! (Currently appears locked to everyone. This will change shortly) These are the only packs we are selling today so get them while supplies last. https://neftyblocks.com/c/onmars/drops/85156,85159,85160

We've got a couple different pack choices for you all to pick from, and a special 1 card only pack for the most important blueprints in the expansion, the Mining Rig and Rover Works!

Factories on Mars Pack- 4 cards, 1 Rare or Better - $40 in Wax Factories on Mars - The Big Pack- 12 cards, 1 Epic or Better - $100 in Wax Mines and Rovers Pack1 Card - (1) Mine or (1) Rover Works of a random rarity - $50 in wax.

Please note: Pack opening is going to be delayed 2 hours after the sale, as we make sure everything is working as intended on the game side. We're doing our best working on Christmas to deliver this content! ๐Ÿ™ Apologies

Founders Air drop is also a bit delayed! Please note that the original blueprint pack will be replaced with 2 supply crates, and something special for Christmas. ;-). Supply crates are also getting buffed with upgrade shards which will be used to upgrade all your buildings.


Factories on Mars Update - 12/28

  • Fixed incorrect image references for specific buildings and items. There shouldn't be anything lingering after the update.

  • Fixed missing components for nearly all recipes. (PVC Pipe dos not currently have a use but will soon. This is known)

  • Fixed Building recipes with longer durations on upgrades, and to match design approach for other buildings.

  • Added Power consumption to all recipes that needed them.

  • Enabled CO2 production in CAD

  • Upgrade shards added for all the new buildings, but with temporary placeholders until the final deliverables come in this week. For now these are disabled from the in-game market due to the confusion t would cause. Once the assets are integrated later this week we'll open up buying and selling. For now you can still use these shards to upgrade your buildings all the same. Sorry for the less than ideal solution here, but we wanted to get the buildings fixed as the top priority.

Smelting now produces Ores instead of โ€œsmelt xโ€. (Mostly name changes for these)

  • Smelt_titanium > Titanium Ore

  • Smelt_aluminum > Aluminum Ore

  • Smelt_iron > Iron Ore

  • Smelt_copper > Copper Ore

  • Smelt_steel > Steel

Added several new limited Dusk only items shop: Please note that these may be removed at any time, and the costs of these items are also subject to change.

All randomized items use the standard rarity distribution of Common 46.5%, Uncommon 30%, Rare 15%, Epic 6%, Legendary 2.0%, Mythic 0.5%

Solar Shard Pack - 250 Dusk - 10x Random Solar Shards Factories on Mars - Single Random Draw - 750 Dusk Factories on Mars 4x Random Draw /w 1 Random Rare - 3000 Dusk (Same as the pack we sell on nefty) Mine & Rover Pack - 4000 Dusk (Same as the pack we sell on nefty) Epic Mining Rig - 15,000 Dusk (Skip the pack, get what you want and burn some major dusk!) Epic Rover Works - 15,000 Dusk (Skip the pack, get what you want and burn some major dusk!)

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