Q2 -2022

April 2022

2022-04-01 (Plots in Profile)

  • Refresh and then checkout your profile! Really cool update from and with a detailed plot inventory view of what buildings are installed at each plot, available space, and ready indicator.

2022-04-07 (Surveyor Coins & Transporting Buildings)

Happy Thursday on Mars April 7th Update TL:DR (After maintenance is completed): - Hard refresh your client - lots of code changes!

- iOS decimal bug in the marketplace has been fixed

- Able to move buildings both inside a plot and to another plot

- New Surveyors Shop

- Duskworks Shop has had some replenishments

Full details below:

Tech Update

Today we have a big day of shipping new features, content and behind the scenes tech. We might also likely end up shipping a bug or three today, so your patience here is requested. Yesterday we ran into a limit on our game data tool chain where we import recipes, items, loot tables, etc.

We have been testing overnight on some test environments and it all looks good - but we would appreciate it if people were especially vigilant and picky. Play hard and please notice anything amiss. But with the nature of this change, if there is a problem it would not be a subtle problem - it would be right there in your face

Please make sure you have cleared your browser cache for the game, so you have the latest version of the game. You can click the link below for a simple guide explaining how to do this. https://www.documate.org/resources/what-is-a-hard-refresh-how-to-do-a-hard-refresh-in-any-browser

Assuming this release goes well, we have another update planned for later in the afternoon that we would also appreciate that same vigilance on. This second release is a major effort over many weeks to lower the memory footprint of the client. This will be especially helpful for mobile players with plots across various DTMs that need to load and unload a lot of data as t travel across the Red Planet.

Bug Fixes:

  • iOS / Safari players are able to use decimals again in the marketplace!

Hauling Rovers be Hauling!

Huge new update - very long requested - you are now able to MOVE whole buildings and preserve their upgrade level and their current power (and water). Note: Buildings cannot be in the middle of crafting if you wish to haul them to another plot.

To haul your building to another plot you must either purchase a Hauling Token from another player who has crafted one, or you need to have Hauling tokens yourself. There are other fees for hauling that depend on the rarity / level of your building and how far you want to move the building. Please see the player guide for more details.

Plot Sorting

In addition to the transportation of your buildings, you can now also use a Hauling Rover to rearrange the buildings on your land! Note: there is also a minor dusk fee based on the rarity of your land that is used each time you rearrange things.

Crafting of Hauling Tokens

To give some strong additional utility to folks who have invested in the Rover Works there is a new recipe to craft Hauling Tokens that requires at least a Common Roverworks upgraded to level 4, and lower levels for the higher rarities. To learn the Hauling Token recipe head to the Surveyorsโ€™ Shop!

Surveyorsโ€™ Shop

A whole new shop dedicated to the brave explorers - well at least the owners of the brave rovers on the Red Planet.

A new mission - survey with your Explorer Rover is available to create Surveyorsโ€™ Coins which you can use to redeem at the Surveyorโ€™s Shop - these tokens are not tradeable in the marketplace. This shop is dedicated to the folks who run Explorer rovers. There are loads of items in the Surveyorโ€™s Shop including Land Surveys that will return 10k, 15k and 25k of Dusk when complete!

Duskworks Supplies Replenished

The Duskworks Supplies Shop has had a small amount of replenishment. Additional Mines & Rover Packs, Library, Library Shards and Seeds are now available


  • Founders have been airdropped 2x Surveyor Coins and 2x Supply Packs per token.

  • Surveyor Coins can now be deposited into the game.

Most limited quantity Resource NFT's have had their item deposit quantities temporarily increased.

  • Empty Power Cell: 3

  • Soil: 5

  • Water: 20 Food: 40 Waste: 60 Ice: 300

These same resource NFT cards have also been added to Nefty Blocks in limited blends as well to reduce circulating supply for those who would prefer Surveyor Coins. There's also some other blends on Nefty for anyone with extra access badges to burn. ๐Ÿ˜‰ https://neftyblocks.com/c/onmars/blends

Depositing generic Resource NFT's now award Resource Points based on the rarity of the card. Common - 150 Resource Points Uncommon - 250 Resource Points Rare - 500 Resource Points Epic - 1250 Resource Points Legendary - 3750 Resource Points Mythic - 15000 Resource Points

The Resource Credits store has also been updated with a large assortment of items/virtual packs and other essentials. Most items have 24 hour limitations to allow us to monitor demand more accurately. Please share feedback you have on this


Very small game update happening in the next hour:

The descriptions of the three land surveys in the Surveyors Shop have been fixed to be correct about the rarity of the granted land deed

The Mushroom Cake eating cooldown now matches the rest of the eating class so there is minimal UI confusion

Rusty Rigs is now also putting out Common Rover Works at a 0.5% chance to make up for the old Artifact Shard wins that used to happen there. (not live yet so hold on to your Rusty Rigs dusk until confirmed live!

The Water, Power and Vibes UI bits on buildings now show their icon

2022-04-19 (In-game Inbox)

  • New Feature: Inbox! The inbox will now serve as a new location center for things that normally appear as a popup. (We will consolidate more things into the inbox over time to reduce the friction of popups that players currently experience.)

  • Green Notification badges now appear in the building UI when an Upgrade is available.

  • Tasks are now sorted in a consistent manner, but will be getting additional layers of sorting soon as the Tools/Professions system rolls out later this week.

  • Cooldowns now persist after transporting a building.

  • Dismantling buildings will soon have fees (based on rarity) when removing from your land. Dismantling from within your inventory will not have a fee.

  • Polar workshops can all properly be transported. (sorry for taking so long on that!)

  • Minor text fixes.

2022-04-20 (Recipe Descriptions!)

Recipe descriptions have been added for all recipes in the game - these are simple summaries of the recipeโ€™s purpose or flavor text - for full details please see the Player Guide for all the wonky-good recipe details! New DTMs are opening up on Mars, 34 new DTMs have made it through our processing from the genuine 3D heightmap data at JPL/University of Arizona HiRise project. We will be opening these up to settlers formally over the near future ๐Ÿ™‚ When loading your inventory, we need some time to fetch your massive land holdings, previously while doing that fetching we would make the existential declaration that you have no land plots! Much improved messaging and loading progress here. Three pieces of technical cruft were fixed with authority ๐Ÿ™‚


Take this with a grain of salt, but we deployed a performance update about 10 minutes ago. I've posted around 80 work orders with no errors, and a ton of self-work with stamina. Posting was still taking 3 to 10 seconds, but not erroring, which is a win. Other users are reporting no errors or some errors mixed with decent success rates.

We're still going hard on more improvements! Getting out individual upgrades as we can!


Small game balance adjustment to Pirate Radio dismantling coming out soon. While we think it is fun for sure to do the dismantle cha-cha-cha, it was not intended to be so casually used to reset the stamina as you go back up on the leveling up AND provide on average more shards on each dismantle cycle than what went into it. So, dismantling is still there, and there is now a schedule of dusk fees for the Pirate Radio (other buildings later), so it can still be dismantled and effectively wash Dusk into Stamina in order to level-up skills, but it will no longer be unsustainably profitable to do so.


We will be doing a short maintenance at to fix a few things: - Refunding XP accidentally given to buildings instead of players. (Check inbox after maintenance) - Fixed XP appearing incorrectly for hired work that is meant for workers. Toasters will show the correct data.

  • Allow downloading CSV of user's market buy/sell history -Added counts to job side menu for Worked/Posted Jobs. - Fixed profile page crashing on mobile view.

  • Add Job market work bid list.

  • Fixed building transports not working after recent update. - Increased Maximum number of market orders to 20. - Increased Maximum number of work orders to 400.


Smelt Glass - now, um, produces Glass instead of Aluminum. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know, what about transparent Aluminum?

We just shipped a server side update with a bunch of small fixes, and are now updating the config as well to address some near-term needs:

  • Fixed a bug where work orders were able to be matched for recipes players didn't have the required Profession level for.

  • Fixed issues in labor bid matching. Existing lingering work bids since launch have not expired and will be prioritized first. We will resume the bid expiration after we've caught up.

  • Fixed issue with XP not being awarded when collecting all work performed from your own plot.

  • Work Orders for Novice Scavenging Tools has been re-enabled, but only for players/workers that have the required Profession level.

  • Fixed Typo in Bamboo Furniture art, and several bad image references in the game.

  • Added a new DTM section to the shop for players looking to acquire a large tract of land for Dusk. Scavenging Tools

  • Added Sealed Scavenging Tool packs to the shop temporarily to relieve pressure until Profession levels catch up. Opening these packs will give players 1 random set of Sealed Scavenging Tools. Sealed Scavenging tools can be opened in the shop and redeemed for 50-1800 Scavenging actions, or consumed in the Training Hall as requirements at specific Profession Tiers. Look for these packs in these sections of the shop:

  • Dusk Works Supplies

  • Resource Credits

  • Surveyors Shop Note: Sealed Scavenging Tool Packs will also be available for purchase on Nefty Blocks in the near future. Repeating this again for those who have been feeling the friction of the recent changes: Existing work bids since launch have not expired and will be prioritized first. We will resume the bid expiration after we've caught up and cleared them out."


Small Update just went live: - Minor improvements to Inbox

  • Recipe shelf added to profile, showing what you've learned/unlocked.

  • Updated official Discord logo on maintenance page

  • Small improvements to referral tracking. - Show possible task capacity changes on the upgrade screen.

  • Better job picking. (Please continue giving us feedback on jobs as we improve this) Balance/profession changes will be in a separate config update. Happy Wednesday !


For you collectors out there, Million on Mars (the onmars WAX collection) now has Atomic Hub Sets support!

From your Atomic Hub profile page, navigate to sets and select Million on Mars to see how you shape up as a collector and easily inspect what NFTs you're missing!

2022-04-29 (Chapter 3 Released)

Chapter 3 is now readable in game! Sorry for the short delay on that, as you may know our talented author is traveling this week for a conference and the football was being passed around on that data.

I hope you enjoy meeting the new character, Beto McCoy, taking place in the year 2032!

Note, you'll see (MORE CHAPTER 3 SOON) at the bottom. There's a bit more to this chapter that will get added in ASAP, likely after all that traveling has completed :)"

May 2022


  • The craft habitat shard recipe now displays the correct colored habitat shard for the appropriate rarity.

  • Smelt Glass now uses Fabrication instead of Machining Concrete now just checks Chemistry skill level

  • Promo Passes are now tracking separately than Premium Passes behind the scenes

  • Dusk collection on Artifact buildings cannot be rented out (who would do that!?)"


  • Additional support added to not allow work orders for specified buildings/recipes. (Training hall, and specialized recipes etc..)

  • Treasury section added for rental fees.

  • Fixed several bugs/issues with Habitat renting

  • Fixed the building card (X/Y) issues on buildings for confirmations, dismantle/transport modals, and task limit change X=>Y upgrade modals.

  • Fixed confirmation modal allowing posting a recipe when at max tasks.

  • Fixed 99 max bug for fill recipes (when you entered >=100, it would only do 99 anyways)

  • Fixed the max button setting to 0/no input limit bug on fill oxygen.


  • Default rental prices of building resources is the 24 hour market averages.

  • XP and Skill Items are no longer displayed in the inventory/resources section. - Tools now have their own inventory section.

  • Marketplace has received several performance and visual enhancements.

  • Marketplace sale stats now live update while viewing.

  • Market order interest is now exact numbers again when there are greater than 24 orders.

  • New ""Popular"" section added to the marketplace, and is now the default filter when you enter. This is designed to reduce time spent loading and filtering from our growing economy! Note: Investigating why WAX inventories aren't loading, TY for the report and . Will update when fixed.


Small update today with 3 new recipes for the Engineering Bay! Note, that there is a bit of weirdness with the Rewards display on these recipes. The recipe description gives some guidance on how it works, as well as the explanation below. These recipes are new, and are subject to possible future tuning depending on market impacts and XP curves.

  1. Shredding Iron (no skill required) This recipe shreds down iron (with some water for cooling) into metal bits. It's also a great way to start out learning Machining skills. Average low roll - 13 metal bits, 75 regolith, 6 XP Average high roll - 25 metal bits, 12 XP

  2. Shredding Copper (3 machining skill required, 1 tool charge) This recipe shreds down copper (and adds in some metal bits) into electronic bits. It's also a strong way to continue improving Machining skills. Average low roll - 7 electronic bits, 75 regolith, 17 XP Average high roll - 14 electronic bits, 34 XP, tools charge not consumed

  3. Crafting Wires (6 fabrication skill required, 1 tool charge) This recipe combines metal bits, electronic bits, and PVC to craft rover wires. It's excellent Fabrication skill practice! Average low roll - 3 to 4 rover wires, 1 metal bit, 1 electronic bit, 17 XP Average high roll - 6 to 8 electronic bits, 34 XP, tools charge not consumed On a low roll you'll get a smaller amount of the output but recover some of the input components back (regolith or bits). On a high roll you'll get more of the output (no input components back), additional XP, and your tools won't be consumed. Also note that higher level buildings will see 1) increased odds of high quality craft and 2) a slight discount in input materials. Higher rarity Bays get the increases at lower levels. Hopefully these recipes help out with the Machining/Fabrication XP difficulties and the struggling bits market, as well as bringing additional utility to lower skill level Engineering Bay owners! Cheers!


  • Players can now make buy offers on plots from within the game. (In WAX via Atomic Hub Offers) - Players can now review pending offers on their plots from within the game, and view details on Atomic Hub.

  • DTM Owners can now assign plots to be claimable by specific WAX addresses.

  • Made several improvements to the Market/Order history pages.

  • Minimum default rent fees can now be set at 0.


  • Add header with back Icon for building details on mobile

  • Fix button text color and headers in a few places

  • Toasters now shown for marketplace cancels/claims

2022-05-15 (Instant Market Orders & Detailed Loot)

  • Instant Market orders! These function the same as the market orders you're used to, except t always immediately claim/cancel and grant loot instead of going to sit on your order book.

  • Instant Market orders are only available on items with Medium or High order interest (i.e. instant orders depend on existing normal orders)

  • Please do not try to abuse these by rapidly spamming them on one item to do +0.001 price seeking, for example. We will add strong rate limits if we have to, but we'd rather trust you for now.

  • Improved support for building ""hazards"" like a Habitat building up dirty air and a Gen 3 Solar Panel getting covered in regolith dust

  • Added a new ""Detailed Loot"" view in the rewards section for a recipe. This displays the exact loot table of a recipe, with percentages, and nested groupings.

  • The detailed loot may be a bit scrunched on big loot tables (Bazaar, Rover Missions) combined with small devices (mobile). The data should be worth it, and you can disable it to see the normal bulk summary view you're used to. Please give lots of feedback on these new features in ! They are first iterations and there is always room for further improvement. And as always, if you find a bug please report in . Here for live fixes if anything goes against plan!

2022-05-16 (Fabrication Update)

Update Notes: Professions Update 1 - Fabrication

  • Novice Tools can now be created for all professions.

  • Skill level requirements have been set for all Fabrication recipes.

  • Normalized Action counts have been set across Mining Rigs, CAD's, and Water Filters. - Gen 2 Mining Rigs can now be crafted. These are a bit bigger and have maintenance costs.

  • Gen 3 CAD's can now be crafted. These are the same size as Gen 2 and have maintenance costs plus a slight increase of action cap.

  • Gen 3 Solar Panels can now be crafted. These are the same size as Gen 2 and have maintenance costs plus a slight increase of action cap. Recipe Changes: - Ceramics by Yingge is now a Fabrication recipe with a Lv. 5 Requirement.

  • Bamboo by Skรฅl is now a Fabrication recipe with a Lv. 5 Requirement.

  • AQUA ARES is now a Fabrication recipe with a Lv. 5 Requirement.

  • Baiju by the Case is now a Fabrication recipe with a Lv. 10 Requirement.

  • Extrude PVC Pipe is now a Lv. 0 Fabrication recipe.

  • Make Structural Parts is now a Lv. 10 Fabrication recipe. (Reduced from original 40.)

  • Make Mushroom Cake is now a Lv. 10 Fabrication recipe.

  • STEM Sets for Earthlings is now a Lv. 15 Fabrication recipe, and require 1 Fabrication Tools to craft.

  • Make Electronics Parts is now a Lv. 25 Electronics recipe.

  • Make Bamboo Furniture is now a Lv. 25 Fabrication recipe.

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Fabrication Tools (Lv. 0)

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Electrical Tools (Lv. 15)

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Life Science Tools (Lv. 20)

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Mining Tools (Lv. 20)

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Chemistry Tools (Lv. 20)

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Machining Tools (Lv. 20)

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Robotics Tools (Lv. 25)

  • New 3d Print Shop (C) Recipe: Make Solar Shard (C) (Lv. 25)

  • New 3d Print Shop (U) Recipe: Make Solar Shard (U) (Lv. 30)

  • New 3d Print Shop (R) Recipe: Make Solar Shard (R) (Lv. 30)

  • New 3d Print Shop (E) Recipe: Make Solar Shard (E) (Lv. 40)

  • New 3d Print Shop (L) Recipe: Make Solar Shard (L) (Lv. 50)

  • New 3d Print Shop (M) Recipe: Make Solar Shard (M) (Lv. 55)

  • New 3d Print Shop Recipe: Craft C.A.D. Pack (Gen 3) (Lv. 45)

  • New 3d Print Shop Recipe: Craft Solar Panel Pack (Gen 3) (Lv. 60)

  • New 3d Print Shop Recipe: Craft Mining Rig Pack (Gen 2) (Lv. 80) Recipe Changes:

  • Make Bamboo Furniture now requires 25 Bamboo, and 3 PLA. (Previously 5 and 5)

  • 3D Print Shop Recipe: Novice Scavenging Tools reduced to require Lv. 5, and lower material costs.

  • Fixed research requirements for all professions. Other Changes:

  • Shop restocked for some things requested. - Rare Solar Panels added back to the Accommodations. - Many images updated to remove borders and streamline the UI. More improvements on the way! - Baseline XP values increased for all research recipes in the library. (Expect a much needed overhaul for the library that was shared last week to roll out tomorrow! A brand new class schedule!) - Baseline XP value increased for most Electrical recipes. (Get ready to level up Electrical if you want to keep doing Charge PC 3!)

  • Make Mining Rig Shard (C) and Make Mining Rig Shard (U) recipes added to Engineering Bay.

  • Fixed Missing Life Science Level 1 Tools from Common 3d Printer.

  • Fixed Missing Transport CO2 Recipe from CAD's. - Fixed missing XP/Hour values on Fabrication Levels.


  • Set all tool crafting to allow hiring a worker

  • Increased supply counts of everything SOLD OUT in the Dusk Shop EXCEPT Sealed Scavenging Tools

  • Fixed the - Make Solar Panel Shard recipe icons, which were all paper for whatever reason

  • Adjusted the Make Solar Panel Shard recipes to use raw crystals

  • Adjusted the Make Solar Panel (Gen 3) to correctly use electrical grade silicon instead of raw crystals

  • Adjusted the concrete (2hrs max level), metis weave (3hrs max level), and glass (1hrs max level) durations instead of all ranging 3 hours down to 17 minutes

2022-05-18 (Metis Event)

BREAKING MARS NEWS: A Chunk of Metis has slammed into Mars today as of in your local time. This event caused pieces of Metis debris to be scattered all over the planet Mars. Scavengers of Mars are rushing out to pick up the valuable miracle metal as we speak. Expect the following for the next 7 days: ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿš€Small quantities being found on the surface via Basic Scavenging โšก๏ธ Higher qty of Metis dropped from Advanced Scavenging ๐Ÿ‘€ Look for Metis in additional places like resource point shop and surveyor shop Live NOW!

2022-05-19 (Solana Wallet Integration)

  • The shop has been re-stocked with some more dusk based items for sale.

  • Increased Metis quantity and rate from regular scavenging.

  • Increased quantity and drop rates on advanced scavenging.

  • Increased quantity on the random drop ranges from the shop purchases.

  • Lowered Resource Credit cost for metis purchase in the shop from 1000 to 500. Players who bought Metis with Resource Credits from the shop have been credited back 500 to account for the changed price. (Check your inbox) Players who bought Metis with Surveyor coins and received less than 5 Metis have been credited the difference. (Check your inbox)

  • Players are also now able to connect their Solana wallet to the game!


  • Epic Land Deeds - (15) Fifteen Epic Gen 2 Land Deeds have been added to the shop Limit 1

  • Rare Land Deeds - (100) One hundred Rare Land Deeds have been added to the shop limit 2

  • The Dusk Shop has also had a few items slightly tweaked (down) in their pricing: Land Pack, Common Land Deed, Factories on Mars Pack, Pirate Radio and Pirate Radio Shards

  • 3 New smaller DTM's have been added to the Shop which provide ownership and 51% of the Plots in the form of Gen 2 Land Packs.

  • These DTM's have the capacity for 80, 93 and 95 Plots, but when purchased for Dusk, give you 42, 47, and 48 Gen2 Land Packs, covering 51% ownership. Unclaimed Plots in the DTM can also be whitelisted for other players to claim. Great for Groups of Friends, or Guilds!

  • Profession Research Packs containing 10x Novice Research Papers added to the Duskworks Accommodations and Resource Credit Shop.

  • Reduced the price of the Library to 300 Dusk Balance Adjustments:

  • Freshmen Research Paper has been retuned, no longer requiring Bazaar Shards, and costs 1 less Stamina.

  • Senior Research Paper has been retuned, no longer requiring Bazaar Shards

  • Graduate Research Paper has been retuned, no longer requiring Bazaar Shards.

  • Upgrading the Library now impacts the crafting duration of all 3 standard Research Paper Recipes. On the Horizon:

  • Look for some major improvements to XP earned across most professions very soon. - Library Overhaul still in progress. - Scavenging Level based loot also still in progress.

  • More building overhauls coming for those that have not had it.

2022-05-23 (Martian Flower Festival & SFL Event)

Sunflower Event

New Event! Martian Flower Festival! A recent drive to make the Mars more homely has given rise to a sunflower industry. These sunflowers are valuable to luxury greeneries within the AADZ and Duskworks zones. These groups have started to offer high value items in exchange for these sunflowers. The Sunflower shop will remain open for One Month, while Golden Sunflowers will be given each day for 14 Days. New Daily Rewards

  • Sunflower Seeds + Golden Sunflowers New Limited Time Shop Section: Sunflowers!

  • Martians can purchase Sunflower Seeds with Dusk

  • Martians can use their fully grown sunflowers to purchase a variety of items from The Big Pack to a Library Blueprint!

  • Golden Sunflowers can be used to purchase high quality items such as Mines and Rovers pack, Duskwork Accommodations and Rare Solar Panels! Players will only receive 14 of these throughout the event so spend them wisely! Purchase the Sunflower Badge for rewards based on which side of the event you come from!

  • MoM players will receive a secret reward that will be revealed later

  • SFL players will be rewarded a MATIC NFT that t can burn in Sunflower Land to repair their observatory! New Items!

  • Sunflower Seeds

  • Used in Growing Sunflowers!

  • Roasted Sunflower Seeds

  • A delicious snack!

  • Sunflowers

  • Used to buy things in the Sunflower Shop!

  • Golden Sunflowers

  • Used to buy things in the Sunflower Shop!

  • Sunflower Seed Snacks

  • Even more delicious snack!

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Uses to come soon!

  • NEW Artifact ! Glushko's Greenhouse, shards can ONLY be acquired from growing Sunflowers! New Recipes!

  • Grow Sunflowers (Any rarity and any level Greenhouse)

  • Roast Sunflower Seeds (C.A.D.)

  • Package Sunflower Seeds (C.A.D.) New Actions!

  • Eat Roasted Sunflower Seeds!

  • Eat Packaged Sunflower Seeds!

  • Sunflower Starter Pack's price fixed was 90 Sunflowers, now 3 Golden Sunflowers


Million on Mars Professions Preview For This week! Weโ€™re hard at work this week aiming to deliver as much of the remaining improvements to the profession system that are almost ready for release. Our goal is to ship meaningful player-facing changes each day, with a forward preview of what is changing to be presented ahead of time to reduce surprises.

  • This will mean we front load XP changes ahead of Profession Level requirements.

  • We will communicate what Profession requirement changes are planned. (To catch issues not seen previously like we had in Fabrication, and to help existing players better prepare.)

  • We will communicate what Building Actions slots are going to change to be level based, when it's going to happen, along with any other impactful changes that should be expected.

  • Expect some surprises that are welcomed and feel good as well. More to expect this week:

  • More XP changes need to be rolled out across a lot of recipes. (Expect this for many recipes/professions.)

  • Normalization of stamina/tool needs across rarity tiers. (Expect this for most professions.)

  • New recipes for professions that are lacking. (Expect this for Mining, Electrical, Chemistry, Machining, Robotics.)

  • Changes to the required Profession levels for specific recipes. (We will communicate ahead of time for what will be changing so you can have time to prepare.) Please note that our goal is to make a meaningful progression path, not to disrupt all existing supply chains. If you see a change that will impact you that is coming, share feedback!

  • Changes to the Action Slot #โ€™s of specific buildings to be rarity/level based. The list of what remains:

  • Grind & Brew (Different slots per level instead of flat value)

  • Polar Workshop (Different slots per level instead of flat value)

  • Sabatier Reactor (Different slots per level instead of flat value/More Slots)

  • Machine Shop (Different slots per level instead of flat value/More Slots)

  • Smelter (Different slots per level instead of flat value/More Slots)

  • Mining Rig (More Slots)

  • Elder gameplay meta and building mod kits. (Life Science / Greenhouses will get this first, more will follow.)

  • Scavenging improvements (Loot based on your scavenging level! Weโ€™re working on it!)

  • A simplification back to just 1 tool based action for Scavenging, and a new secondary player action/profession that can be manually trained. (Any guesses?) Library Overhaul: - After listening to feedback weโ€™re going to make all Introductory Classes for professions to be available every day of the week

  • Each day there will also be class research available from 2 other professions, in addition to other unlocked general research.

  • Profession research will continue to earn specific research credits, which can be spent in a new Library Research Shop.

  • Recipes will no longer be locked to only being possible at 1 specific level range in the library.


  • Crafting Wires XP reduced slightly.

  • Make Structural Parts XP improved slightly.

  • Make Novice Scavenging Tools XP improved significantly.

  • Make Bamboo Furniture XP reduced slightly.

  • Craft C.A.D. Kit (Gen 3) now awards Fabrication XP

  • Craft C.A.D. Pack (Gen 3) XP improved.

  • Craft Solar Panel (Gen 3) XP improved.

  • Print Concrete Habitat now awards Fabrication XP.

  • Craft Mining Rig Kit (Gen 2) now awards Fabrication XP.

  • Print Concrete Habitat XP improved.

Life Science Changes:

XP has been improved relative to the grow times for all crops in the greenhouse. (Assume this to be a buff across the board for everything but Sunflowers)

  • Sprouts

  • Lettuce

  • Carrot

  • Sorghum

  • Sweet Potato

  • Soy

  • Bamboo

  • Mushrooms

Coffee Other XP Changes:

  • Filter Water XP was also improved.

  • Make Soil XP was also improved.

  • Mushroom Tea XP was also improved. Near Term Changes:

  • Sunflower Seeds currently have more XP than t were intended to have for their time, and will be reduced to the correct value on 5/27. Upcoming Changes: The Following recipes will soon have required Life Science skills and Life Science Tools in order to plant. This change will go into effect on 5/30 :

  • Plant Bamboo - Lv. 10

  • Plant Soy - Lv. 15

  • Mushroom Tea - Lv. 15

  • Grow Mushrooms - Lv. 20

  • Plant Coffee - Lv. 25 Other notes: Golden Sunflowers will be available for 12 hours after the announced end time to give a bit of extra coverage. If you showed up every day and are still short, contact customer service and we'll work it out. Post Fix Notes:

  • Fixed XP on Bamboo and Mushrooms.

  • Fixed XP on Mushroom Tea

  • Bamboo Furniture is working as intended. Marked as changed by mistake.

  • Cutting Wires description fixed.

2022-05-26 (User Interface Updates)

  • UI Overhaul & Updates

Sunflower eat actions have been moved to the mushroom menu!


A reminder that today is the day Sunflower XP is going back to its expected values.

The required Life Science level for other crops is still set to go into effect on 5/30, but may change if we think players need more time to have enough eligible growers. Let us know in .

Other updates coming in today should include improvements to Electrical, Chemistry, and a few more surprises!

The following changes have been made with this recent patch:

  • The inbox icon size has been increased

  • The issue where the sidebar navigation was being hidden has been fixed

  • Support button now opens in a new tab rather than navigating away from the page

  • The display header for the job marketplace has been adjusted

  • Prevent issue with wallet linking where tutorial progress would progress incorrectly

  • Prepared the infrastructure to run Sunflower Land quest airdrops

  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't access the top or bottom of maps due to the boundaries

  • Adjusted mobile drawer for building rentals

2022-05-28 (First Observatory Airdrop)

๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป , especially Sunflower Land players, who is ready for their SFL Observatory!? First wave of airdrops for everyone who has completed the quest and linked their Polygon is going now! Be on the look out for it! 824 Sunflower farmers have completed this achievement so far!

If you finish the quest after this message, you'll be caught in the next airdrop wave, which will likely be Tuesday sometime.

I hope you've enjoyed the Sunflower Festival so far and that you've taken a liking to Mars! Ad Astra, farmers! ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป


We have a release going out presently: The Shop will now default to taking you to the Duskworks section rather than All. This is a straightforward improvement to load the Shop faster. DTMs that are cultural testaments on Mars with more than one Artifact on them should now show multiple Artifacts properly. A whole new batch of DTMs have been processed and now on prod under the custodial care of yours truly. Fixed the bug where the lower-most recipe was un-clickable on some browsers was not able to be clicked or tapped And about 8 things behind the scenes that help us do our job better or fix non-player facing things.

2022-05-30 (Daily Jobs Added)

New Daily Claim Actions:

- Settlers will now have to complete a Daily Job from their missions action menu in order to get their daily rations. These low-cost daily-rotating missions will also award you a small amount of Dusk.

  • Swapped the top and bottom HUD elements to feel more natural with resources at the top.

  • Fixed missing logout link. - Fixed instant recipes issues with renting.

  • Fixed issues with guests getting stuck in the wrong place during onboarding. - Added missing action slot on Common CAD's. Makers Shop

  • A new Makersโ€™ Shop where the Growing City of Waterloo is hungry for more Habitats and has put a limited number of bounties of Dusk rewards for the crafting of Habitats. - Waterloo is paying 5500 Dusk for a Common Habitat, 50,000 Dusk for an Epic and even 100,000 Dusk for a Mythic Habitat! Professions Changes:

  • New Item: Circuit Component, used in some of the new electrical recipes. Recipe Changes: All of the following recipes award Electrical XP.

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Battery Conditioning I

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Battery Conditioning II

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Battery Conditioning III

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Make Circuit Component

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Alternative Make Electronic Parts

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Alternative Fabricate Rover Wires

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Dismantle Power Cells

  • New Chem Lab Recipe: Alternative Make Power Cell

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Fabricate Electronic Bits

  • New 3D Print Shop Recipe: Alternative Make Battery Backup

  • New Solar Panel Recipe: Calibrate Power Inverter

  • New Library Recipe: Circuit Theory - New Cantina Recipe: Repair Broken EVA Suit

  • New Machine Shop Recipes: Disassemble Gen 2 Solar Panel for all rarities but Mythic. (These recipes award less shards than the normal dismantle, but will award resources and electrical XP.) NOTE: These recipes have flat crafting times across all upgrade levels that will be fixed shortly after the update rolls out. These recipes/rewards are also subject to change as we evaluate performance. Other Changes:

  • Charge Power Cell XP Increase

  • Charge Power Cell II XP Increase (Same as Level 1 until we set minimum skill levels)

  • Charge Power Cell III XP Increase (Same as Level 1 until we set minimum skill levels)

  • Make Electronics Parts XP increase

  • Repair Broken PC XP will give Electrical XP

  • Repair Broken PC II XP will give Electrical XP

  • Repair Broken PC III XP will give Electrical XP

  • Make Empty PC will give Electrical XP Stamina changes (Should be live shortly)

  • Make Paper Stamina reduced to 1.

  • Extrude PVC Pipe Stamina reduced to 1.

  • STEM Sets for Earthlings stamina reduced to 2

  • Ceramics by Yingge stamina reduced to 2

  • AQUA ARES stamina reduced to 1.

  • Baijiu by the Case stamina reduced to 3.

  • Make Common Solar Shard Stamina reduced to 1. (Our goal here is to make more 1-5 stamina tasks available for ALL professions.. this should be better for Fabrication) - Sunflower XP reward reduced as communicated last week.

  • Min Life Science level requirements will be adjusted later this week. Upcoming Changes:

  • Big changes are coming to the minimum skill levels required for specific Electric recipes. We'll share these changes later this week after we see how the current XP values are performing.


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