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July 25th Release notes Settlements and Martizens v1 Release There are A LOT of changes in today’s release!

  • We will do our best to catch up with the player guide as rapidly as possible.

    • Screenshots and flow will be added

  • There are A LOT of new UI changes.

  • There will be no doubt bugs and UI confusion with this release.

  • With your feedback, we will very rapidly fix the most important bugs and most confusing UI and work down the stack rank rapidly

  • Again, there is a lot of upside here, UI will get better, more features, bugs killed.

🎮pageMartizens - Playable v1🏰pageSettlements🏠pageShelter⚙️pageEngineering Bay

June 29th 2022, 4:51 PM CST

All DTM purchases (current and past) now carry a 180-day exclusive right to place your land deeds and carry the right to name your plots.

The new Mini DTMs shop has been updated with 15 of the DTMs of various sizes with their Land Packs set to zero, and the pricing of these mini DTMs to be about 1 DTM token for about 5 land plots.

Note: After purchasing a DTM, there is a manual fulfillment step that we need to conduct and so delivery will be ~24 hours or less. After purchase please send in a support ticket for fastest fulfillment!

DTM Tokens can now be sold on the marketplace for Dusk. If you purchased a DTM token from the Shop by mistake today without the intent to use it, please file a support ticket and we can reverse the purchase. DTM Tokens purchased from the player marketplace are not eligible for for any refund.

The Surveyors Shop now contains a Library Blueprint for 7 Surveyors Coins and the 5x Library Shard for 17 Surveyors Coins.

Land Packs are now shown in the Packs section of your Inventory and the Packs section of the Market. Other game packs purchased/earned in the game will be added here very soon, and some may still open automatically.

June 29th 2022, 3:50 PM CST

Fixed land minting on the segmented DTMs (support can mint your land for you if it failed yesterday)

MoM now supports virtual Packs! They are openable on your inventory in the Packs section, and some may be tradable on the market. The first use case of this is if you buy a DTM on the DTM shop and receive Land Packs.

Collect-All operations on plots and buildings should feel much snappier -- are they? Let us know!

Market item stats are back! There's one new main restriction, which is that the 24H price and volume will only update at most once per 10 minutes. This means they will update again the next time an order fulfills on that item that is >=10min since the previous update.

This has been the case for a little while now but wasn't formally announced; the bulk market stats for all items will only update once every 20 seconds

June 28th 2022

Three new DTMs have been opened up in MC-12 - notice anything different?


Chapter 3 part two from @keriwaters has been updated - loads of action - my favorite chapter so far! (If you have chapter 3 unlocked in your bookshelf part 2 has been added!)

PVC I, Split Water I, and Produce Methane I all had their Tool requirements removed.

We have silently shipped a bunch of fixes for resolving the Wax chain transactions and we believe are are all good and solid again

The DTM Shop is Live!

  • Players will be able to purchase DTM Tokens for approximately $20 worth of Dusk, SOL, or Minting Tokens. (Wax based purchases will be added soon)

  • DTM Tokens can be used to buy DTM's that are for sale in the DTM shop.

  • We are giving everyone until tomorrow morning to see the DTM shop before the Tokens are on sale, in order to help give more of an equal purchasing opportunity.

  • Purchasing DTM Tokens will also have a 10 tokens per 15 minutes limit to reduce to impact on our servers when the sale goes live tomorrow. (DTM Token Sale Price: 0.5 SOL, 1000 Dusk, or 20 Minting Tokens)

Balance Update:

FYI: Library and Cantina changes will go live later today. (Sorry for the delay! I had some real life water emergencies to deal with on Monday.)

  • Filter Water has been replaced with 3 tiers of Filter Water recipes.

  • Ferment Sorghum has been replaced with 3 tiers of Ferment Sorghum recipes.

  • Make Soil Make has been replaced with 3 tiers of Soil recipes.

  • Produce Methane has been replaced with 3 tiers of Produce Methane recipes.

  • Split Water has been replaced with 3 tiers of Split Water recipes.

  • Circuit Theory has been adjusted to have reduced crafting time based on Library level.

  • Grind Coffee I, II, and III has had its minimum level requirements reduced to 5, 20, and 35, respectively.

  • Reduced the higher range of XP awarded from recipes. More XP adjustments are going to be happening in parallel to provide a consistent balance based against XP per hour relative to the minimum level required for a profession.

June 24th 2022

The three land surveys in the Duskworks Shop have been re-stocked! 50 Rare Land Deeds 25 Epic Land Deeds 10 Legendary Land Deeds

And the new mini-DTMs previewed in the leaks channel will go live on Monday!

New Chapters Shop - Purchase chapters for Dusk and unlock the chapters with the same random rarities as if you opened the chapter on Nefty.

Remember 150 Dusk reward for reading the complete chapter for the first time, and then come back daily for a research paper on each chapter!

June 24th 2022

  • Fixed Roverworks power on Common Rarity. (And bumped uncommon-epic as well to give a bit more room, they all scale by +400 now)

  • Restocked the SOL Shop for everything except the Library Bundles. I need to review the rewards to make sure that a reported concern is valid or needs fixing. Once that's reviewed I'll restock/reimburse accordingly.

June 23rd 2022

Post Update Notes:

  • Shard crafting recipes have been buffed with larger quantities of shards more comparable to a % of an upgrade level, as opposed to single shards.

  • Most of the reported issues after the update have been fixed. Remaining recipes will mentioned in the last update will be added momentarily.

Changes on Deck arriving in the next update

  • Updated Duskworks Supplies -Updated Duskworks Accommodations -Updated Resource Credit Shop

  • Added 1-2 bonus Nitrogen for depositing Soil, Food, Water, and Ice Resource Cards. (These are only for the limited supply resource cards we gave away before launch that are specifically named for the above items.)

  • Fixed Artifacts that were using old recipe/rarity schedules. -Increased maximum profession levels to 100 for Electrical, Fabrication, Chemistry, and Life Science.

As previously communicated several weeks ago, min Levels are being adjusted for the Following Recipes:

Life Science:

Plant Bamboo - 10

Plant Soy - 15

Plant Coffee - 15 (Was 25)

Make Mushroom Tea - 15

Grow Mushrooms - 20

Grind Coffee has been replaced with Grind Coffee Beans I, II, and III. All existing recipes in production will complete as intended. The new recipes will require Life Science levels 10, 35, and 60.

Filter Water II and Filter Water III have been added to the Water Filter. The new recipes will require Life Science levels 40, and 60.


Craft Empty Power Cell - 10 Repair Broken Power Cell II - 35 (Now requires tools, but less power, and has increased rewards)

Repair Broken Power Cell III - 55 (Now requires tools, but less power, and has increased rewards)

Charge Power Cell II - 25 (XP Also increased) Charge Power Cell III - 50 (XP Also increased)

Regarding the changes to charge power cell, I'd like to address the full impact, and further changes that are being done to address things near term and long term. The XP / Stamina required to progress to level 50 Electrical is detailed below, including the increased rate of XP that you get for doing Charge II tasks. We feel that this is not significantly punishing in terms of effort required.

Lvl 0-25 XP: 7968 Average XP Per Charge I Job XP: 56 = 142 Job Tasks @ 1 Stam Each Lvl 0-50 XP: 24296

XP Needed from 25-50: 16328 Average Charge II Job XP: 120 = 136 Job Tasks @ 2 Stam Each

The other component of the requirements of course is that you have to train your Professions.

Training takes time, stamina, and dusk.. in total from 0-50 that's another 76 Stamina, and 676 Dusk, which may seem steep for a new player, is not the core issue that needs to be addressed.

What the core issue is coming from are required Research Papers, which at current Market Costs sets the required Dusk for reaching Level 50 around 20,000 Dusk. This is not remotely intended, and is what we will be solving in the following ways:

  • Increased supplies of Electrical Research Papers in various shops. (Immediate help)

  • Reduced research time for Electrical Research in the Library to 20 hours. (Faster Crafting = More papers = Reduced cost)

  • Adding Make PLA I, II, and III recipes to help address the growing needs of PLA, which are driving up the cost of Paper (and thus Research Papers).

  • Addressing the painful requirement of Chemistry Level 40 for basic PLA creation, with new recipes requiring levels of 5, 20, and 40 respectively.


Make Perchlorate - 10 Ferment Coffee Beans - 20 (was) 25 Roast Coffee - 25 Ferment Sorghum - 30

Make PLA has been replaced with Make PLA I, II, and III. All existing recipes in production will complete as intended. The new recipes will require Chemistry levels 5, 20, and 40.

Make PVC has been replaced with Make PVC I, II, and III. All existing recipes in production will complete as intended. The new recipes will require Chemistry levels 10, 35, and 60.

Split Water has been replaced with Split Water I, II, and III. All existing recipes in production will complete as intended. The new recipes will require Chemistry levels 5, 30, and 70.

Brew Coffee has been replaced with Brew Coffee I, II, and III. All existing recipes in production will complete as intended. The new recipes will require Chemistry levels 10, 25, and 45.

Produce Methane has been replaced with Produce Methane I, II, and III. All existing recipes in production will complete as intended. The new recipes will require Chemistry levels 15, 40, and 80.

Make Silicon Crystals now has a II, and III version. They require Chemistry Level 15, 35 and 65 respectively.

Maximum Actions for Smelter, Machine Shop, Sabatier Reactor, Grind & Brew, and Polar Workshop have been adjusted by rarity/size. In most cases this is a significant increase in terms of the # of slots available unless your building is level 1. Grind & Brew and Polar Workshop will feel the most friction, so please share your feedback on how this impacts you as well

Machine Shop & Smelter Common: 1-3 Uncommon: 2-4 Rare: 3-5 Epic: 4-6 Legendary: 5-7 Mythic: 6-8

Sabatier Reactor Common: 1-3 Uncommon: 2-5 Rare: 3-7 Epic: 4-8 Legendary: 5-9 Mythic: 6-10 (Up from 5-8 when last communicated)

Grind & Brew Common: 2-3 Uncommon: 3-6 Rare: 4-9 Epic: 10-14 Legendary: 12-20 Mythic: 15-27

Polar Workshop Common: 1-3 Uncommon: 3-5 Rare: 5-7 Epic: 6-10 Legendary: 9-13 Mythic: 12-16

Other Changes:

  • Recipes acquired as drops from Library Research are now sellable on the marketplace.

  • All Basic Library research classes (and initial recipes for professions) have been adjusted to have 20 hour timers.

  • A new rotation of Library Classes will start on Sunday at Midnight UTC, with details to follow this week.

  • Shard Crafting Recipes learned from the Library now are connected to recipes in the Engineering Bay and 3d Print Shop!

  • Maximum Power has been adjusted across the board for all buildings to scale with recipes/actions. (CAD Especially)

June 22nd

Market fixes

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