Working Your Land

Homesteaders' work is never done. You will always have tasks to complete in your buildings, be it charging power cells, smelting aluminum, producing electronic parts, building your rover or just growing food. To do any task, you need to go to your plot - which you can do by clicking on the hexogram in your top navigation, then clicking on your plot OR by clicking on your name on the right-hand top navigation, selecting your profile, then clicking on the plot you would like to work on. Once on your plot, click on the console icon in the right-hand corner and select the building. Each building has different tasks you can execute. Your strategy and your land's economy will determine what you focus on. Click on the tasks you would like to take on.
To speed things up, you can set up multiple jobs at the same time. Let's use my uncommon greenhouse as an example.
If I want to plant carrots, but I don't want to activate just one task at the time. I want to set up three carrot-planting tasks at the same time. To do this, click on the "PLANT CARROT" button.
Set up multiple actions using the Bulk Action counter.
The maximum number of tasks depends on the required resources and how much of the resources you have in your Inventory. In this example, I will set the counter to do 3 jobs. You can see the required resources increased as I increased the number of "PLANT CARROT" tasks.
Having set the counter to "3" by clicking on the upward arrow button, I click CONFIRM, and the tasks start executing.