🚀A Hopper Launch Complex

An Introduction

A Hopper is a sub-orbital methane and oxygen "methalox" breathing rocket. Martians use Hoppers to travel around the surface of Mars when the distance is not practical by long distance rovers. Each Hopper is a distinct game play object in the world, as well as on-chain - similar to a Martizen. Hoppers have attributes, take durability damage, can be repaired and upgraded. Hoppers are the gateway vehicle to the Hopper Away Missions coming soon. These Hopper Away Missions are instanced special DTM maps with a large variety of missions and challenges. Both player vs environment and player vs player here! Coming soon :tm:! Hoppers are also the gateway to Port Zilker at Waterloo City, and Port Zilker is the gateway to leaving the gravity well of Mars and reaching the rest of the Solar System! The crafting of a Hopper is a most satisfying result of a series of challenges and crafting chains. Here is the overview: The Ground Control Station is the headquarters of your Aerospace operations. The Ground Control station provides the research and training for the Aerospace profession. Initially some of the recipes are restricted to Martizens with the Aerospace Profession - but after some weeks will be open for all players. Next is the Vulcan Metalworks, this is a beast of a metal processing factory - and eats Smelters and Machine shops for breakfast. The Vulcan Metalworks is key to producing the large Stainless Steel sheets needed for Hoppers and Hangars. The Rocket Fuel Factory takes in Chem Labs and Sabatier Reactors and turns then into a purified and cryogenic Oxygen and Methane factory to produce the fuel for Hoppers (and Methane Fuel Cells to power long range Rovers)! The Rocket Fuel must be stored in Fuel Tanks to be ready to fuel up a Hopper. Intreprid Martians are starting to layout Launch Pads and Fuel Tanks across the quadrants of Mars to act as "Gas Stations" on Mars! The Velociraptor Engine Factory is critical to building the Velociraptor Methalox Engines used across Mars, as well as other key parts. The Launch Pad is a massive collection of Refractory Concrete Bricks designed to withstand the repeated abuse of the powerful Velociraptor Engines as well as the traffic increasing every day on Mars. The Hangar is a very special building where the final assembly of the Hoppers takes place. Additionally the Hangar is used to repair a Hopper from durability damage, as well as upgrades to its range and payload. Finally, the Hangar will be equipped with automated paint applying machines that will take your settlements' logo or another image of your choosing and apply it to the Hopper and be displayed in-game and on the NFT!

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