🎆Rocket Fuel Factory

Fuel For the Stars

Receiving the Rocket Fuel Factory Schematic:

  • Ground Calibration Mission from the Ground Control Station

  • Small chance from Aerospace Research

  • Participating in the Grab a Hopper Tournament.

  • Purchasing From Duskworks Landing

What does the Rocket Fuel Factory do?

The Rocket Fuel Factory is an extremely advanced chemical distillery, so can be thought of as a mixture of a Chem Lab and C.A.D. This building primarily focuses on the purification and mixture of gases. It can purify both Methane and Oxygen into Purified Oxygen and Purified Methane respectively. Oxygen and Methane can be mixed into Impurified Methalox while Purified Oxygen and Purified Methane can be mixed into Pure Methalox.

Due to how hard it is to contain Purified Methane and Oxygen, you will need to use Cryogenic Canisters to move them between buildings. Cryogenic Canisters can be made within the Vulcan Metalworks.

After you've created Methalox using the Rocket Fuel Factory, you can deposit them within Fuel Tank buildings in order to extract Rocket Fuel from them. More on that in the Fuel Tanks page.

Purified Oxygen and Purified Methane will have additional uses later on besides just making Rocket Fuel.

Crafting the Rocket Fuel Factory:

Building: Engineering Bay

Rocket Fuel Factory Building Information

Rocket Fuel Factory Setup Recipes

Most buildings in the Aerospace Expansion will require a series of Setup tasks. These are one-time only recipes that you must complete before you can start using a building.

The Rocket Fuel Factory has some minor RNG to the Setup Tasks. It has three tasks that have a 30% chance of succeeding. You will have to repeat the task until it succeeds to continue. The tasks only take 3 seconds to complete however.

Flush Cryogenic Chambers Wet Lab Calibration Check Drive Sabatier Reactors Online All have a 30% Chance to Succeed

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