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Ad Astra Unlimited Resource Encyclopedia: Intangible Items and the Not-So-Supernatural


Vibes are a measurement of the collective musical happiness of colonists on Mars, typically gathered through census data. It is currently being tracked in anticipation for the unlocking of a soundtrack that will be available to all colonists.


  • Depositing Soundtracks (NFT)

Used in:

Scavenging Tool Power

Astronauts roamed the Martian surface on non-autonomous transport vehicles. Their eyes were well trained, but their electronic sensors were better, capable of detecting valuable loose chunks of Regolith, shallow underground Ice pits and debris from malfunctioned automatic hopper rocket missions. Much like maritime law, the pillaged valuables outside of the AADZ is up for any endearing settler to grab. Specialized scavenging tools were created and sold to those who ventured out into the wilderness of Mars.


  • Actions Menu (Charge Scavenging Tools)

Used in:

  • Scavenging (1 Power)

  • Advanced Scavenging (1 Power)

Scavenging XP

Settlers who ventured outside of the AADZ for long enough started to grow a bit of fame to themselves, and mastery of the scavenging craft. They'd develop and create their own far superior tools and acquire a keener eye for the specifics and what seems to be out of place out in the Martian landscape. This is a token of their experience, the physical manifestation of their work.


  • Advanced Scavenging

Used in:

  • Coming soon!

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