😍Celebrities, Love and Dusk

The Team Cebu Love Event


  1. Turn-in New Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets (use Dusk, Minting Tokens and Vibes) to enter a raffle to win one of these two Celebrity-class Martizens and over 1 million Dusk worth of additional prizes!

  2. Used Raffle Tickets may be used in additional daily leaderboard tournaments until during this 14-day event.

  3. Many additional prizes are in play - see below.

Viktor #1885 - Artisan Cooking Jesse #1939 - Artisan Mining Celebrity Bankroll Mythic Constitution Two We have three main centers of development for Million on Mars:

  • Austin - our Headquarters, but we choose to use the term Team North America because we folks in Canada, Florida, Michigan, and Seattle!

  • Kyiv - we have customer support, UI/UX design, audio and marketing resources here - these folks are amazing working while literally dealing with missile strikes.

  • Cebu - is focused on software engineering and project management

We these three centers, it is fair to say that the sun never sets on the Red, Green and Blue flag of Million on Mars. We literally develop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we often hand off specs from team to team to get the updated features, bug fixes and content to you our bold Martians faster than any other web3 game company. Three We also want to sink a lot of Dusk. We would like to see Dusk trade at 2 cents steadily, a little higher is okay, but we are great big fans of keeping Dusk steady, and besides keeping a sharp eye on the inflationary sources of Dusk it is even more important to provide strong utility - and so one of our mottos is: "Always Be Sinking"!

  • Completing the Daily Job will reward 1 New Team Cebu Love Raffle Ticket

  • 10 Dusk = 1 New Team Cebu Love Raffle Ticket

  • 100 Vibes = 30 New Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets

  • 1 Minting Token = 11 New Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets

How to Score: Exchange your New Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets for Used Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets in the Missions menu Each Used Ticket scores 1 point on the leaderboard!

  • 1 New : 1 Used = Exchange 1 New for 1 Used Ticket and Gain 1 Point

  • 10 New : 11 Used = Exchange 10 New for 11 Used and Gain 11 Points

  • 100 New : 120 Used Points = Exchange 100 New for 120 Used and Gain 120 Points

Grand Prizes: Two Martizens - Jesse #1939, Viktor #1885 - are the grand prizes for this event. These two will be awarded at the conclusion of the leaderboard event on a live stream event where each Team Cebu Raffle Ticket purchased acts as one chance to win the raffle.

A single raffle ticket is all it takes to win one of these two grand prizes! First Place (#1): The player who registers the overall highest number of Team Cebu Raffle Tickets and thus places at the very top of the leaderboard shall win an Artifact Habitat - The New Quezon Hall! This Habitat has enough housing space for 150 human Martian settlers and 50 Martizens Second through Fifth (#2, 3, 4 and 5): The four players who place second to fifth will each receive a Mythical Habitat to expand their human footprint on Mars. Sixth through Tenth (#6 through 10): Legendary Habitat Eleven through Forty (#11 through 40): Engineering Bay In-Game Pack Forty through One Hundred (#41 through 100): Generation 2 Land In-Game Pack 101 Through 200 (#101 through 200): Scavenging Tools In-Game Pack Consolation Prizes (#201 to 1000): Consolation prizes for places 201 to 1000 will receive a Mystery Box with an approximate value of 100 Dusk of in-game resources. FAQ: Q: Is it multiple tournaments or one tournament that lasts 14 days? A: One main tournament Many side tournaments that consume the used tickets Q: So both celebs are drawn from the entire pool of tickets purchased? A: Yes Q: If in the rare case a player who has won the first Grand Prize gets super lucky and rolls the second one - do they get them both? A: No, we will re-roll in that case. Q: Are New Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets or Used Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets tradable in the market? A: No. To keep the raffle clean, each player must enter and play on their own Q: What are the prizes going to be in the Used Team Cebu Love Raffle Tickets leaderboards? A: To be determined, we are going to have fun with this. Some will be 8, 16 and 24 hour long challenges, some will be 60 minute challenges. Decent prize structures to make this feel fun all the way through. Example: Buy 1000 tickets - that gives 1000 entries to the raffle

Pay 100 dusk to enter the leaderboard tournament

Turn in those 1000 tickets in batches of 100, get 1000 used tickets and 1200 points - that 1200 points determines the rank on the leaderboard tournament

Then use the 1000 tickets to enter other tournaments with TBD prizes Q. Give me a link to the Jesse and Viktor NFTs please:

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