📉About that Debt

Velma: You know exactly what I'm talking about, Wayne. The "Pandora's Box" deal. Remember that?

Dusk: (sweating) What about it?

Velma: If you don't deliver on your promises, I'll be forced to reveal the truth about that deal. And you know what that means.

Dusk: No, Velma. Please. You can't do that. Think of the people! Mars!? We are so close to making this all work!

Velma: I can and I will. I have the power to break you here from Phobos Station here to Armstrong's Leap - the whole damn solar system. You'll lose everything - Duskworks - Ad Astra - everything!

Dusk: (defeated) Fine. I'll do it. I'll send you a list of bets for Season Zero of Dust, Rust and Glory. Follow the bets, go big at least 20:1 leverage and that will more than pay you off! Just please, don't reveal anything. This has to stop.

Velma: You got it, my troubled sweet summer lamb. But remember, Wayne. I always get what I want. And you're just a pawn in my game.

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