The Gallery

Restore, Prepare, and Host your own Art Collections for other Martians with this Special Building
  • Restoring Art - Players can use space in the gallery to restore an uncovered piece of art found from Scavenging the terrain.
  • Preparing Art - Once restored, players can prepare pieces of Art based on Rarity.
  • Hosting Art Collections - Players can display their high value pieces for others to see, in a hosted sale.. earning Dusk for a successful event!
  • More in the near future!

Acquiring Art

There are 2 primary ways to Acquire Art:
  • Deposit them! There are 60 templates that qualify from our original art collections on WAX. They're under the "art" Schema.
  • Scavenge! Based on your scavenging skill you're more likely to find pieces of art that need some work restoring them to glory.

Restoring Art

Each piece of damaged art that is found can be restored inside The Gallery if the building level is high enough and the player possesses the required item. Restored art will give players a random piece of varied rarity and potential outcome that can be Prepared and Displayed in The Gallery.
Type of Art
Gallery Level Required
Faded Art
Glitched Art
Frayed Art
Tattered Art
Deteriorated Art

Preparing Art

Every piece must be cleaned and prepared for gallery level specifications in order to be displayed during a hosted event.
Prepare Common Collection
20 Hrs and Level 1 Gallery
Prepare Uncommon Collection
24 Hrs and Level 1 Gallery
Prepare Rare Collection
28 Hrs and Level 2 Gallery
Prepare Epic Collection
32 Hrs and Level 4 Gallery
Prepare Legendary Collection
36 Hrs and Level 6 Gallery
Prepare Mythic Collection
40 Hrs and Level 8 Gallery

Hosting Art Collections

Once you have a set of required pieces needed for an Art Collection, you can plan your event! The ideal hosting days are Weds, Sat, and Sunday (UTC Time)
Events require food, water, and of course Art!
Note: More event times and combinations of required pieces will also be changing over time as well.