🧊ALFA Tournament

Join the search for extant microbes on Mars - enter the tournament soon!

Hello, fellow settlers of Mars! My name is Dr. Jan Spacek, and I am a scientist and engineer at Duskworks Landing. I am personally inviting you to join me for a new tournament, where you can help me study the ice on Mars, and search for extant microbes.

As you may know, I have built a Water Filter building at Duskworks Landing, and I am collecting ice from the surface of Mars to study it. In this tournament, you can score points and earn valuable rewards by donating ice to my Water Filter building. The more ice you donate, the more points you will earn, and the higher your chances of winning.

This tournament is based off the real-world ALFA Mars project (Agnostic Life Finding Association – Mars), which aims to find existing life on Mars before humans arrive. For more information, you can visit the ALFA Mars website at https://primordialscoop.org/2022/08/08/a-new-project-to-find-existing-life-on-mars-before-humans-arrive/.

To join this tournament, simply open the tournament window by clicking on the Trophy button on the left side of the screen. Then, enter the tournament by paying the entry fee of 1000 ice. You do not need to donate ice to the Water Filter to join the tournament. However, if you want to score points and increase your chances of winning, you can visit the Water Filter building at Duskworks Landing, and donate 1000 ice. This will help me in my research, and it will also earn you points in the tournament. The tournament will last 11 hours, and it will have a 1 hour long cooldown. The entry fee is 1000 ice, and there is a minimum of 10 settlers that can join, and a maximum of 100.

At the end of the tournament, we will hold a raffle, where the players with the most points will have a chance to win valuable prizes, based on their rank in the tournament. Here are the prizes that are available:

  • 1st-3rd place: Ground Control Station Schematic

  • 4th-8th place: Aerospace Research Paper + the rewards from the Consolation prize

  • Consolation prize: Random Profession EXP, 1-10 ALFA Tokens, 1% chance for a Ground Control Schematic, and a 5% chance at an Aerospace Research Paper.

So if you want to help me in my research, and earn valuable rewards in the process, I encourage you to join us for this exciting tournament. Open the tournament window, enter the tournament by paying the entry fee, and then visit the Water Filter building at Duskworks Landing to donate ice and earn points. I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of victory!

Sincerely, Dr. Jan Spacek

Players must finish the associated Duskworks Introduction Mission to be eligible to enter this Tournament.

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