Browse Planet Mars!

Duskworks Registration Brochure: Global View
The lack of a Mars's very own Google Earth means that the global view of the new planet is limited compared to Earth's, but increasing numbers of satellites and autonomous exploring rovers will soon fix this issue.
You can access the global view of Mars on your holo-wrist device in order to view unclaimed plots of lands, remote access into far away plots and more. All settlers are equipped with this device in order to maximize the efficiency of our colonization of the sister planet.
Once you've linked your wallet and the game recognizes your Access Badge, you're ready to play!
Click the planet icon in the upper left to bring you to the globe view, and select one of the quadrants on the globe to drill down to the plot view. Try grabbing the globe and dragging, to explore the whole planet!
The quadrants are all named according to the system defined by the US Geological Survey. When you select a region, you can learn more about its features.
Each pin on the map corresponds to an area where there are plots of land available to buy and work. Each plot corresponds to a unique latitude and longitude on Mars, and the terrain is generated for that plot by NASA height map data. Over time, more info will be available about the specific terrain on each plot, in game!
Eventually, once you select a pin on the map, you'll drill down to a local "neighborhood" view of plots. Plots that are red are owned by a player in the game. You can select those and see what is installed and browse their settlement! Plots that are dark are available to claim. Plots that are green are owned by you.
Don't worry, you can play Land Rush without owning land right away!