Selling Food

Ad Astra Unlimited Strategy Guide: Famines not Familiar
Ah, food. Whatever will we do without it? Not a lot. That's why we'll be growing food, especially since you can't just grow crops out in the open like you can on Earth. Mars growing requires Greenhouses, so let's get ourselves one.
These strategy guides may not be completely accurate on their ROI due to fluctuations based on how stamina works, marketplace fees, and other variables, take this more as a general guide than exact numbers.
For this strategy, we'll be buying an Epic Gen II Greenhouse and Growing Carrots. Here's our important values for this strategy guide. (Oh boy, it's a big table.)
Ad Astra accountants would like to remind you that values are at the time of writing (2/28/2022), not financial advice and not guaranteed. (Direct all complaints about ROI to Eddy from Accounting, we'll make sure it gets to him.)
Value (Dusk)
Carrot Seeds
Full Power Cells
Empty Power Cells
Epic Gen II Greenhouse
Common Land Plot
The first thing you might realize when trying to grow food, is that it has a lot of requirements. So let's break them down into the costs for 1 Grow Carrots.
Cost (Dusk)
5 Water
1 Dusk
12 Power (1.2 Power Cells) Note: We're selling the Empty Power Cells back, functionally making each power cell cost only 2 Dusk
1.2 Dusk
1 Carrot Seed
0.14 Dusk
4 Soil
2.4 Dusk
Okay, a total of 4.74 Dusk per grow, our greenhouse has 12 Task Slots, so let's times that by 12 to get the cost of one cycle. That gets us to 56.88 Dusk, we'll round that to 57 Dusk to make the math a bit easier.
Now how much Dusk do we get back? Well, let's go look at the Greenhouse Player Guide to find out how much food we get for growing carrots.
The chart tells us we can get between 50 and 75 Food for each grow, giving us an average of about 62 Food per Grow.
62 Food
8 Dusk
We get 8 Dusk per food grow, pretty good, that gives us a profit of 3.26 Dusk per grow. If we multiply that by 12 because of our task slots, we profit 39.12 Dusk per cycle, which takes 12 hours.
Time to make back Dusk
Gen II Epic Greenhouse
60 Hours (2.5 Days)
Common Land Plot
460 Hours (38 Days)
Of course, our Gen II Epic Greenhouse doesn't take up our entire plot, we still have 70 space left. Let's go ahead and fill the rest of it up with more Gen II Epic Greenhouses, with each of them being 30 space, it gets us two more on our plot. Now what are the ROIs like?
Time to make back Dusk
Gen II Epic Greenhouse
60 Hours (2.5 Days)
Common Land Plot
153 Hours (6.3 Days)
With three Gen II Epic Greenhouses, we make 234.72 Dusk per day!