Selling Power

Ad Astra Unlimited Strategy Guide: Make the Sun an Asset
Empty Power Cells to Dusk

Strategy Summary:

  • Acquire a Common Land Plot
  • Install 10 Common Solar Panels
  • Upgrade the 10 Solar Panels to level X
  • Total investment: 21,557 Dusk.
  • ROI in 70.6 days
  • Free Dusk flow of 357 Dusk a day ongoing.

Full Strategy Discussion:

This is one of the simplest strategies for land owners: Charging Power Cells!
Everybody on Mars needs power, even the scavengers!
For this example, we're going to assume we have a single Rare Solar Panel (Level 1) and a Common Land Plot.
These strategy guides may not be completely accurate on their ROI due to fluctuations based on how stamina works, marketplace fees, and other variables, take this more as a general guide than exact numbers.
We will be selling all of these resources to the in-game Marketplace, more about that here:
Ad Astra accountants would like to remind you that values are at the time of writing (2/25/2022), not financial advice and not guaranteed.
These are the important values:
24hr Avg Value (Dusk)
Empty Power Cell
Full Power Cell
Rare Solar Panel
Common Land Plot
Each Full Power Cell yields 2.2 Dusk in profit. (Full Power Cell value - Empty Power Cell Value). To charge a Power Cell it takes 1 Stamina and 20 Hours. However, due to us having a Rare Solar Panel, we can also use the Charge Power Cell II recipe instead. Making the recipe instead take 2 Stamina and 20 Hours and charge two Power Cells at once.
To make our Dusk back on the Rare Solar Panel using Charge Power Cell II it will take 177 Power Cells sold, that will take us 590 hours (24 Days). (177 Power Cells * 20 Hours / 3 Task Slots) / 2 for Charge Power Cell II
The math is the same for making back your Dusk on the land deed:
Return on Rare Solar Panel
Return on Common Land Deed
Charge Power Cell II
590 Hours (24 Days)
1666 Hours (69 days)
Now let's see the math with a Gen 2 Common Solar Panel fully upgraded to Level 10 (X) This leaves us with 90 space left over for other buildings out of 100. With that number of space, you could place 9 more Gen 2 Common Solar Panels.
To upgrade a Common Solar Panel all the way to ten we'll need 177 Common Solar Panel Shards and 270 Dusk
24Hr Average (Dusk)
177 Common Solar Panel Shards
1752 (9.9/e)
Common Solar Panel
Dusk Fee for Upgrading
270 Dusk
Common Land Plot
The total cost for a Common Solar Panel Level X is 2045.7 Dusk
At this level, the Common Solar Panel can charge three power cells at the same time using Charge Power Cell III, this recipe takes 13.3 Hours at level 10, this is how long it takes for us to pay back our costs:
To make our Dusk back on the Common Solar Panel X using Charge Power Cell III it will take 929 Power Cells sold, that will take us 1,692 hours (70 Days). (929 Power Cells * 13.3 Hours / 3 Task Slots) / 3 for Charge Power Cell II
Common Solar Panel X
Common Land Plot
Charge Power Cell III
1,692 hours (70 Days)
738 Hours (30 Days)
Since we have a bunch of excess space, what if we had our entire plot filled with these solar panels? We could fit 9 more onto this plot, so we would have 10x our current revenue.
Common Solar Panel X
Common Land Plot
Charge Power Cell III
1,692 hours (70 Days)
13.54 Hours (0.6 Days)
With 9 more solar panels, our time to recoup the Dusk on our solar panels remain the same but we make back our Dusk on our land within a little over half a day. After all our costs have been regained how much Dusk would we make per day?
Each Max Level Common Solar Panel has three task slots for three Charge Power Cell III every 13.3 hours. So every 13.3 hours we would charge 90 Power Cells. We would then make 90 * 2.2 = 198 Dusk per 13.3 hours or 357 Dusk per day of free flow profit. This would take 162 Stamina per day which is possible with some new food changes coming soon and coffee.