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Mistakenly put your Duskworks building onto the wrong plot location? Wanting to organize your buildings but didn't plan ahead? Now with the Duskwork's Moving Guide, you too can move your buildings!

Changing the Order of Your Buildings

Say you want to have all of your shiny Mythic buildings on the top of the plot list with the rest of the buildings below it, but you didn't plan ahead?

Notice the appearance of a new button that sort of looks like an elevator to the right of the plot data, clicking this will allow you to change the arrangement of your buildings! Changing the order of your buildings this way requires a Hauling Rover and a Dusk fee depending on the rarity of the building.

How to Transport your Buildings To Different Plots

In order to start moving your buildings you'll need a few things first:

Dusk, in order to pay for the rover maintenance fees and moving permit fees.

Hauling Rovers or Hauling Tokens, in order to move your buildings.

Metis, this material is needed to safely protect and move buildings on Mars due to the nature of the planet.

You only need either Hauling Rovers OR Hauling Tokens, not both.

Dusk Fee (Varies by Distance and Rarity of Building)

4-90 Dusk

Metis Fee (Varies by Distance and Rarity of Building)

0-21 Metis

Hauling Tokens Fee (Varies by Distance and Rarity of Building)

1-3 Hauling Tokens

Haulers Needed (Varies by Distance and Rarity of Building)

1-2 Hauling Rovers

Once you've acquired Dusk, Hauling Rovers or Hauling Tokens, and Metis you can head over to any building and click on the Upgrade and Maintenance button. This will bring you to our Upgrade and Maintenance Page, which houses building related actions. Navigate over to the Transport section to start transporting your building.

In the three drop down menus, you will select the destination Quadrangle, POI, and finally the Plot. Plots without enough space to hold the building will be automatically filtered out.

Once you've selected the plot, you will be prompted with the cost. Choose either Rovers or Hauling tokens depending on what resource you want to spend, then finally type in TRANSPORT in the field below and your building will be moved!

If the destination plot is moved or transferred before the delivery completes, the building and Rover (if using the hauling rover option) will be sacrificed to the Martian Gods LOST FOREVER!

Acquiring Hauling Tokens

Hauling tokens are a replacement resource for Hauling Rovers incase you don't own a rover or don't want to use a rover. They can be bought from the Marketplace by other players!

Well, that's good and all but maybe you want to create them yourself? You'll need a Hauling Rover and a RoverWorks to create Hauling Tokens.


1 Hauling Rover

1 Hauling Token (100%)

40 Power

1 Hauling Token (10%)

14 Metis

1 Hauling Rover (100%)

5 Stamina

You might have noticed that the recipe requires a Recipe! You don't need to research this recipe, instead navigate to the shop and find the Surveyor's section. You can purchase the recipe using Survey Tokens.

You can get Survey Tokens from any rover mission.

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