The Aerospace Crafting Chain

Orbital-level View of the Buildings and major Crafting Chains of Aerospace
An overview of the buildings involved and a review of the crafting chains - working backwards from the Hopper itself, we present the crafting journey here of making your own Hopper Launch Complex!
You are going to want your very own Hopper (and it is its own NFT!) to get about on Mars whenever you want to and to where you want to go! We will be layering in more and more game mechanics where your location on Mars - or the Solar System matters. This will also be increasingly true for your Martizens (and your Hoppers!) as well. Some locations on Mars will be supported by a sort of public transport system of Hoppers and in the future, players will have the option to add their Hoppers to the fleet of public transportation.
To assemble your Hopper, you will of course need to collect and craft all kinds of parts. These parts come from existing buildings in Million on Mars as well as from the Velociraptor Engine Factory and the Vulcan Metalworks. The actual assembly of the Hopper happens in the Hangar. The details of the Hopper assembly recipe will be revealed later, but for now, know that every single Hopper created on Mars will require some Glitter as an input. The Hangar is created with a bunch of Stainless Steel Plate which are crafted in the Vulcan Metalworks and a whole lot of other stuff. The Hangar will be featured in an upcoming release, but you could imagine that it would be wise to collect some Common Engineering Bay blueprints! The Velociraptor Engine Factory will also be featured in an upcoming release, but as a bit of a heads up to craft this building it will consume Common 3D Print Shops, Common Machine Shops and Common Engineering Bays.
The Launch Pad rounds out the three advanced Aerospace buildings that are part of the releases over the coming weeks, the Launch Pad is crafted with a ton of Refractory Concrete Tiles which are crafted in the Chem Lab.
Consider these notes above a heads up for coming up for these three advanced Aerospace buildings. In addition to those notes above, those buildings will follow the new Schematic to Blueprint pattern described here (link).
The First Four Aerospace Buildings The Ground Control Station is your own flight operations center, and where you do your fundamental research and development and train your Martizens and yourself in gaining Aerospace levels (not in the Library).
Starting with the Ground Control Station, we are excited to offer two different methods to obtain the Ground Control Station Schematic from gameplay! See the ALFA Tournament from Dr. Jan Spacek for details on how to win a schematic for as little as a donation of a 1000 Ice!
These ALFA Tokens may be obtained through a variety of turn-in missions.
Alternatively to winning this raffle tournament players may accumulate ALFA Tokens and purchase the Ground Control Station from Dr. Jan Spacek - he will trade a Ground Control Launch Schematic for the price of 1500 Dusk and 100 ALFA Tokens.
Crafting the Ground Control Station Schematic into a Blueprint:
Once you have obtained your Ground Control Schematic, you will need to craft the Blueprint from the Schematic, to do so use a new Recipe on the Engineering Bay that consumes the Ground Control Schematic plus a whole Pirate Radio Blueprint and 100 Glitter to craft the Blueprint
Setting up your Ground Control Station for Operations
You will need to complete three one-time recipes to ready your Ground Control Station for Operation:
  1. 1.
    Airlock and Telemetry Setup
  2. 2.
    Antenna Tracking & Sub-Assembly
  3. 3.
    Ground Control Energy Core System