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Duskworks Registration Brochure: What to Expect on the New Planet?
The first step off of the rocket into the Duskworks Terminal, will probably be one of the easiest steps of your life, as you finally embrace the third-of-Earth gravity on Mars. Eager settlers typically start off working for other landowners, preforming jobs in exchange for the propriety currency; Dusk Coins. Colloquially shortened to just Dusk. After the settler has worked for over thirty Sols without using their daily rations, they're offered the ability to earn an accommodation. The accommodation, in exchange for those daily rations and 250 Dusk will allow them to claim a plot of land on Mars for themselves.
From there, the settler turns to landowner and constructs factories, habitation modules, and so on on their plot to become a profitable business on the new planet.
First, you need an account at .
After you finish registering, you should end up back at the spinning globe, and you should see your player name in the upper right. If the upper right is blank, you may need to reload your screen.