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Mars Society's Thorium Salt Reactor

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A Thorium Salt Reactor, or Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) isn't your typical nuclear reactor. They're safer, with uncontrolled nuclear meltdowns of the likes of previous nuclear incidents being prevented by having the fuel pipe into fuel drainage tanks that solidify. Gaseous fission products can also be safely captured as they bubble out of the molten fuel.

Ad Astra were one of the first to use MSRs on Mars due to their safety and usage of thorium. Once the branch of Duskworks grew large enough to warrant the power generating benefits of MSRs, Thorium Reactors for the Duskworks were also made.

Now, independent settlers who are skilled enough to run them with the help of the Duskworks terminal can have their very own Thorium Reactor on their plot of land.


The Thorium reactor uses Thorium to charge Energy Cores.

Each Energy Core contains 100 power storage, or 5x the amount a typical power cell holds, while still taking the same amount of time as a regular power cell to charge.

The Thorium Reactor requires a minimum of 50 Electrical and 50 Chemistry to get started; making the Thorium Reactor will require Master Signets of Electrical and Chemistry as well.

The Thorium Reactor CANNOT be moved after being placed onto a plot.

RaritySize and Actions


70 - 3 Actions


80 - 5 Actions


90 - 7 Actions


80 - 11 Actions


70 - 13 Actions


60 - 15 Actions

Only 1 Thorium Reactor may be placed on a single plot.

Thorium Reactors also require maintenance regardless of the Generation.

Operating Procedure

The Thorium Reactor has a more complex operating procedures than most buildings. You will have to fill four separate building storages as well as perform maintenance through removal of depleted uranium.


In order to begin Charging Energy Cores, the Thorium Reactor must be turned on. There are two methods to turning on the Reactor, with the differences being listed below.

Starting the Reactor without level 50 in Chemistry will require the usage of Master Signets.



Reactor Turned On

Fission Products under 50

Reactor is not on


In order to fill the Thorium Reactor with the resources it requires, click on the building storage icons like you would for recharging a building.

Science Details!:

  • Add Graphite Rods - Graphite rods are used as a moderator. Moderators are materials used in a nuclear reactor to slow down the neutrons produced from fission. These can be produced in a Chem Lab.

  • Add Salts - Create a stable environment for Thorium and Uranium to breed and produce necessary energy for consumption by adding Beryllium Fluoride and Lithium Fluoride to the reactor core. These Chemicals can be produced in a Chem Lab

  • Add Thorium - Thorium Fuel is the primary source of energy that is consumed and over time decays into U233 in the Reactor. Thorium is acquired from a new Smelting Recipe.

  • Add Uranium - The new rarest resource on Mars, Uranium is required to kickstart a Reactor, but also is occasionally created when harvesting waste from your Reactor.

Charging Energy Cores



Reactor is on


Fuel Processing Fuel Processing is another aspect of managing the Reactor that is unique to the building. As fuel sources are consumed and Fission Products build up, players must process this excess waste, and extract any excess materials being produced by this process.

  • Waste Treatment - Injects fluorite into the system to help process excess waste and separate out impurities.

  • Extract Uranium - With impurities treated, excess materials should be extracted. Occasionally produces whole Uranium instead of other byproducts.

  • Waste Disposal - Nuclear Waste can be disposed of in several ways that can reward the player in the near future.

Power Conversion Existing buildings can be converted into using Energy Cores (while retaining Power Cells compatibility) by installing an Energy Core Kit's. These Kits can be constructed in Machine Shops and installed in most buildings. Charging a building with an energy core also has a chance to break depending on your profession level.

  • Install Energy Core Kit - Consumes 1 Crafted Energy Core Kit and enables that building to Charge with Energy Cores.

  • Charge with Energy Core - New Recipe enabled if installed on the building.

  • Repair Energy Core - New Engineering Bay Recipe for Electrical workers to repair Energy Cores that break during the charging process.

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