The Marketplace

Duskworks Registration Brochure: Settler's Market
Need a Water Filter delivered to your airlock in under thirty minutes or less or your money back guaranteed? Well, look elsewhere! ...As delivering a building takes a while. The Duskworks Settler's marketplace allows settlers across the Duskworks programme to quickly trade resources, buildings and other goods between eachother with only a minor Dusk fee to keep the network online.
The Marketplace is where players buy and sell to each other. You can buy resources you need here, and you can sell stuff that you have available in inventory.
Create a buy order to purchase the things you want. Fill in a price at or above the market price, if you want the greatest chance of seeing your order filled by another player! Similarly, if you're creating a sell order, make sure to price around the rest of the market if you want buyers fast. Or, try your luck pricing really high -- you never know when a player is desperate enough for some carrot seeds to pay whatever you're asking!
Check your orders in the left navigation menu to see what's filled and ready to claim.
Your Buy and Sell orders show in History.
Once you claim a completed order, the resource will show up in your inventory.
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