Installing a Building

Once you've purchased and opened a building pack, you will be able to see your items under "Wallet Items" in the inventory
'Wallet Items' are NFTs in your WAX wallet.
You have to deposit the items you want to use so that they can be used as in-game resources.
Don't worry about the Asset ID info -- that's for the dev team!
New resource - get ready for some power cell charging!
Reminder! When you deposit an NFT to use it as an in-game resource, it burns the NFT and you will not see it in your wallet anymore! You will see it in "buildings" below as an in-game resource
Now our Common Solar Panel is shown under 'Buildings' and can be installed on an in-game land plot!
Now, to install. Go to a land plot that you own, press the plus icon on the right-hand side, under 'Buildings'. Select a building from your Inventory by pressing the 'Install' button.
Time to start charing some power cells!
Each building has a unique purpose and crafting cycle.
You can see all the buildings you have installed under the 'Buildings' section of the land plot.