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Duskworks Registration Brochure: Habitation Registry
The Duskwork's standard holo-wrist device comes with the Habitation Registry module, a simple system to keep track of the contents that your many plots have, and will keep track of them throughout transactions and building fabrication tasks through advanced tracking and sensors within the Duskworks buildings.
Your inventory includes all the stuff you've acquired in your growing Mars empire! It includes your wallet items, buildings, resources, and plots

Wallet Items

At the top of your inventory, you see "wallet items." These are NFTs that you have in your WAX wallet that can be used in game. For more information on buying NFTs to use in Land Rush, see marketplaces.
If you want to use these wallet items in game, you have to deposit them, which turns them into in-game resources.
When you deposit a wallet item to use it as an in-game resource, the original NFT is burned. You will no longer see it in your WAX wallet or your inventory on AtomicHub.
It's ok to burn some NFTs to play the game! In some cases, you'll end up creating new, even more special NFTs. For example, Land Deeds allow you to claim plots, and each individual plot gets minted as a new, unique NFT. The buildings installed on it show up as mutable data with the NFT, when you browse it on AtomicHub. Pretty cool, right?


Buildings are in-game resources that you can install on land plots and start doing jobs specific to their function to create resources. You'll want solar panels, greenhouses, CADs, and water filters at minimum. More on the types of buildings and their function in the crafting section.


The Resources section has all the types of supplies you'll need to use in game. If you're missing something you need to perform a task, you can probably find it for sale in The Marketplace.
Dusk and Stamina are special resources. You can't buy those directly in the marketplace.
Stamina is the energy you need to do all your jobs. If you're running low, you can buy some from other players by posting a work order for other players.
If you need more Dusk, you can do jobs for other players to get some, wait for your daily Dusk reward, refer your friends, sell resources, or you may be able to find places outside the game to trade balances of Dusk with other players. Million on Mars does not directly create liquidity pools for Dusk, but there may be player-driven economies available. If you have a balance of Dusk in your WAX wallet, you can import it to the game or your can withdraw it every 14 days into your WAX Wallet.


Plots are all the 40acre land plots owned by you! These are special NFTs that are minted in-game when you claim a land. Go browse your inventory on AtomicHub to see all the data about your land plots that is included with your NFT!
The names are just whimsical and delightful.
The "sync plots" button should not have to be used often. If you've recently claimed a plot, or traded a plot NFT with another player, and your inventory doesn't look correct, please click "sync plots" and it should sort out. If you're still having problems, please contact us.