Ad Astra Development Zone Brochure: Engineered Redemption

The Trading Bazaar does not share as much of the morally gray history as the Cantina, instead operating as a sort of engineering meet n' greet for those across the Ad Astra Development Zone and the Duskworks Landing. This is where the Duskworks Landings received most of their schematics for the creation of their buildings, as mergers, improvements and variations of the Ad Astra Development Zone technology was shared.

The Trading Bazaar's size like all specialty buildings is 15.

Do you have 12 Mythic C.A.D. Shards and you do not know what to do with them? Is your inventory full of random Building Shards? The Trading Bazaar is the solution to both your desire for order in your inventory AND for a fun shard-hunting adventure: you may just find the shards that will drive your Solar Panel to level 5.

In the Shop, you will find a whole new section with many colored coins ranging from Common to Mythic. Here you turn in your excess shards and, in return, you get a Bazaar Coin that matches that rarity.

Then, you head over to your Bazaar and find the dealer for your coins by rarity. Note that the Level 1 Trading Bazaar only attracts the early-in-their-career engineers interested in Common and Uncommon Coins. You will need to upgrade your Bazaar to unlock the Rare, Epic Legendary and Mythic trades.

Here is the overview of the Bazaar trade levels:

  • Level 1 - Use Bazaar Shard (C) - requires 1 Bazaar Coin C.

  • Level 1 - Use Bazaar Shard (U) - requires 1 Bazaar Coin U.

  • Level 2 - Use Bazaar Shard (R) - requires 1 Bazaar Coin R.

  • Level 3 - Use Bazaar Shard (E) - requires 1 Bazaar Coin E.

  • Level 4 - Use Bazaar Shard (L) - requires 1 Bazaar Coin L.

  • Level 5 - Use Bazaar Shard (M) - requires 1 Bazaar Coin M.

Bazaar House Credits

Every time you spend an Uncommon or better Bazaar Coin and get a one-time Random Shard reward, you also earn one matching House Credit. These can be spent inside the shop when you have accumulated enough to redeem a free roll of a higher rarity tier, or even a FREE Epic, Legendary BLUEPRINT!

Glyphs & Vibes

Glyphs & Vibes or G&V is a minigame included within the Bazaar. To start the minigame, run the task "Play Glyphs & Vibes".


Starts the Glyphs and Vibes Minigame

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