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Join the Building Launch Complex 0b100111a tournament and support Duskworks Landing's Aerospace ventures on Mars

Hey there Martians,

I'm Jesse LeBou, a mining advisor at Duskworks Landing. I'm supervising the construction of our new launch pads and I'm a sporting man, so I'm inviting you to our latest tournament, Building Launch Complex 0b100111a. This tournament is about supporting our efforts in building a launch complex that will help us explore further and advance our Aerospace technology on Mars.

To join the tournament, just click on the Tournaments Button (Trophy icon) on the left side of your screen. The tournament is a raffle style, with a minimum of 1 settler and a maximum of 10,000 settlers able to join. The tournament will last for 23 hours, with a 1 hour cool-down in between. The entry fee is 100 Concrete, a small price to pay for the potential rewards.

To score in the tournament, just donate water, ice, or sulfur to Jesse's 3D Print Shop in the Duskworks Landing DTM. The more you donate, the higher your chances of winning. By donating these essential resources, you'll be helping us build our launch complex and advance our Aerospace tech on Mars.

The rewards for this tournament are as follows:

  • 1st-3rd place: Launch Pad Schematic

  • 4th-11th place: Aerospace Research Paper + Consolation Prize

  • Consolation Prize:

    • 1 0x27a Artifact Shard

    • Random Professional EXP

We hope to see you participating in the Building Launch Complex 0b100111a tournament and supporting our efforts on Mars. Let's work together to build a better future on the red planet.

Players must finish the associated Duskworks Introduction Mission to be eligible to enter this Tournament.

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