🚀Grab a Hopper

Fuel Duskwork's Aerospace ventures and support Mars exploration with Grab a Hopper tournament

Dear Members of the Martian Community,

As a scientist and engineer in Duskworks Landing, I am pleased to invite you to participate in our latest tournament, Grab a Hopper. This tournament is being held to help fuel our Aerospace ventures and support our mission to explore and expand on the red planet.

To join the tournament, simply click on the Tournaments Button (Trophy icon) on the left side of your screen. The tournament is a raffle style, with a minimum of 1 settler and a maximum of 10,000 settlers able to join. The tournament will last for five days, with a 1 day break in between. The entry fee is 30 Oxygen and 10 Methane, a small price to pay for the potential rewards.

The rewards for this tournament are as follows:

  • 1st-3rd place: Hangar Schematic

  • 4th-6th place: Velociraptor Engine Schematic

  • 7th-10th place: Launchpad Schematic

  • 11th-20th place: Rocket Fuel Factory Schematic

  • 21st-50th place: Fuel Tank Schematic

  • 51st-200th place: 10-25 Aerospace Research Papers

  • 201st-1000th place: 2-5 Aerospace Research Papers

  • Consolation prize: 1 Aerospace Research Paper

To score in the tournament, simply donate Oxygen and Methane to the Fuel Tank building on the hexagon in the Duskworks DTM. The more you donate, the higher your chances of winning. By donating these essential gases, you will be helping us advance our Aerospace technology and make progress towards sustainable space travel on Mars.

We hope to see you participating in the Grab a Hopper tournament and supporting our efforts to advance science and exploration on the red planet.


Dr. Jan Spacek

Players must finish the associated Duskworks Introduction Mission to be eligible to enter this Tournament.

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