๐ŸŽฎMartizens - Playable v1

The first release of in-game utility for the Martizens PHP collection

Today is a big day my fellow Martians - with todayโ€™s release we open a new chapter - our beloved Martizens have arrived on Mars after 115 days in transfer from Earthโ€™s high GEO Gateway Station to Phobos Station. Ad Astra Unlimited Hoppers will be running hard today delivering these Martizens to their new homes on Mars!

Speaking of new homes on Mars...

Martizens will need a place to actually live on Mars in order to be able to work their professions on Mars. Today we release Shelters as an alternative accommodation to Habitats for you to home your Martizens. Habitats are the key to being able to rent your buildings, renting is exclusive to Habitats. Shelters are a player craft-able blueprint (see below).

Martizens that are for sale are no longer active on the Red Planet, but are instead chillinโ€™ out at Phobos Station looking for new opportunities. These Martizens are unable to perform any work or role in-game while for sale, and, thinking about their future opportunities, Martizens that are for sale are not able to withdraw their bankroll currencies (Dusk only at the moment, but also in the future Glitter).

Martizens are very much like players, they eat food, drink water, have stamina, and gain experience from performing work on Mars. Martizens range from Novice to Artisan in one of 11 of the Professions in Million on Mars. Note: Martizens with the Aerospace, Cooking, Entertainment or Entrepreneurship are special as they will be the first to be able to do these professions when these professions are released in the next couple of months. Even more cool for those of you with En

Martizen Playable Rules Summary:

Martizens that are for sale are unplayable and not able to withdraw Dusk or Glitter Martizens that have no Habitat or no Shelter to live in, but not for sale, are able to withdraw their Dusk - but no other in-game utility

Martizens that are homed in a Habitat or a Shelter are able to perform crafting work on buildings that you own and they have free access to all of your inventory in order to fulfill the recipe input requirements

Martizens have professions and experience and must satisfy the skill check in order to begin the recipe

Martizens happily consume the player's tools as an input to the recipe - like other inputs to a recipe

Martizens trained up in one of 11 Professions before they left Earth, however 4 of these professions: Entertainment, Cooking, Aerospace and Entrepreneurship are not yet live in game. These are anticipated to ship in the next 4-12 weeks. Martizens vary in the amount of experience they have in their starting professions and come in a variety from Novice to Artisan

Martizens gain experience from doing crafting - just like a player - now

Martizens are able to gain experience in multiple professions - just like a player - now

Martizens will be able to train up in the Training Hall like a player with an anticipated release later this week

Martizens will be able to be bid on work orders - just like a player with an anticipated release in 1-2 weeks Martizens will be able to automatically repeat a job over and over again until you tell them to stop doing that in an upcoming release - anticipated in less than 4 weeks Martizens will be able to be assigned to specific land plots / buildings to be the local manager and keep that building filled with power (from the playersโ€™ inventory) - in an upcoming release anticipated in less than 4 weeks Martizens consume Stamina from doing recipes - just like a player: Every 8 hours a Martizen is able to Consume 60 Food and 20 Water to gain stamina provided they are under their Max Stamina.

Constitution Attribute determines Max Stamina:

  • Common 12

  • Uncommon 16

  • Rare 20

  • Epic 24

  • Legendary 30

  • Mythic 48

For 60 Food and 20 Water, a Martizen eats, giving them stamina equal to a range near their max stamina. Martizens are able to eat 3x a day.

Common - Stamina Gained 16-26 Uncommon - 18-26 Stamina Gained Rare - 22-24 Stamina Gained Epic - 24-26 Stamina Gained Legendary - 30-32 Stamina Gained Mythic - 48-50 Stamina Gained

"Example: A Common Constitution Martizen with 0 stamina can Eat and could gain up to 24 Stamina, but WILL NOT be able to eat again until their stamina has been reduced to below 12." - Quote from Artur from within our Discord

Note: the costs for Food and Water for the Martizens is a design area that may need tuning after the Martizens which the real world of Mars in scale.

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