Archetypes of the Rover Combat Classes

Shadow Strider

Recon Rover (Inspired by: Rogue, Thief, Assassin)

Strengths: Stealth, speed, high single-target damage

Weaknesses: Low durability, limited crowd control

Titan Juggernaut

Heavy Assault Rover (Inspired by: Warrior, Barbarian, Paladin)

Strengths: High durability, area of effect damage, crowd control

Weaknesses: Low speed, limited ranged abilities

Mendicant Mechanic

Repair and Support Rover (Inspired by: Healer, Druid, Priest)

Strengths: Repairing allies, recharging energy, damage mitigation

Weaknesses: Low damage output, limited offensive capabilities

Longshot Sentinel

Ranged Combat Rover (Inspired by: Ranger, Hunter, Archer)

Strengths: Ranged damage, versatility, crowd control

Weaknesses: Limited melee abilities, low durability

Arcane Artillerist

Artillery Rover (Inspired by: Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock)

Strengths: High damage output, crowd control, elemental attacks

Weaknesses: Low durability, energy-dependent, limited melee abilities

Harmonic Hivemind

Support and Control Rover (Inspired by: Bard, Enchanter, Illusionist)

Strengths: Debuffing enemies, crowd control, utility abilities

Weaknesses: Low direct damage, limited durability

Striker Pugilist

Melee Specialist Rover (Inspired by: Monk, Gladiator, Duelist)

Strengths: High single-target damage, mobility, evasion

Weaknesses: Limited ranged abilities, low area of effect damage

Bastion Sentinel

Defensive and Utility Rover (Inspired by: Cleric, Templar, Guardian)

Strengths: Durability, damage mitigation, ally protection

Weaknesses: Limited damage output, low mobility

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