Doing Jobs for Other Players

Duskworks Hand-Guide: Resume Not Required
Most settlers arriving to Mars are those well versed in the fields of science, engineers, botanists, physicists and chemists are currently in over-abundance and as such makes Mars one of the greatest hubs of science. Universities in the AADZ are built to train the populace of Mars in order for them to preform jobs and tasks for the settlers across the planet. Even lowest tier of labrorers on Mars would be bachelor degree holders being paid well in Dusk currency.
To start preforming Jobs, click on the hand icon in the top-level navigation bar. This will show the Job Market.
The Job Market Window
Depending on your skill levels, you'll be able to do different jobs. In order to start working, select one of the job fields.
Here you can decide two things:
  • How much Dusk you're asking for per stamina
  • How much Stamina you're spending
So if you ask for 2 Dusk and spend 5 Stamina, assuming all of your work gets accepted, you will earn 10 Dusk.
You can check your active bids in the bids section. Your work may not always be accepted, try bidding lower Dusk rates until they do get accepted, or leaving them at high values in hopes of finding a buyer!