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What was the inspiration for this class design?

Distinct Class Identities: Each combat rover class in Million on Mars has a unique identity and playstyle that sets it apart from the others. This is achieved through unique abilities, specialized equipment, and class-specific mechanics that provide a distinct experience for each class. As a combat rover manager, you'll need to choose which class suits your playstyle and the challenges you'll face on Mars.

Balanced Strengths and Weaknesses: We've made sure that each combat rover class has strengths that can be countered by the weaknesses of other classes. This encourages you to form alliances with others and create a well-rounded team that can handle any challenge. As a combat rover manager, you'll need to strategize and work with others to overcome obstacles on Mars.

Complementary Abilities: The combat rover class abilities in Million on Mars are designed to complement each other, promoting synergy and teamwork. For example, a healing-focused combat rover class could work well with a tanky, damage-absorbing class, while a stealthy class might be most effective when supported by a crowd-control class. As a combat rover manager, you'll need to consider how your class's abilities can work with others to create a more powerful team.

Role Versatility: We've allowed each combat rover class to excel in different roles and situations, without becoming too specialized. This gives you more freedom to adapt your strategies and tactics to the challenges you face on Mars, making each class viable in various scenarios. As a combat rover manager, you'll need to choose a class that suits your playstyle and can handle the different obstacles you'll encounter on your missions.

Meaningful Progression: As you level up your combat rover in Million on Mars, you'll unlock new abilities, equipment, and customization options for your class. This progression system is designed to keep you engaged and motivated to explore the full potential of your chosen class. As a combat rover manager, you'll need to carefully consider your class's progression path and unlock new abilities and equipment to increase your combat rover's effectiveness.

Replayability: Each combat rover class in Million on Mars offers a unique gameplay experience, making it difficult for combat rover managers to decide which class to choose and enticing them to try out multiple classes throughout their missions. We want you to have a reason to come back and try new classes, each offering its own unique playstyle and mechanics, and to find the best class for the challenges you'll face on Mars.

Intuitive Classes inspired from Fantasy RPGs

  • Recon (Rogue, Thief, Assassin)

  • Heavy Assault (Warrior, Barbarian, Paladin)

  • Mendicant (Healer, Druid, Priest)

  • Longshot (Ranger, Hunter, Archer)

  • Artillerist (Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock)

  • Hivemind (Bard, Enchanter, Illusionist)

  • Pugilist (Monk, Gladiator, Duelist)

  • Bastion (Cleric, Templar, Guardian)

We've mapped each of the eight rover classes in Million on Mars to classic RPG classes to create a familiar and intuitive gameplay experience for players. The Recon class is similar to Rogue, Thief, and Assassin classes, with a focus on stealth, agility, and hit-and-run tactics. The Heavy Assault class is similar to Warrior, Barbarian, and Paladin classes, with a focus on heavy armor, close combat, and dealing massive damage.

The Mendicant class is similar to Healer, Druid, and Priest classes, with a focus on support and healing abilities. The Longshot class is similar to Ranger, Hunter, and Archer classes, with a focus on long-range attacks and precision strikes.

The Artillerist class is similar to Wizard, Sorcerer, and Warlock classes, with a focus on area-of-effect attacks and crowd control abilities. The Hivemind class is similar to Bard, Enchanter, and Illusionist classes, with a focus on controlling swarms of smaller drones and robots to overwhelm enemies.

The Pugilist class is similar to Monk, Gladiator, and Duelist classes, with a focus on hand-to-hand combat and grappling. The Bastion class is similar to Cleric, Templar, and Guardian classes, with a focus on defensive abilities and protecting teammates.

Overall, this mapping of rover classes to classic RPG classes allows players to quickly and easily understand the role and play style of each class, and to choose a class that suits their preferred gameplay style.

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