🎓Training Hall

Duskworks' Employee Training Centre

The Training Hall

New essential building will be added to the Shop and Weekly sales: The Training Hall!

When players have earned enough XP in a given Profession, they will be able to increase their proficiency inside the Training Hall when spending the matching Research Papers and Dusk fee. Some Recipes may award players XP in more than 1 Profession.

Some Recipes will also require specific tool energy/power in addition to their stamina. If players are creating work orders, they are expected to provide the required tool energy/power, but the working player doing the work must still have the required level to perform the work.

You can only use ONE Training Hall at a time, therefore, each settler only needs ONE training hall.

Purchasing two or more Training Halls is not useful at the moment.

Work orders placed by a landowner award the XP to the worker, not the land owner. If landowners work their own buildings and stamina, then they get the XP.

Players will need to equip Tools for each Profession they wish to advance beyond Novice Level (24)

Equipping Tools:

Some recipes before this will also require Novice Tools. Tools are equipped inside the Shop under the “Tools” section, which consumes a Sealed version of the tools, and gives the players an appropriate number of Tool Actions they can perform.

Recipes will consume a variable amount of Tool Actions based on the difficulty tier of the recipe. Sealed Tool Packs are also required components of Profession Training beyond specific progression points.


Players will now gain Experience Points (XP) when completing various work tasks and recipes in one of 8 different Professions. Each has a relative difficulty level to the amount of time and effort required for mastery:

  • Scavenging (Easy) - Searches through refuse on the surface of the planet for useful items.

  • Electrical (Easy) - For all things electrical, including Solar Panels.

  • Life Science (Easy) - The study of living organisms such as plants, animals and humans.

  • Chemistry (Medium) - The intermediate domain of science between physics and biology, providing a foundation for both basic and applied scientific disciplines.

  • Mining (Medium) - The extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the planet.

  • Machining (Hard) - A process in which materials are cut to a desired final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process called subtractive manufacturing,

  • Fabrication (Hard) - The manufacturing of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes, and construction of three-dimensional objects through additive manufacturing.

  • Robotics (Expert) - Design, construction, operation, and use of robots that can help and assist humans.

Professions are the first step towards specialized labor, giving players a long term path of progression that will unlock long term growth in what they can do inside Million on Mars.

Every Profession has 6 Tiers of progression that designate your level of mastery achieved:

Tier LevelMax Level



















What does leveling up do?

Leveling up unlocks a very large list of recipes depending on your level. These recipes can award higher rewards at higher levels.

A level 1 Training Hall will only allow you to level up so much in a profession, you'll need to upgrade it to reach higher levels in a profession.

You can check your skills and level within your inventory or profile.

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