Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Obsidian - woot!

We are excited to launch our Achievements system with over 140 new Achievements to reward you for your work settling the Red Planet! Most of the Achievements have 5 levels of rewards for increasing levels of difficulty, where Bronze is the easiest to Achieve and Obsidian is the really shiny proof that you are a boss on Mars! Besides 140 Achievements and 5 levels of difficulty we went nuts and we are tracking the exact order in which people make their achievements on Mars! And then using that order of achievement we have even more special rewards: For the Platinum and Obsidian Rewards, the absolute first, second and third Martians to achieve that Achievement have their own special prizes. For the Bronze, Silver and Gold Achievements, the first 2-100 get a tasty reward, and then 101-1000 also get a better treat. For all achievements and for all rankings there is a reward in addition to the glory to Ares that you have achieved! There are also super secret Achievements for you to discover through hardcore gameplay!

NOTE: Automated Tasks will NOT award scoring actions (triggers) towards Achievements, Missions or Leaderboards!

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