Metis Shield

Brouhaha Metis Brochure
Metis Shield by the Brouhaha Company used to be entirely a product of the eccentric infamous-turned-famous Velma Patel. However, freelance chemists across the Duskworks were able to recreate the special Metis weave that comprised the massive domes. Further co-operation between these chemists and fabrication experts lead to the first developments of proto-shields. These shields were not as effective as the ones Brouhaha created, but without the specialized tools and knowledge the company holds, only extremely-well skilled fabricators could create comparable Metis Shields. These proto-shields became one of the only ways for independent settlers to make Metis Shields of their own.
The Metis Shield was an incredible piece of technology, capable of keeping the elements out with configurability and protection that a typical metal and glass dome could only dream of. On Earth, they came equipped with transparent modes, allowing cool breezes in while keeping any harmful elements out including radiation. On Mars, they do not have this feature, are a bit more heavy duty with metal struts and beams reaching from the tip of the Metis dome down to the bottom in a a cross shape. These Metis shields glowed a dim blue and had a slight marbling effect from the Metis material on the hexagon lattice.
The Metis Shield is a new type of building that instead of taking up space, frees up space in your plot. The amount of space that is freed up by the Metis Shield depends on the rarity of the shield.
Metis Shields are a permanent fixture. They can not be Dismantled or Transported.
Only ONE Metis Shield can be placed onto a plot, including Metis Shields of different rarities.
Space Saved