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Scavenging is one of the oldest trades that settlers are familiar with, the act of cleaning up Mars for both the greater cleanliness and for treasure. The treasure would range wildly, from regolith with high mineral content to large storage containers misplaced by cargo rovers or hoppers. Scavenging's legal status has come under further scrutiny as Mars changes its era from the Wild West to the start of the 1900s-style. - Katherine Collins, Duskworks Journalist

All Scavenging Levels can play the Advanced Scavenging Minigame.

Welcome to our second Hex Minigame, the Advanced Scavenging Site!

Where players can spend their stamina to dig through the regolith to discover items! Earning great rewards for objective based play!

How to Join the Hex Minigame

Selecting A Traveler:

Martians can select themselves or a Martizen they own as the Traveler in the Hex Minigame. Traveler is what we'll call the player or Martizen interacting on the Hex Minigame Map! The selected traveler has NO effect on the game, and solely exists as a cosmetic option.

Paying your Entry Fee:

How the Minigame Works

After selecting your traveler, you will start with 10 Energy. Each move will cost 1 Energy.


The main objective will be to excavate dig spots that are littered across the map, along with completing the optional objectives if you wish. When you scavenge dig spots, you have a chance to obtain Objective Items. Objective Items are used to complete objectives and receive additional loot.

NOT ALL OBJECTIVES will be present on each given map. Objective Items can not be brought into another instance, but can be used in the Metal Scrap recipe in the Smelter.

Objective HexObjective Items


You investigate by moving your traveler. Moving your traveler will require you to click on an adjacent Hex to the current one the Traveler is currently occupying.

Each move costs 1 Energy.

Converting Stamina:

During the game, you can convert your own player stamina into energy for the minigame to continue your game longer. However, there is no way to reduce the amount of injuries you sustain during the minigame.

Each move costs 1 Energy.

Injuries & Ending the Game:

Hazards linger and will continue to injury you if you step back onto the hex. Hazards are marked with a yellow hazard symbol after being discovered.

You can only sustain 15 Injuries before the game ends. There is no way to remove injuries during the game.

Running out of Energy will also end the game.

New Scavenged Items

There are a few new items obtainable through Advanced Scavenging, these items mainly come from Objectives.


Processed into Processed Chemical Sludge in the Chem Lab

Used in Library Recipes

Extract Chemicals or Library Recipe

Made from a set of all Objective Items to turn into Metal Chunk

Used with a Metal Chunk to extract Minerals.

Used with Metal Solvent to extract minerals.

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