Selling CO2

Ad Astra Unlimited Strategy Guide: Cool Breeze
CAD to Carbon Dioxide to Marketplace
Selling power is great and all, but let's branch out a bit more. For this guide we are getting into the business of gas, and for that we've purchased a Gen II C.A.D. for our common land plot. The C.A.D. has a few tasks, but for this strategy we are selling Carbon Dioxide.
These strategy guides may not be completely accurate on their ROI due to fluctuations based on how stamina works, marketplace fees, and other variables, take this more as a general guide than exact numbers.
Ad Astra accountants would like to remind you that values are at the time of writing (2/28/2022), not financial advice and not guaranteed.
Value (Dusk)
Full Power Cell
Empty Power Cell
Common C.A.D Gen II
Carbon Dioxide
You might be wondering why the values for the power cells are included in the chart. For this strategy, we'll be buying Full Power Cells and then selling the Empty Power Cells. This means every power cell will cost us roughly 2 Dusk.
Capture CO2 takes sixty power to do, which is equivalent to three power cells. Each power cell can hold twenty power. So our dusk costs for each task is 6 Dusk. Our C.A.D. at level one can do two of these tasks at a time. So each cycle will cost 12 Dusk. (That's more than the C.A.D. itself costs!)
Alright, that's enough about the costs, how much Dusk can we make back from the C.A.D?
Currently a single resource of Carbon Dioxide goes for 1 Dusk. If we look over at the C.A.D. page in the Player Guide we can see how much Carbon Dioxide we get per task.
60 Power
2-5 Carbon Dioxide (100%)
1 Stamina
1-10 Carbon Dioxide (11.11%)
From this, if we ignore the rare chance of receiving the 1-10 extra Carbon Dioxide, we see a mean of 3.5 Carbon Dioxide, we'll round that to 4 to compensate for ignoring the rare chance.
This means we see a return of 4 Dusk for every 6 Dusk we spend on the C.A.D. I know, it isn't positive, but that's okay. Here's why:
This currently means that the CO2 market is over-saturated, meaning there's more in circulation than is currently being used. This could be due to a myriad of reasons, but it can change on a whim. Depending on any upcoming updates, CO2 could gain a new important usage or could be harder to obtain. So right now, it seems to be better to buy the CO2 you need for your more advanced products, but keep an eye out for it to be ROI-positive again.
Also keep in mind that this strategy guide assumes you're buying the power cells, you could instead power the building yourself using your own solar panels.
And, if you're wondering what Carbon Dioxide is even used for: