ðŸ”ĐCrafting Your Own Buildings

Duskworks Self Replication Chapter: "Gray Goo"

Duskworks has started its "Gray Goo" operation, distributing the blueprints of Generation Three buildings to settlers with enough experience to create their very own Duskworks buildings.

These buildings have a higher maintenance cost than Generation Two buildings due to the nature of being created DIY by settlers but they'll be cheaper than purchasing them directly from the Duskworks bases. Chief Researcher Katherine Collins would like to remind settlers the importance of keeping their buildings well maintained or else they will not sustain optimal operation.

What Buildings can I create?

On launch of player crafting:

BuildingMinting Token CostSource

Solar Panels

3 + (2 to turn into NFT)

3D Print Shop

Mining Rig

35 + (2 to turn into NFT)

Engineering Bay


3 + (2 to turn into NFT)

Engineering Bay

More buildings will be available to craft as time goes on and Duskworks releases more blueprint data. These blueprints have a slightly differing size and have a maintenance cost. Otherwise they will function identical to the previous generation's building.

Alongside the Minting Token cost you will also need some resources. To find out exactly what you need head over to the following pages and find the recipe within.

🏗ïļpage3D Print Shop⚙ïļpageEngineering Bay

Okay, how do I mint it?

Now that you've obtained your Mintable building, you'll need to mint it. Head over to your inventory and you'll notice a bright new shiny button on your Mintable building.

As of the time of writing, the fee to mint the Mintable Buildings is 2 Minting Tokens. This is subject to change!

If you don't see your minted building in the Wallet section of your inventory right away, do a page refresh and check again. If it still doesn't appear, contact support!

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