ðŸ“ĄGround Control Station

The Ground Control Station is the Telecommunications and Control Center of all Martian Flight Operations.

Receiving the Ground Control Station Schematic:

  • Donating Ice to the ALFA Microbial Research Center in Duskworks Landing

  • Participating in the ALFA Tournament

  • Purchasing a GCS Schematic from Duskworks Landing

What does the Ground Control Station do?

The Ground Control Station takes the place as a sort of Training Hall/Library for Aerospace, it contains research recipes and the training recipes along with some other miscellaneous missions. It is also one of the main sources for other schematics within the Aerospace expansion.

The Ground Control Station is needed to participate in the Houston Arcade Tournament, where players play homage to classic arcade games as tasks that give an RNG value, based on which arcade game you played.

Arcade Games can be unlocked through playing through the Missions of the Ground Control Station. The Missions of the Ground Control Station behave similarly to the Rover Missions, with a secret path in each of them. Along with a bit of choose-your-own-adventure/rewards. Schematics are the primary reward from the Ground Control Mission but each Mission you finish unlocks you one Arcade Game.

There are three Mission Chains in the Ground Control Station, completing each chain unlocks one Arcade Game. The final Arcade Game can be unlocked through completing any one of the secret paths within any of the three missions.

Players can earn the Ground Control Station Schematic from visiting Dr. Jan Spacek at his ALFA Microbial Research Center donating materials to earn ALFA Tokens and participating in the ALFA Tournament

Crafting the Ground Control Station:

Building: Engineering Bay


Fabrication Level


Consumes:Rewards Per Task

Ground Control Station Building Information














Ground Control Setup Recipes

Most buildings in the Aerospace Expansion will require a series of Setup tasks. These are one-time only recipes that you must complete before you can start using a building.

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