Q1 - 2022

January 2022


Incoming Shop Changes:

  • Legendary Land Deed has been replaced with an Epic Land Deed for 4000 Dusk. These have a fixed limit of 1 per player, and may be removed at any time.

  • Epic Mining Rig and Epic Rover Works have been reduced to a cost of 7000. These have a fixed limit of 1 per player, and may be removed at any time.

  • Factories on Mars Single Draw has been reduced to 250 Dusk. There is also a 1 per player purchase of 200 Dusk that is available.

  • Factories on Mars Pack has been reduced to 1000 Dusk. There is also a 1 per player purchase of 800 Dusk that is available.

  • Mines & Rovers Pack has been reduced to 3000 Dusk. These now have a fixed limit of 1 per player, and may be removed at any time. Buy while supplies last.

  • Solar Shard Pack removed temporarily. Expect to see some new Shard Packs shortly. (Anyone who bought these previously may get refunded partial Dusk if they had bad luck.)

  • There were also a slight adjustment to the quantities of non-shard rewards in Rover mission rewards.


Game Update:

  • Added help and player guide links on the profile dropdown.

  • Fixed trailing decimal points on dismantle building popup.

  • Enlarged shop currency icons further.

  • Added a new resource collected toaster instead of the confirmation dialog.

  • Moved toasters to the top on mobile view.

  • Added confirmation when purchasing an item from the shop.

  • Limited decimal places to 3 for marketplace orders.

  • Job prices now save to the last value entered by default.

  • Updated the scavenge Icon.

  • Fixed issues with prices in the Market History.


Game Update:

  • Rover Salvaging is now live in the Machine Shop!

  • Players can now perform bulk Building Actions and Work Orders

  • Players can now directly convert blueprints to shards without a fee from their inventory. T must also now type Dismantle to confirm. - Limited decimals on Work Order reward input field to 3 places. - Added a visible Dusk withdraw timer for all players. (Non land-owners and those without founders tokens will still receive an error until Friday)"

2022-01-15: Cantina & Bazaar

Game Update:

2 New Buildings added to the game: The Cantina and the Trading Bazaar.

  • These buildings are a new type of rarity, Special, and only require the same matching card to upgrade.

  • There are no other rarities for these buildings.

  • You can purchase a pack which gives you one of the two buildings for 250 Dusk.

  • These buildings can also be upgraded to level 5, unlocking new recipes and opportunities at each level, up to a maximum of 5 (for now).

  • Hint: These buildings can be dismantled into more shards than t're worth.

New Building- The Cantina:

  • The Cantina is designed to offer a rotating set of 'questionable jobs and missions' that pay out mostly Dusk for the completion of the work.

  • Please note that these initial jobs will be replaced with a rotating set of missions that change each day.

  • All Jobs inside the Cantina consume cantina coins, which can be purchased from the shop for Titanium or Aluminum Plates.

  • A recipe will be added in the future to make Cantina coins.

New Building- The Trading Bazaar:

  • The Trading Bazaar gives players a way to spend all of their excess Blueprint Shards!

  • First, players can to to the shop and exchange 4 of the same Blueprint Shards for a Bazaar Coin of the Matching Rarity. As long as your Bazaar is upgraded to the minimum level, you will be able to use your Bazaar Coins to take a spin! Bazaar Coins give players a chance to acquire desirable blueprint shards, higher rarity blueprint shards, and even full Blueprints!

Common through Legendary Bazaar Coins have the following possible outcomes:

  • 1x Random Shard (Same Rarity)

  • Full Shard Drop (Same Rarity)

  • Full Shard Drop (High Tier Blueprints, Same Rarity)

  • 1x Random Blueprint (Same Rarity)

  • Rarity Upgrade Roll (1 Tier Higher Free Roll) - 10% Chance!

Mythic Bazaar Coins have similar outcomes but do not have a chance to roll higher rarities.

Bazaar House Credits Every time you spend an uncommon or better Bazaar Coin and get a 1x Random Shard reward, you also earn 1 matching House Credit. These can be spent inside the shop when you have accumulated enough to redeem a free roll of a higher rarity tier, or even a FREE Epic, Legendary, or Mythic BLUEPRINT!

Upgrade Event! The Upgrade Event is now Live! For the next 2 weeks only, enjoy following event perks! will be going on for the Upgrade Event:

  • Upgrades have zero Dusk cost.

  • Dismantling has zero Dusk cost.

  • For every upgrade action you perform, you earn New Year Upgrade Tokens in your inventory. The amount you earn is based on the rarity/level of the upgrade you did.

  • A store has been added to spend your Upgrade Tokens on limited rewards. These could change in a few days so don't spend right now if you don't want to risk it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Retroactive credit will be given to players with upgrades performed prior to today's update. (Expect this in the next couple of days)

Other changes:

  • Buildings will now start to feature recipes that have a required Building Upgrade Level. This will start with the new Buildings, and be also rolling out as part of an overhaul to recipe and building tuning.

  • Eating now gives 4 Dusk, but has a chance to awards as much as 25 bonus Stamina. You always get 16.


Game Update:

Adjustments have been made to reduce how generous epic-mythic rewards are in the bazaar.

  • Shard to coin conversion costs have been increased for epic (5) legendary (7) and mythic (10)

  • House bonus credits required also increased for those rarities."


A small issue with the shards being paid out for Legendary Level 1 Dismantles has been found and is being fixed right now.

TLDR: The floor of the 80%-130% dismantle range was below the expected value, giving you potentially less than you should have.


Game Update:

  • Players can now complete all jobs for hired work with a single action.

  • Dusk now defaults to your max possible value for withdrawing. (This will be adjusted in the near future to default to the max on deposits, and the minimum on withdrawals.) - Removed the default referred by field of the profile screen. (Our referral programs are still active/being tracked, this was leftover from the 'refer a founder' system before launch. Referral system updates will be shared soon, we've got a page almost ready to go live that will show your exact referrals, fees generated, etc..)

  • Updated the font family throughout the app.

  • Fixed dismantle-from-inventory and upgrade for โ€™22/Gen2 buildings. (Typing Dismantle to confirm on plot will also get fixed soon!) - Rewards now show quantities earned for items in places where t were missing. (Collecting posted jobs for example)

  • Upgrade buttons are now hidden when you're not the owner of the plot. (You could never upgrade another player's plot, just cleans things up)

  • Changed daily ration interval from 24 to 20 hours. (Should be less issues of ""where's my rations?"".. for anyone still not seeing them appear, try refreshing your page, or logging out/back in.)


Game Update:

  • Added support for depositing Bazaar and Cantina blueprints. (T also award 15 Burn Tokens each) - Disabled Analyze Regolith and Transport Ice player actions. (The Cantina Recipe of the same name was not changed)

  • Eating gives you a wider range of stamina, but no longer gives Dusk. (Always 16 minimum, despite what the popup might say currently.) - Eating rations now gives you between 6 and 14 Stamina, with an expected average of 8-10. (More changes coming for Scavenging and Work very soon, get ready!) Note: Expect a continued move away from direct Dusk rewards for basic Stamina spending and more rewards in the form of items/resources needed by other players that you can process/sell on the market for Dusk. The ongoing daily needs of scavenging and working players will also be changing in the near future as well. Life on Mars will continue to evolve and the upkeep needed to survive will be changing alongside it. Also still pending are bunch of other design changes which are being worked on. Apologies for dragging on those bigger efforts! ๐Ÿ™

  • Check out the globe - the 30 quadrants of Mars all now have their proper narrative text! Many hints of the future on Mars to be found.


Game Update:

  • Shard to coin conversion costs have been increased for epic (5) legendary (7) and mythic (10)

  • House bonus credits required also increased for those rarities."


Game Update:

Farming: The core buildings have been adjusted to increase ROI on Farming. Changed values are detailed below, the rest are unchanged.

  • Soil has had it output increased to 5, and regolith cost reduced to 15.

  • Sprouts now require 1 water, and have an average food output of 10

  • Lettuce now require 4 water, 2 power, 2 soil, and have an average food output of 35

  • Carrots now require 5 water, 12 power, 4 soil, and have an average food output of 60

  • Sweet Potatoes now require 20 Power, 25 Water, 5 Soil, and 4 stamina. T also have an average food output of 120

  • Soy now require 30 Power, 30 Water, 5 stamina, and have an average food output of 185 Coffee: Coffee has had adjustments made to the tuning and balance more generous across the board. Most recipes cost less and produce more! (Changed values are detailed below, any existing costs are unchanged. )

  • Planting Coffee now requires 2 Stamina, 8 Water, 10 Power, 4 Soil.

  • Fermenting Coffee Cherries now requires 10 Power and 26 Cherries.

  • Roasting Coffee Beans now requires 10 power, and 20 Green Coffee Beans.

  • Grinding Coffee now requires 2 Stamina, and 14 Roasted Coffee Beans.

  • Brewing Coffee now requires 4 Ground Coffee, and 3 Stamina. It also Yields 2-4 Cups! Cantina Cantina recipes will be having some adjustments to the amount of resources required for their Dusk rewards. Bigger efforts are coming in the near future to keep the Cantina fresh and exciting every day. Don't expect any recipe to be there forever! Cantina Recipe changes:

  • Lettuce Seeds required reduced to 50

  • Sprout Seeds required reduced to 200

  • Waste required increased to 500

  • Ice required Increased to 225 (Power Cells Task will be swapping out soon.) Artifacts are Arriving! We've rolled out Artifact Shards for 8 different Artifacts that can be collected throughout the game. (More are coming soon!) This is one of our most exciting systems we've launched, and can't wait to see everyone fighting to complete the first one. These initial set of Artifacts are loaded with 15,000 Dusk each, and install as a level 5 Mythic that doesn't burn! You can learn more about the Artifact System by reading our player's guide article when it launches later today! Artifact shards can be found very very rarely in the following locations:

  • Scavenging (From sometimes in Lockboxes). - Taking High Level Cantina Jobs (Ice/Power Cells)

  • Redeeming High Level Bazaar House Credits. (Epic-Mythic)

  • High Level Mining of Ice and Regolith (III)

  • Filtering Water (level 3+ buildings)

  • Explorer Rover Missions

  • Brewing Coffee

  • Planting Soy

  • New limited time tasks in the CAD and 3D Printer! (These are not generous or meant to be profitable. The return is nearly always negative.. consider yourselves warned!) And more coming soon!

2022-01-28: Lunar New Year

"LUNAR NEW YEAR IS HERE! From January 28th to February 15th we will be offering a limited time event to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Here's an overview of all the major changes and additions from this event. Please also refer to the player guide for additional information.

New Building: The Tea Shop! A new Special building that features limited time Lunar New Year recipes, (plus some non seasonal choices) is now available in the Shop in limited quantities. It has recipes for making Lunar New Year items like Fireworks and Red Envelopes, and produces specialty drinks like Baijiu all year round!

The Tea Shop is available for purchase in discounted quantities (with global limits) inside the game for Dusk, as well as on the Secondary Markets of Atomic Hub, and Nefty Blocks. There may also be flash sales of additional Tea Shop packs during the event.

In-Game Tea Shop Sales: Price: 100 Dusk - 100 Global Supply (Limit 1 per player) Price: 200 Dusk - 200 Global Supply (5 minute cooldown on purchase) Price: 300 Dusk - 500 Global Supply Price: 400 Dusk - No Limit

Scavenging 3 new resources have been added to the scavenging loot tables.

  • Halite, also known as Rock Salt. Contains other trace minerals/elements from the Martian terrain.

  • Barite, used for various commercial scale mining operations and also Fireworks!

  • Bamboo Seeds : Used for growing a new crop - Bamboo!

  • Sorghum Seeds: Used for growing a new crop - Sorghum! A friendly reminder that you will very soon need to charge your scavenging tools with Power Cells, so start stocking up on them now!

New/Changing Recipes:


  • Mining Rig recipes are being adjusted to accommodating a new resource used in the process, a mineral called ""Barite"", used commonly on earth for Barium Mining. This is a permanent addition to the game, but will be tuned accordingly.

  • Barite is now found occasionally when doing low level Regolith and Ice mining (level 1 & 2). It can also be found when Scavenging, and is occasionally a byproduct of smelting copper and steel.

  • Level 2 Regolith Mining now requires a small amount of Barite.

  • Level 3 Regolith Mining now requires a moderate amount of Barite.

Chem Lab 2 new recipes added to the Chem lab for making important materials needed

  • PLA - A Sorghum based plastic used commonly in 3d printing processes made from Fermented Sorghum and CO2.

  • Potassium Perchlorate - A chemical compound of Chlorine and Oxygen used commonly for pyrotechnic devices. Combines Halite and Water

Water Filter

  • Fermented Sorghum - Used for making PLA plastics and can be processed into strong alcoholic beverages like Baijiu.

3d Print Shop

  • Paper - Bamboo and PLA plastics can be combined to produce various paper and wood products without the need of trees! The first of these recipes is Paper, which is used for making fireworks, red envelopes, and will return to tie into future recipes as well.


  • New Crop: Sorghum - An incredibly easy to grow crop that continues to develop new applications beyond its known uses for food, alcohol, plastics, and more!

  • New Crop: Bamboo - With much less time and effort compared to growing trees, bamboo provides a pathway to Martian grown paper and wood products for much less effort than transporting to Mars.

Cantina New Task: Baijiu Blitz - Martian bootlegging and transportation at its best for level 3+ Cantinas."

New Actions: - Collect Dragon Lantern (Limit: 15) - Collect a Dragon Lantern each day during Lunar New Year. Not available after the Lantern Festival has started on February 14th. Will not collect if you already hold 15 Lanterns. There will also be limited time deals being added during the event which are designed to tempt you into using all of your Dragon Lanterns before the Lantern Festival. The choice is yours! Lunar New Year Toast (1 Hour Cooldown) - A limited time action that consumes 1 Baijiu, 3 Dusk, and 2 Stamina. Depending on your luck you will either get back a little more or less of all 3 items, and sometimes fortune might smile brightly on you. Will not work if you already are at full stamina. Fireworks Display - A limited time action that consumes 3 different crafted fireworks. Provides various rewards, with low chances at earning Dusk and other high value resources. Lunar New Year Shop The Shop has a new section for Lunar New Year items, limited tiered pricing for Tea Shop Blueprints, and a spot to let off some fireworks and open a letter of good fortune. Shop Actions Available to All Players: Open Red Envelope - Find what mysterious gifts are contained inside! Open Gold Envelope - Open for a chance at greater fortune. Light Blue Fireworks - Light up the sky and earn a small delight. Light Green Fireworks - Light up the sky and earn a small delight. Light Golden Fireworks - Light up the sky and earn a small delight.

Lunar New Year Artifact - Tiger Rover Works If you're lucky enough to collect 100 Tiger Roverworks Shards, the 1 of 1 Artifact can be yours during the 15 days of Lunar New Year. The first player to purchase the 1 of 1 Limited Supply from the shop will have the Artifact minted to their wallet! Similar to the other 14 original artifacts, the Tiger Roverworks comes pre-loaded with 13,200 Dusk which you can collect from every day for 150 days! Tiger Roverworks Artifact Shards can drop in all the recipes tied to the Lunar New Year Event. Rates will be increasing as we draw closer to the Lantern Festival. In addition, as a head start, all Tea Shop NFTโ€™s have a 5% chance of awarding a Tiger Roverworks Artifact Shard if deposited during the Lunar New Year event. (Shard Drops will be turned off after a player has claimed the Artifact) Lunar Reliquary

  • During the last 2 days of Lunar New Year (Feb 14th / 15th) the Lantern Festival will become available to all participants of the event. - This limited time window gives active participants of the Lunar New Year Event a chance to earn a share of the total Dusk spent on Tea Shop purchases in the in-game shop! (Dusk will be spent from the Repository for this event) This special reward is only available to the most patient and committed Martians. Players will be allowed to purchase 1 Reliquary Ticket only, and must make the strategic choice in picking which t want during the 48 hour window of the Lantern Event. The 3 Tickets have a limited number of claims that will be available, so you should plan ahead in making your decision. - 5 Lanterns - Dusk Fee %: 3.2% - Max Claims: 88

  • 10 Lanterns - Dusk Fee %: 8.8% - Max Claims: 88

  • 15 Lanterns - Dusk Fee %: 88% - Max Claims: 88 Shortly after the event has ended, we will announce the results of the Reliquary and award the Dusk to the ticket holders."


Happy Sunday

Small update:

  • Both Bamboo and Sorghum now have chances to return seeds and soil, like other crops. Sorghum has a chance to return 2-4 seeds.

  • Dragon Lantern Collection also has a chance at some bonus Sorghum/Bamboo Seeds

New Shop Additions:

  • Lunar Burn Pack - Cost: 25 Burn Tokens (Global Limit: 1000)

  • Lunar Upgrade Pack - Cost: 5 Upgrade Tokens (Global Limit: 1000)

Both give 5-15 Sorghum Seeds and 1-3 Bamboo Seeds.

Halite and Barite rates have also been increased. You get more from pretty much everything, and it drops in previously mentioned places that were not set correctly (ice mining)


Upgrade event is going to go on a little longer until we're done rolling out all the upgrade changes, but due to the limit timers resetting, some of the Limit 1 purchases are going to have to be turned off for the remainder of the event.

Apologies for the short notice. Anyone who was saving up for one and had not previously purchased one can file a support ticket and we'll make it right after the event.

February 2022


Burn / Upgrade Event

  • The Burn event is coming to a close with most of the ultra limited run items being turned off for the month. Any remaining burn tokens can be spent on the Lunar Burn Pack. Burn tokens will stop being credited for deposits going forward. - Unspent Burn tokens will be removed after the event ends on Friday at 4pm CT. The Upgrade Event will run until 2/11 at 4pm CT

  • Weโ€™re working to still credit those who performed upgrades before the end of the event, in addition to rolling out a massive amount of other upgrade improvements, which is why weโ€™re pushing the date out on this. - Unspent tokens will be removed after the event ends. Lunar New Year:

  • Added new Items to the Shop that can be purchased with Dragon Lanterns. Some more may continue to appear for those are are most patient.

  • Uncommon Land Deeds are Leaving the Shop! . Thereโ€™s 10 global Supply left. Dragon Lanterns are now awarded when depositing land into the game. (If you are over the collection cap you must spend them to collect daily.) Common: 1 Lantern Uncommon: 2 Lanterns Rare: 3 Lanterns Epic: 4 Lanterns Legendary: 5 Lanterns Any land deposits from the start of the Lunar New Year event will also be credited as well. Balance Changes 3D Print Shop: Extrude PVC Pipe Recipe changed to only require 3 PVC. Reduced the PLA and Bamboo costs for making Paper. Chem Lab Make PVC requirements changed to be 20 Power, 5 water, 5 Hydrogen, 5 Methane. Make Perchlorate requirements reduced. Cantina Fixed Level 5 Ice Tasks to match lvl 1-4 Tea Shop Reduced the amount of paper needed to craft Red and Gold Envelopes. Increased Envelope rewards. Other Game Updates:

  • Work order limit increased to 300.

  • Added tabbed navigation to the Shop Screen, on both desktop/mobile

  • Added better/cleaner URLโ€™s for site navigation.

  • Cleaned up a few different plot/dtm selection issues. New Recipe: Craft Empty Power Cell. Requires Water, Iron, PVC Pipe, and Halite. Created in the Chem Lab."


New Items Added to the Shop! - Common Land Deed (Limit 5) - 1500 Dusk - 500 Global Supply

  • Common Land Deed + Large Gen 2 Solar Panel Bundle (Limit 1) -2000 Dusk- 50 Global Supply

  • Large Gen 2 Solar Panel Pack (Limit 1) - 750 Dusk - 100 Global Supply Other Game Updates Rolling Out:

  • Withdrawals now default to the minimum amount required (including fees).

  • Improved layout on mobile for inventory view.

  • Improved mobile bulk action views.

  • Improved Marketplace mobile views! - This makes the marketplace tabs/viewing much better.

  • Added a permanent dusk withdrawal timer so you always know how long until it's available."

2022-02-04: Treasury Introduced & Upgrades

Get ready for some more updates going live! The Repository is finally going live! You can access it directly by going to https://app.milliononmars.io/repository

  • It's also going to be linked directly inside the game as well once the update goes live. Note: You will notice that the amount is lower than the previously shared 1 Million Dusk. It turn out accurate math is hard sometimes, and after running the numbers an extra time we realized we had a couple things calculating incorrectly. What is there now properly reflects the amount of Dusk in the Repository and the lifetime amount burned. This page also updates in real time, and is pretty fun to watch. ๐Ÿ™‚ In addition to the Repository going live, we have some other changes:

  • Market Order limit is being increased to 15

  • Fixed an inventory bug when players no have dusk and it adds a weird space instead. Lastly: Solar Panels will also be getting some overdue changes later today which will be shared in an additional update. This will include a full range of new upgrades, new recipes, and increased potential across the board for all rarities. Many more upgrades are about to follow for all buildings so upgrade them without Dusk costs while you can!

The Upgrade Update! Today is the first of many updates that will be rolling out new levels and recipe progression for our entire set of buildings.

Our overall goal is to make upgrading your buildings feel worthwhile and impactful for all rarities, because the cost associated needs to feel worthwhile.

For this first update, we will be updating upgrade requirements for buildings, adding additional levels to certain rarity tiers (Common-Rare) to allow for a more granular level of progression and a more even distribution of value across rarity tiers.

New Building Max Level: Common - 10 Uncommon - 8 Rare - 6

Epic/Legendary/Mythic - Still 5 Special - May be adjusting to give room for more content.

Solar panels will go out first with these new levels, and the rest of the buildings will follow tomorrow.

Recipe Changes: With this new range of levels, look for changes to the following things as we roll them out:

  • redistributing recipes by required building level (greenhouse seeds will be getting this)

  • adding higher tier recipes, (for ex: Power Cell II and Power Cell III)

  • adding new recipes (no leaks yet, but assume empty buildings will get some love.)

  • adjusting cooldown timers (scaling by rarity tier)

  • increasing reward floors (making certain levels more efficient)

  • reducing stamina costs (usually at max level buildings by rarity)

  • increased # of action slots etc.."

Solar Panel Rework

In addition to extending out level ranges, the first set of building upgrade changes is the Solar Panel!

At a high level, we've re-worked the Solar Panels to offer a greater range of charging capabilities across level and rarity, now allowing a max mythic panel to charge up to 45 Power cells at a time for 30 stamina! Players with any rarity will be able to charge up to 3 power cells at a time if t upgrade the building to a high enough level.

Please note: The Old ""Charge Power Cell "" recipe will be retired with an available action count set to 0, and a name change to make it clear. Any solar panel actively crafting these old recipes, or any pending work orders will will still be able to finish production, but you will not be able to use the old recipes further. The old charging recipe will be hidden from view entirely in a few days.

Action Slot Changes Common- 1 -> 1-3 Uncommon-3 -> 2-5 Rare- 6 -> 3-7 Epic- 9 -> 5-11 Legendary- 12 -> 7-13 Mythic- 15 -> 8-15 (Please note: The maximum number of cells you can charge will not be decreased with these changes.)

New Recipes:

Charge Cell II (Charges 2 Power Cells) Common - @ Level 3 Uncommon - @ Level 3 Rare - @ Level 1 Epic - @ Level 1 Legendary - @ Level 1 Mythic - @ Level 1

Charge Cell III (Charges 3 Power Cells) Common - @ Level 7 Uncommon - @ Level 6 Rare - @ Level 4 Epic - @ Level 3 Legendary - @ Level 3 Mythic - @ Level 3"


Other Changes:

Level 2 to 3 Mythic Solar Panel now require 300 Shards instead of 150. ALL Mythic solar panel dismantles have been adjusted to reflect this change. Level 1 and 2 now give an appropriate amount of shards when dismantled. M1 120-195 M2 240-390 M3 480-780 M4 720-1170 M5 960-1560


Game Update:

Weโ€™re going to be bringing the game down in about 20 minutes for maintenance. We need to take things down temporarily while we push out a new update. Hereโ€™s some details about whatโ€™s included:

๎”† Fixed max upgrade issues for level 5 Solar Panels. (So to properly upgrade to the new maximums)

๎”† Added Performance improvements from work order optimizations.

๎”† Fixed owned currency counts for mobile shop view.


New Action:

Rusty Rigs by Jack! For 20 Dusk you have a chance to win a Common Mining Rig or a Random Artifact Shard. Here is the exact loot table weights: 49.5% - 14 Regolith 49.5% - 12 Ice 0.5% - A Common Mining Rig 0.5% - A Random Artifact Shard TL;DR - Turn 20 Dusk into 1 Dusk of Ice or Regolith 99% of the time. 1% of the time something truly, truly epic!


FYI, minor change: the game's canonical URL is now milliononmars.io instead of app.milliononmars.io. The old will redirect to new, though you may have to login again.

Patch Notes for the first part of the update rolling out right now: New Action: Duskworks Accommodation Costs 250 Dusk + 30 Daily Rations, rewards 1x Duskworks Accommodation, which can be spent in a new section of the shop. Our intent behind this item is to provide long term engagement rewards for players who actively play the game. Shop Changes New Items Have Been Added to the Shop:

  • Common Land Deed (Limit 1 Per Player) - Cost: 1 Duskworks Accommodation - 1000 Global Supply

  • Uncommon Land Deed - Cost: 2 Duskworks Accommodation - 500 Global Supply

  • Rare Land Deed - Cost: 3 Duskworks Accommodation- 250 Global Supply

  • Rare Solar Panel (Gen2) - Cost: 1 Duskworks Accommodation- 100 Global Supply

  • Epic Solar Panel (Gen2) - Cost: 2 Duskworks Accommodation- 50 Global Supply

  • Legendary Solar Panel (Gen2) - Cost: 3 Duskworks Accommodation- 25 Global Supply

  • Increased Global limits on most limited stock Lunar New Year Event items. Recipe Changes:

  • Solar Panels: Fixed Charge Power Cell III durations on Uncommon buildings (Pushed last night)

  • C.A.D.: Fixed Power Storage Limits (Pushed last night)

  • Chem Lab: Creating Power Cells now only costs 1 PVC Pipe. Core Cantina Recipe Requirements reduced for nearly all recipes. New Values Below: Carrot Out More Seeds - 75 Sprout Some Mischief - 100 Baijiu Blitz - 4 Transport Ice - 200 Scrap Collection - 6 There's more upgrade overhauls coming later today, along with major changes to Scavenging.

2022-02-10: Pirate Radio & Scavenging Update

Pirate Radio is Coming to Mars! I wanted to share some quick details (the same as what's explained in the drop) about how this new building will work. We will have a player guide page updated later today as well. 1 Major thing I want to set expectations on: Local music playback is not featured in the Pirate Radio building at launch. This is unlocked as part of a global event system we're testing alongside this building. With the Pirate Radio, players can deposit music NFT's from the Million on Mars soundtrack to earn 'Vibes', a new tradeable resource that fuels the Pirate Radio broadcasts. Unlike other buildings, the Pirate Radio has recipes that have individual use cooldowns. This means that you must wait for the cooldown to end before you can use that recipe again. The cooldowns on the recipes in the radio range from 4-24 hours. The building also has 10 levels of upgrades! Note: The Pirate Radio requires the Vibes resource in order to function. Global Vibes Event

Setting up a Pirate Radio Network on Mars for everyone is no trivial task and will require extensive local testing from all participating Martians. Current estimates will mean we need to play through the album thousands of times before we have all the kinks in the system worked out. Once we have completed this calibration, everyone should be able to enjoy music on the red planet. How it works:

  • Every time you use the Pirate Radio, a global counter towards a milestone that unlocks a global music player for everyone will be incremented. (Note: Local music playback is not featured in the Pirate Radio building at launch.)

  • This will be our first major global participation event, so the final number may adjust within the first 24-48 hours.

  • As an incentive to get the system online, Radio Pirates will receive Stamina when performing local broadcast tests!

  • After we have reached the global goals, the recipes in the Pirate Radio will change to provide random resources and items that may include stamina, dusk, shards, and limited time event rewards, all by spending Vibes.

In addition to the Launch of the Pirate Radio today, here's some other updates rolling out today! Scavenging Update!

  • Scavenging now consumes a new resource: Scavenging Tool Power. This resource is designed to stay between 1 and 100.

  • A new action has been added to refill 20 Scavenging Tool Power by consuming the power of 1 Full Power Cell.

  • Players will get 10 Scavenging Tool Power from their free Daily Rations collection.

  • New items have been added to the Scavenging loot tables. These resources will have ongoing demands in the game and should not be ignored! These will soon be replacing dusk rewards completely as we roll out Advanced Scavenging next week. New Scavenging Items:

  • Water Rich Clay

  • Metal Bits

  • Electronic Bits

  • Rover Wires Other Fixes/Additions/Improvements: -The in-game Marketplace now has search support. -The Repository is now called the Treasury. (Not only is math hard, but sometimes words are as well. We're navigating the waters of what we can call things as best we can! โค๏ธ ) -The Treasury now reflects referral fees being subtracted from the available balance. -Fixed issues with work order counts not adding up correctly to match the limits in place. -The Rusty Rigs action will no longer show a forced red dot.

  • Changed default Daily Ration image to reduce confusion from using the same image as food. We will likely switch this 1 more time with a final image. -Recipes with instant outputs now show in the toaster popups! -Added Pirate Radio and Soundtrack NFT deposit support. (Note: Depositing Soundtrack NFT's gives you 25 Vibes. Pirate radio recipes consume 3-4 Vibes each.)

  • Increased Maximum Player Stamina to 25. - CO2 Capture now sometimes gives Nitrogen and Argon. Expect to need it soon. Policy Change Announcement:

  • Effective March 1st, we will be requiring players who wish to withdrawal Dusk from the game to be a land owner. We intend to continue making land ownership accessible to players from pure gameplay means (like the Duskworks Accommodations), and with the rollout of our 2022 land packs which will come at a reduced price point (and size)."


Quick Updates Rolling out later today:

  • Protein Shake has been retired from actions. We encourage everyone to drink more coffee from your local Martian brewers. (Protein Shake may return as an actual craftable recipe later)

  • Crafting Empty Power Cells in the Chem lab now yields at least 2 and as many as 5.

  • Slightly reduced the Dusk yields of a couple cantina missions (Baijiu Blitz and Scrap Collection) New cantina recipes will be rolling out next week as well. - Vibes added to scavenging loot pool.

  • Pirate Radio Pack added to the Dusk Works Supplies section of the Shop for 750 Dusk. Comes with 25 vibes free until the 14th. Upgrade Event:

  • The upgrade event will be coming to an end on Monday, and both upgrade fees and dismantle fees will be returning.

  • Owed Upgrade Tokens for before the event start have been fully distributed. Please spend your tokens in the upgrade shop before the event ends.

  • Pirate Radio was not quite rewarding enough for the amount of power/vibes being charged. New values are being rolled out now.


Pirate Stash of Shards Some rogue land pirates have unloaded 30 massive cases of building blueprint shards in the shop. Look for the 10,000 Pirate Stash of Shards in the Dusk Works Supplies (looks like a golden present). These cases are massive, t contain 2-4 Artifact Shards, 30 Pirate Radio Shards, and a whopping 700-1500 range of other building shards. Rumor has it that these guys might have been a bit loose with the dismantling of some settlements of asteroid miners who are off planet. But, donโ€™t question the wares right? Pirate Radio Love The dusty and tired settlers across the Red Planet are feeling the vibes and are sending Dusk tips to the radio station owners. Every single tune played has a Dusk reward - and the higher level your radio station the larger the tips! With these tips flowing in the DJs are feeling pumped and stamina is popping! And more! Every single tune played has a chance for an artifact shard as tribute to the radio station owner.


It's time for Sunday Patch Notes! Today is focused on Rover Works and Land Surveys! 2 New Items have been added to the Shop:

  • Rare Land Survey (50 Global Supply) - Cost : 10,000 Dusk. Allows the purchaser to send an Explorer rover on a 30 day land survey in exchange for a Rare Land Deed & the original Dusk.

  • Legendary Land Survey (15 Global Supply, Limit 1 Per Player) - Limited time Rover mission. 60 Day Duration, returns 1 Legendary Land Deed + 25,000 Dusk. Allows the purchaser to send an Explorer rover on a 60 day land survey in exchange for a Legendary Land Deed & the original Dusk. Rover Works! Rover Works has been updated to the new level progression:

  • Common level 10

  • Uncommon Level 8

  • Rare Level 6. Upgrades:

  • Upgrading your Rover Works now decreases the chance of rover missions failure, to as low as 0% (Depending on rarity). Loot improvements will be adjusted after we see some data, and get some new items we're waiting on art for ๐Ÿ˜‰ New Recipes:

  • Rare Land Survey- Limited time Rover mission. 30 Day Duration, returns 1 Rare Land Deed + 10,000 Dusk.

  • Legendary Land Survey - Limited time Rover mission. 60 Day Duration, returns 1 Legendary Land Deed + 25,000 Dusk. Other Small Changes:

  • Pirate Radio has had Dusk Upgrade costs added.

  • Added new stock to the Lunar New Year Shop, but don't forget about the Lunar Reliquary, which will unlock on Monday at 2pm CT.


We are activating maintenance mode to clean up an issue with a new deployment. When fixed this deployment should make depositing dusk/NFTs more reliable, but the initial deployment has had issues with re-processing deposits. We don't have an estimated duration for this maintenance yet, but we will update you ASAP.

As a side effect, the Reliquary at 2pm CST will be delayed. These are unrelated.


We are now Live! Update Notes Chaintail, our internal tool we developed to maintain parity with blockchain transactions had incorrectly been crediting some older transactions when it first came online in our update earlier today. We've rectified the majority of these deposits, where we confidently identified extra items credited virtually by mistake. Apologies for the downtime caused by this. The Great Upgrade Update! - We've restored upgrade Dusk costs to all buildings, and staged all new recipes and upgrades for all buildings. - All building dismantles now credit the correct values of shards across all primary rarity tiers and levels. Note: Dismantles are still free right now, but will be returning - There will be a final update tomorrow that enables all the new recipe changes and sets available actions to the previous group to 0.

- We opted to do this tomorrow so we could get the game online now. Note: Things will be a bit ugly until the morning, then recipes without available actions will be disabled from view when we push a small update. Recipe Issues: We had a minor recipe import issue that required us to auto-complete active crafts for the following recipes. Anyone who had these in progress will see them ready to collect automatically: Craft Empty Power Cell, Make PLA, Make Paper, Make Perchlorate, PVC Transport. This does not apply to any future crafts, and these recipes should still function as normal. Lunar New Year The Lunar Reliquary has been set up in the shop, but the actions needed to collect the required token will not be enabled until tomorrow at 2pm CT. The Lunar Event Shop has been stocked with new Rewards! 14 Lanterns - Common Land Deed! (Available tomorrow morning) 7 Lanterns - (Global Supply 200) Rare Solar Panels โ€™22 7 Lanterns - (Global Supply 75) Pirate Radio Packs 5 Lanterns - (Global Supply 50) Pirate Radio Blueprints 4 Lanterns - (Global Supply 1000) Uncommon Solar Panels โ€™22 (Available tomorrow morning) 3 Lanterns - (Global Supply 10,000) Common Solar Panels โ€™22 2 Lanterns - One free draw at Rusty Rigs by Jake (Available tomorrow morning) (More Power Cells coming tomorrow as well) Other Small Fixes:

  • Pirate Radio missing recipes have been restored.

  • New Action to roll for a Land Deed!"

  • Fixed - Event shop items that were not enabled (marked above)

  • Fixed - Mining recipes without barite requirements.

  • Fixed - CAD max power was rolled back by mistake.

  • Fixed - Salvage rover collection not working correctly."


Sorry for not rolling this out with the upgrade changes this week ๐Ÿ˜… Upgrade Dusk costs will now show next to the shard costs after the update that rolling out shortly. (No maintenance will be required)


Hello Martians! This is an update post about Artifacts. For those of you still unfamiliar or new, Artifacts are our hyper rare 1 of 1 NFT buildings that function as a Mythic Level 5 for their respective building. T have huge utility just as a Mythic 5 you can install on your plot (without burning the Artifact NFT), and t also have a 15,000 dusk drip that you can collect 1% (150 dusk) of every 24 hours as the owner! Each have unique and interesting names relating to famous scientists (Curie!), astronauts (Fincke!), places, and so on.

The process to claim and then mint an Artifact NFT is to accumulate 100 of its special Artifact shards in-game. These drop from building tasks, actions, etc. and you can trade them with other players on the in-game market. Once someone mints an Artifact it is done and nobody else can claim that one; the shards will still be available and we will come out with something to do with the extras later!

The race for the Artifacts is still on -- are you pursuing one? Current global supply numbers are below! Happy hunting


Small morning updates:

  • Confirmation buttons are now green!

  • Action buttons for low cooldown tasks no longer keep the red activity dot active.

  • Added SUPER ZOOM! You can now zoom out a LOT on both PC and Mobile.

Coming up:

  • More stuff to be stocked in the shop, new items, and more!q


Today we have a small update for you, containing 1 functionality change, 1 bug fix/handling, and 1 reliability improvement.

Marketplace Orders Previously, our in-game player market has operated on a LIFO basis -- that is, last in first out. What this means is that orders would be fulfilled (both buy and sell) first by selecting the best price available for you and then breaking ties on that price by selecting the most recent order. Clearly this is not great, as it inspires canceling and replacing your order to try and be the newest: it makes more sense for the oldest standing order to be filled first. Thus, the marketplace will now use FIFO (first in first out) ordering for tie breaking on prices! ๐ŸŽŠ

Gen 2 C.A.D. / Greenhouse Space Bug For a period of around 3 days, there was a game data bug where Gen 2 C.A.D.s and Greenhouses consumed +/- 5 space off what t should have on install. What this means is that some plot NFTs, those that had these 2 buildings installed in that short time period, have their available_space property 5 off on their NFT. Regardless of what the NFT shows for available_space, the in-game display on your plot will show the correct space, even if it is now 105/100 (over the cap) or similar. The issue here is that the NFT property must be a positive integer, so -5 available_space fails. On your next install/modification (if you do one), the NFT data would be corrected; plots ""over the cap"" would have their available_space set to 0. That negative space issue caused a bug where upgrades would fail on a plot that was over it's space cap. This bug has been corrected, so these plots can now function as normal. If you have a plot over the space capacity, congrats! It's somewhat special now; your buildings will not be removed nor destroyed to correct this error unless you choose to do so.

NFT / Dusk Depositing Reliability We launched a small update regarding reliability of establishing a WAX chain/Atomic Assets connection that will hopefully reduce the amount of failures to deposit. Your deposit may hang slightly longer, as we've increased redundant checks, but hopefully much less failures will be seen. Please let us know how this looks/feels in as you experience it. We have longer term fixes in plan but this should be a nice improvement in the meantime.

THESE CHANGES ARE NOW LIVE! As a last note, if you haven't seen our new homepage -- https://milliononmars.io/ -- definitely check it out!

The Mars globe and the game now begin at https://milliononmars.io/mars, which can be reached from the ""Play Now"" button on the homepage. The homepage provides easier access to the company information, whitepaper, player guide, and support tickets. Amazing job to our designers and marketing team for putting together the art and leaks information on this page!!


Game Update

  • Added ๐ŸŽ‰ next to event recipes/tasks to designate their limited time nature, so there's no confusion about what will be permanent going forward.

  • All remaining LNY Event content/items are being switched off as we prepare for the next event! Turn in your remaining Fireworks, Lanterns, and Envelopes before tomorrow afternoon.

  • Most Tea Shop recipes have been disabled to stop creation of new LNY items. Use what you have now, and expect the last minute reward turn in to be a low last/ditch trade. The Tea Shop will get new recipes later this week which integrate it back into the normal supply chains of the game.

  • Cantina Tasks now require additional odds and ends for new actions being performed. These can be acquired by doing scavenging. Expect some further tuning adjustments beyond the ones already done for the existing recipes.

  • Reduced minimum quantities required for Fill Candy Canes, and Fill Vibes recipes, so you can use as little as 1. Polar Workshop improvements will follow in an update tomorrow before the packs are added to the sales on Nefty Blocks.

  • Advanced Scavenging is still being tested but is still planned to roll out this week!

  • The Marketplace now show additional information including the # of active buy/sell orders, and recently 24 hour volume transacted."


Game Update:

  • Building size for all blueprints is now shown when installing on your land. - Fixed special buildings rarity on the upgrade Screen to reference Special Rarity.

  • Adjusted the numeric signifiers of buy/sell orders on the marketplace to be less specific. Advanced Scavenging: - Added Advanced Scavenging Test Action, and Tool listing in the Shop. (Limit 1 per player, global supply count not final)

  • You can buy a Novice Scavenging Tool for 50 Dusk if you'd like to give it a try and share feedback on your experience. This grants you the ability to do advanced scavenging 50 times assuming you have enough Stamina & Tool Power. Please don't buy the item from the shop if you don't plan to share feedback! Note: A scaled down version of the final Scavenging XP values is in place for this test. Expect its possible we might reset those values globally if we don't get the data we're expecting. We're trying to gather a lot of data from this little test, so we ask for some understanding and patience if we have to reset the XP values! ๐Ÿ™. Also worth noting: Scavenging XP will appear as an inventory resource, and the quantity will increase as you continue to do Advanced Scavenging, but you won't gain any levels or progression right now. We're just looking at raw XP gain based on the assigned weightings, to see how it lines up with our planned progression curves. Other Stuff: - Polar workshop and Tea shop changes are in progress and should release tomorrow. Sorry for dragging on those updates."


We're testing some new Actions for eating! Please note: T cost more food and water for each tier, but also produce a better range/average stamina than the base values. (These are flat average range values for the Meal and Feast) We will also be lowering the base food/water required for eating, and reducing the waste produced as well at the lowest tier. All of these options are tied to the same cooldown timer, so you cant stack them, just make a more informed choice.


Here's some small updates rolling out right now:

Reduced Cantina Requirements: Shred Some Seeds - Replaced with Shred Some Sorghum - 100 Seeds, 0 Cantina Coins. Carrot Out More Seeds - Carrot Seeds reduced to 20, Cantina Coin to 1 Sprout Some Mischief - Sprouts reduced to 75, Cantina Coins reduced to 2 Waste Disposal - Waste Reduced to 300, Water Rich Clay reduced to 2, Cantina Coin to 3 Baijiu Blitz - Reduced Cantina Coins to 4 Transport Ice - Ice Reduced to 175, Metal Bits reduced to 20, Cantina Coin to 5 Scrap Collection - Empty Power Cell Reduced to 4, Rover Wires Reduced to 1, Cantina Coin to 6

Regular Scavenging has also had its rewards improved as well.

Evening Update:

Advanced Scavenging Got the proper rewards it was supposed to have. Players who purchased before the update this evening will get their 50 advanced scavenging tool actions refunded tomorrow. I expect you'll enjoy the correct version. Transport CO2 now gives more Dusk on average. (60-75) Transport PVC now gives more Dusk on average. (40-55)"

March 2022


  • Updated Food/Water requirements for the 3 eating options. Stamina was not changed.

  • Also fixed an issue with depositing land deeds.


We're going to be bringing down the game for a short maintenance in about 10 minutes from now so we can update the game and config. This will bring new recipes for the Polar Workshop and Tea Shop, enable advanced scavenging as a top level action on the screen, and fix a few more performance issues. Note about Advanced Scavenging: We're going to be selling limited quantities of the Novice tools in the shop for Dusk (and possibly some other excess resources we want to sink out) while we get the final recipes and supply chains in place so that players can craft the Novice tools themselves.


Game Update:

  • Performance updates

  • New user tutorial

  • Gen 2 duskworks land in accommodations. Not expecting this to take more than an hour.


Small maintenance and config update coming in 30 minutes

- Plot performance improvements (reducing data displayed on plots you don't own.. should be a big improvement on busy DTM's on mobile!!)

  • Bug fix for action rewards output not showing. - Fixed missing confirmation when purchasing on mobile in the shop.

  • Added support for time sensitive actions. (Be on the lookout for Happy Hour!)

  • Gen 2 Land Packs added to the shop."


Small maintenance and config update

  • Fixes that annoying bug where the building view clobbered the view of your stamina in the header

  • Fixes for the referral links in the new first time user flow

  • Removed the Artifact Shard drops for the latest two claimed Artifacts!

  • Various bits of behind the scenes housekeeping


Few small changes for today:

  • More Rare Seed packs in the shop.

  • New Limited Land Surveys (Gen 2, 30/60/90 day)

  • Backend changes for new content on the horizon.

More soon. (Yes Cantina changes are still coming, and should start soon.)


New Building UI!

  • Our core Building UI has been completely renovated.

here may be a few small issues that we didn't catch during testing, so let us know if anything needs adjusting.

  • Note: Nested loot tables will often not appear in the rewards table, but rest assured all loot will function as intended.

Damaged Power Cells!

  • When re-charging a building there is a 10% chance per recharge that the power cell becomes damaged from the rapid discharge of Coulombs

  • Scavengers will now discover a mixture of damaged power cells and empty power cells when out and about scavenging

  • Players with better scavenging luck will have sharper eyes and find empty power cells more often. (Eventually based on skill tier level)

  • Damaged power cells may be repaired in the Chem Lab after the player learns the recipe from performing Chemical research in the Library! Cantina

- Cantina has been adjusted to now have a max level of 6.

  • Tasks for the Cantina now rotate daily and will have variable rewards and opportunities for savvy players. Look for some new tasks to do now and every day! Chem Lab

  • Max Actions adjusted across all rarity tiers by -1 and +1 and distributed by level (Ex: Mythic is now 6-8 instead of 7)

  • Recipes for the Chem Lab have been overhauled by level and rarity!

  • New Recipe: Repair Broken Power Cell I (Requires an active Library and learning the requisite recipe.)

  • New Recipe: Repair Broken Power Cell II (Requires an active Library and learning the requisite recipe.)

  • New Recipe: Repair Broken Power Cell III (Requires an active Library and learning the requisite recipe.) 3d Print Shop

  • Max Actions adjusted across all rarity tiers by -1 and +1 and distributed by level (Ex: Mythic is now 6-8 instead of 7)

  • Recipes for the 3d Print Shop have been distributed by level and rarity!

  • New Recipe: Make Mushroom Cake (Requires an active Library and learning the Mushroom Cake Recipe!)

Library - Coming Soon! -Launching soon, the Library is a new special class building that unlocks our new research system!

  • Start with 2 areas of research: Life Science and Chemistry! Scavenging will follow next week!

  • In both of these are opportunities to learn new recipes, and unlock new supply chains! (You'll see many of the components of the library enabled or partially visible to get excited for the launch on Monday!) Errata and Small Updates

  • Slava Ukraini and Coffee now share the same cool down timer

  • Rare Polar Workshops have had their upgrade costs raised by 10 dusk through the levels (t were accidentally discounted before)

  • Lex Fridman's Kettle Artifact is now spelled correctly and the mis-printed one is back at cards.onmars for safekeeping. New Artifact being returned to the original owner. Apologies!

  • Pirate Radio Level X has had its vibes cost raised from 4 to 10 vibes to be in-line with the rest of the recipes

  • Dismantling a level X Pirate Radio now has a fixed Shard return of 606 shards

  • Split Water now requires 2 water up from 1 water in order to make the chemical reaction correct

  • Polar Workshop Gen 2's can now be listed on the in-game marketplace. (Gen 1's still staying special for now)

  • Missing NFT Images for Music and the Soundtrack are now shown properly in your inventory!"


48 hours ago Mars was hit by a powerful magnetic storm caused by a record-breaking coronal mass ejection event. Communication satellites and electrical utilities across Earth are struggling to get back online. Scrappy Martian electrical engineers have worked around the clock and are confident that t have a new firmware update for the charge controllers used on Mars. The new firmware is 5x better at preventing damage to power cells when charging buildings. This firmware is being distributed across the Pirate Radio Stations and will be installed in the next twelve hours. Not to be outdone by the EEs, Martian chemists are developing a method for repairing these damaged power cells. A little more polish on the method needs to happen this week before they release their paper on Damaged Power Cell Repair.

  • Firmware was able to be updated without the need for a down for maintenance!

    The chance for power cells to be damaged when recharging has been changed from 10% to 2%

  • Slava Ukraini and Coffee now share the same cool down timer and should no longer cause confusion.


  • Adding New Alexandria Artifact

  • Separated requirements from costs in building UI, and fixed loot tables not showing in rewards.

  • Fixed Dusk increment buttons

  • Removed Global vibes counter. - Added volume and Autoplay cookies for music. (We'll keep iterating and improving, please be patient.)


  • Min/Max Controls added to recipe creation flow. (Based on building capacity)

  • Post Task button moved to the top of the recipe popup for an easier experience.

  • Added support for filtering marketplace by owned items only.

  • Depositing to a count of 0 inventory (from NFT) no longer leaves a lingering 0 inventory NFT item.

  • Discord links added to the profile dropdown menu and bottom of the news drawer. Come be social!

  • Disabled work orders from being started for 0 Stamina tasks.

  • We now show total Dusk cost on bulk work orders.

  • Fixed Artifact Image for New Alexandria.

  • Added back ""Transport PVC"" recipe to 3d Print Shop Min Level Requirements: Common: 6 Uncommon: 5 Rare: 4 Epic: 3 Legendary: 2 Mythic: 1


"Just a heads up, we've fixed the duration on the ""Human Factors"" recipe in the Library, which unfortunately impacted a few players who ended up starting a 10 day timer which shipped incorrectly with the release. We've altered the rewards of this existing version of the recipe to give the players suck waiting an 11x bonus on the Dusk reward (10x rolls of the intended 1 day duration +1 bonus to make up for the pain). When the recipe reappears again in rotation, it will have only the intended 1 day timer and 1 day worth of dusk rewards.

Anyone who would prefer to have their Library state reset so it's not locked for another 8 days can file a support ticket and we'll have a developer reset your Library (but probably not until Monday), but with no reward for the task. Anyone who wants the bonus Dusk instead is welcome to wait, and accept our most sincere apologies."


Update Notes: Rovers: - Added Explorer Mission 1.1 and Explorer Mission 2.2 as rotational weekly missions. - They have similar reward pools as the previous iterations, but longer timers and slightly less reward ranges.

  • These may be further adjusted based on how things progress. (Also based on consumption when tool crafting is rolled out) Note: Existing Explorer Mission 1 and Explorer Mission 2 tasks will not be interrupted, and their rewards will be the same. - Added Explorer Scavenging and Advanced Explorer Scavenging in the rotation as well. Both have a 5% risk at the highest upgrade level. Some contain some needed resources like vibes ๐Ÿ™‚ Bazaar:

  • Adjusted drop rates for Common to Rare Rolls. 1x Shard 84.00% Drop 13.00% Rarity Up 2.00% Blueprint 1.00%

  • Adjusted drop rates for Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Rolls.

  • Also made reductions to the amount of Epic-Mythic shards in a full drop. Epic: 1x Shard 88.00% Drop 10.00% Rarity Up 2.00% Legendary: 1x Shard 94.00% Drop 5.00% Rarity Up 1.00% Mythic: 1x Shard 94.00% Drop 3.50% Special Shard Drop 2.50% Note: Mythic rolls will no longer provide house credits on a bad roll, and now has a special shard roll built in. The existing Mythic house credits recipe has been adjusted to give a free mythic roll for 2 house credits. Shop:

  • Required Shards for Rare Bazaar Coins increased to 5

  • Required Shards for Epic Bazaar Coins increased to 6

  • Required Shards for Legendary Bazaar Coins increased to 8

  • Removed Existing set of Artifact Claims, as they've all been found. Leftover shards will have a use in the near future, so don't deem them worthless

Last updated