Buying an Access Pack

Duskworks Registration Brochure: Access Granted
Due to the vastness of space and the increasingly common rocket technology capable of going to Mars. Access badges are required for aspiring settlers in order to create a similar identification system that's used on Earth. These badges are purchased on Mars at Duskworks Embassies or from Duskworks Embassies on Earth prior to lift-off. Well-off settlers can also sponser other people, giving them access packs to alleviate some of the cost of going to Mars.
To play Land Rush, you will need an Access Badge in your wallet. One can be obtained in the form of an Access Pack, purchased from our collection on NeftyBlocks, or the Marketplace on AtomicHub.
On NeftyBlocks, we sell Access Badges for $10.
Sometimes, on the marketplace on Atomichub, you can find bargains!
Once you purchase an access pack, it will need to be unpacked, and the contained NFT opened on NeftyBlocks. This will automatically place the NFT in your linked wallet, and will be recognized by Land Rush allowing you to play.
To see your packs on NeftyBlocks:

Alternative Methods of Access without an Access Badge NTT

A Founders Coin will work as a substitute to obtain access to the game. Access Packs can be transferred among players or from Million on Mars Player Experience Team, but once opened, Access Badge NTTs are non-transferrable.