Buying an Access Pack

Duskworks Registration Brochure: Access Granted
Due to the vastness of space and the increasingly common rocket technology capable of going to Mars. Access badges are required for aspiring settlers in order to create a similar identification system that's used on Earth. These badges are purchased on Mars at Duskworks Embassies or from Duskworks Embassies on Earth prior to lift-off. Well-off settlers can also sponsor other people, giving them access packs to alleviate some of the cost of going to Mars.

Access Badges for Sale in Game

Prices current as of 1/12/2023 this may be adjusted at any time. Check the Million on Mars Access store page in-game for up-to-date pricing.

Standard Access

  • Grants access to Million on Mars

Premium Access

  • Grants Access to Million on Mars
  • 1 Uncommon Land Deed (Gen 2),
  • 1 Factories on Mars Pack (Gen 3)
  • 3 Uncommon Solar Panels (Gen 3),
  • 10 Full Power Cells
  • 250 Resource Points

VIP Access

  • Grants Access to Million on Mars
  • 1 Rare Land Deed (Gen 2)
  • 1 Factories on Mars Big Pack (Gen 3)
  • 3 Rare Solar Panels (Gen 3)
  • 1 Uncommon Mining Rig (Gen 3)
  • 10 Full Power Cells

Alternative Methods of Access without Virtual Access Badge

  • A Founders Token NFT will work as a substitute to obtain access to the game.
  • Premium, Promo, and VIP WAX NTT access badges are still valid for new user signup.