Shards and Upgrading

Dismantle Shards return rate.
You recieve 80% to 130% of how many shards have invested to that building so far, starting with the rarity default value, when dismantling.
C - 1
U - 5
R - 10
E - 25
L - 75
M - 150
Shards are used to upgrade your buildings. Before we show you a step-by-step process of how to upgrade your building, here is a current snapshot (June 30th, 2022) of the upgrading times and costs:
Let's take a COMMON greenhouse as an example. If I click on the Upgrade button, I see at the bottom that, in order to upgrade my COMMON greenhouse Level I to COMMON greenhouse Level II, I need 1 COMMON shard.
In order to get a shard, I must dismantle a building or purchase it on the in-game market! In our example here, I need a COMMON Greenhouse shard. So I'm going to head to my inventory and scroll to the buildings section!
Find the building you want to dismantle for me it's the Common Greenhouse!
Once you click on dismantle, a new menu will pop up for you. You need to type in the "Quantity" field how many you want to dismantle, and whenever you want to dismantle you must type in exactly DISMANTLE! This is an added precaution not to dismantle a wrong item!
You can see I only have 1 and I typed in dismantle just hit that confirm button now!
And look at the bottom right-hand corner: I got 1 Common Greenhouse Shard!
Now that I have my shard, I go back to my COMMON greenhouse Level I which I want to upgrade. I see at the bottom COMMON shards required for the upgrade is now 1/1!
I click CONFIRM and look: I now have a common greenhouse Level II!
Please note that if you'd like to dismantle a building, there cannot be a job in progress / waiting to complete; if so, then the Dismantle button should not be visible.