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Martian Resources Department Briefing

The Duskworks Martian Resources Department (MRD) have recently been notified of an uptick in unplanned rapid disassembly of rover equipment. The general consensus so far has pinned the blame on a new and rising underground sport of Rover Combat. It is said that engineers and scientists are working in derelict abandoned settlements to create illegal rovers. All settlers are to limit their EVA activities while near the danger zones as specified by the MRD.

NOTE: The MRD is aware of the public comments that Wayne Dusk have made; it should be known that the MRD do not endorse nor approve of any “fight club” or other misuse of rover equipment.

Recon Rover Site

For our first Hex Minigame, the Martian Resources Department is hiring Martians to collect clues involving a recently destroyed rover.

Martians can head to the Aerospace Menu, then Available missions to start the Recon Site minigame.

Selecting A Traveler:

Martians can select themselves or a Martizen they own as the Traveler in the Hex Minigame. Traveler is what we'll call the player or Martizen interacting on the Hex Minigame Map!

Paying your Entry Fee:

How the Minigame Works

After selecting your traveler, you will start with 10 Energy. Each move will cost 1 Energy.


The main objective of the minigame is to obtain Clues, the list of clues are as follows:

  • Suspicious Power Cell

  • Destroyed Aluminum Plate

  • Modified Transmitter

  • Charred Stone

  • Fractured Tire

You obtain clues by investigating the hexes during the game, each treasure hex may only be investigated once and has a chance to give a clue based on the type of treasure hex.


You investigate by moving your traveler. Moving your traveler will require you to click on an adjacent Hex to the current one the Traveler is currently occupying.

Each move costs 1 Energy.

Injuries & Ending the Game:

Investigating a hex will give you a random amount of Injuries, sustaining 15 Injuries will end the game. Running out of Energy will also end the game.

MRD Rovers - First Aid Kits and Food Packets:

In addition to the clue resources and other materials found while investigating, you'll be able to find two new resources. The First Aid Kit and the Food Packet. These resources allow special recipes for your traveler to complete when occupying a plot containing a MRD Rover.

Note: It does not cost energy to move onto a hex that contains a MRD Rover.

MRD Aid Rover & First Aid Kit

MRD Calorie Rover & Food Packet

Compiling Clues

The Martian Resources Department supplies all Martians assisting with the case a place to compile the clues they've recovered from the Rover Site. Located within the Duskworks Landing is the Martian Resources Department Shelter, where you can Compile Evidence using the clues you've gathered, and then turn in those investigation reports for rewards.

You need a full set of clues of matching rarity in order to create an investigation report. The investigation report will match the rarity of the full set of clues.

Clue References


Discarded Battery Bank

Suspicious Power Cell

Lodged Wheel

Fractured Wheel

Electronic Rubbish

Modified Transmitter

Suspicious Mineral Pile

Charred Stone

Metal Wreckage

Destroyed Aluminum Plate

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