Suggested Reading

AADZ: Literature and Historical Documentation
The AADZ recommends certain literature and historical documentation made prior to the colonization project. These may not entirely accurate to the current Ad Astra Unlimited's schematics or plans, but are helpful in understanding the history and the whys of colonizing Mars.

Mars Colonies: Plans for Settling the Red Planet

Back in the Fall of 2018, The Mars Society offered a prize for the best design and description of a 1000 person colony on Mars. One hundred teams from around the world responded with their proposals, the book presents 22 of the plans judged to be the best to address all these requirements in a comprehensive way.
MARS COLONIES: Plans for Settling the Red Planet
Amazon Link provided by the AADZ.

Mars City States: New Societies for a New World

What will we create on Mars? -- This was a question posed decades ago back in early 2020 to the Mars Society, and they sponsored the Mars City State Design Competition: Design a city state for 1 million people on Mars. The designs had to take into account all aspects of the city: its technical basis, its economic foundation, its social and political system, and its architectural aesthetics. If a city is to succeed and grow, it will need to be a place that people would want to move to. How can such a city be created on Mars?
Such a city exists off of that basis on Mars, the renowned Waterloo City.