📜History of Dust, Rust and Glory

The rise of Rover vs Rover Combat on the Red Planet

As more and more settlers arrived on Mars, a distinct culture began to emerge. These settlers were the best and brightest from Earth, chosen for their skills and expertise. But as the initial excitement of exploration faded, some began to feel restless and disenchanted. They yearned for a new challenge, something that would allow them to assert their independence and creativity.

In the early days of Mars settlement, the rovers were mainly used for scientific research and exploration. But some settlers began to experiment with modifying their rovers, adding new features and functions. It wasn't long before they began to organize impromptu races and battles, pitting their modified rovers against each other in the rugged Martian terrain.

In an effort to provide some entertainment and diversion, Wayne Dusk - the wealthy owner of the Duskworks Landing colony - decided to sponsor the first season of underground rover arenas. These arenas were makeshift constructions, built from whatever materials were available, and located far away from the prying eyes of the program managers of Ad Astra Unlimited!

The rules of rover vs rover combat were simple and straightforward. Each team would field a modified Explorer class rover, and then fitted with weapons and armor. The rovers would battle it out in a designated arena, with the goal of disabling or destroying their opponent's rover. The last rover standing was the winner. Soon the sport expanded to modifying the Hauling Rovers to create a whole variety of armed combat rovers that fill various roles: like scouts, tanks, and dedicated damage dealing rovers via the Combat Bay.

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