3D Print Shop

Informational Guide on the Duskwork's 3D Print Shop and trivia on previous usage from the Ad Astra Landings.
The Ad Astra Landings flew to Mars with a massive building kit with the design for an industrial, space-ready building printer. During its inauguration on Mars, it was used to create a variety of buildings that originally set up the Ad Astra Development Zone. The buildings it once created out grew it in size and traditional building methods were needed for the newer and larger buildings were needed. Now, the 3D print shops has been re-configured as a sort of massive machine shop, manufacturing PVC pipes, electronics, and structural parts.
The Duskwork's 3D print shop functions much more like the newer Ad Astra Development Zone 3D Print shops with the ability to manufacture PVC Pipes, electronic parts, and structural parts from metals smelted from a Smelting Module. These were also reconfigured to take in power cells instead of being directly connected to the Martian power-grid.
3D Print Shop is a very useful building to have on your plot. You can produce PVC pipes, electronic parts, paper, and structural parts in the 3D Print Shop.
PVC Pipe
Structural Parts
Electronic Parts
Mushroom Cake
2-5 PVC Pipe (100%)
20 Power
1-10 PVC Pipe (11.11%)
1 Stamina
10 Steel
1-2 Structural Parts (100%)
3 Titanium Plate
1-2 Structural Parts (11.11%)
5 Aluminum Plate
40 Power
4 Stamina
3-6 Paper (100%)
8 Bamboo
10 Power
1 Stamina
10 Copper Ore
1-2 Electronic Parts (100%)
1-2 Electronic Parts (11.11%)
500 Regolith
40 Power
5 Stamina
Make Mushroom Cake Recipe Unlocked (Library)
1 Mushroom Cake (80%) OR 2-4 Mushroom Cake (20%)
20 Mushrooms
10 Food
30 Power
6 Stamina
Common 3D Print Shop Level 5+ Uncommon 3D Print Shop Level 4+ Rare 3D Print Shop Level 3+ Epic 3D Print Shop Level 2+
Solar Panel
Make Solar Panel Shard
10 Electrical Grade Silicon
1 Common Gen 3 Solar Panel (46.50%)
3 Aluminum Plates
1 Uncommon Gen 3 Solar Panel (30.00%)
1 Glass
1 Rare Gen 3 Solar Panel (15.00%)
3 Minting Tokens
1 Epic Gen 3 Solar Panel (6.00%)
200 Power
1 Legendary Gen 3 Solar Panel (2.00%)
5 Stamina
1 Mythic Gen 3 Solar Panel (0.50%)
Fabrication Level 60+
3 Uses of Fabrication Tools
2 Raw Silicon Crystals
Reward chosen is equal to the Rarity of the 3D print shop. (ex. Common 3D print shop will only create Common Solar Shards).
40 Power
1 Common Solar Shard
1-2 Stamina (Common Shard takes 1 Stamina)
1 Uncommon Solar Panel Shard
1 Rare Solar Panel Shard
Fabrication Level 30+
1 Epic Solar Panel Shard
2 Uses of Fabrication Tools
3 Legendary Solar Panel Shard
5 Mythic Solar Panel Shard
Electronic Bits
Make Battery Backup Alt.
Electrical bits, as they are colloquially known, are usually found as scrap from broken down electronics, they aren't difficult to manufacture on its own though, as wires can be used as its electrical components with a shell of treated iron.
They're useful for tinkering as well, a circuit board, a few electronic bits including a resistor and LED, along with a simple battery offers you one of the simplest circuit designs. Even as I write this document, just below the habitation window that looks out to the red surface, I can see electronic bits scattered across my desk.
- Katherine Collins
1 Iron Ore
10-15 Electronic Bits (100%)
1 Rover Wire
2-5 Electronic Bits (10%)
1 Electrical Tool
25-50 Electrical XP
40 Power
1 Stamina
5 Electrical Level
Power, electricity, whatever you call it, its everywhere in our increasingly digital world. From your holo-wrist devices, to the fake window screens showing vistas of Earth. You're never really grateful for the power you have until its taken away, much like a clear nose is only appreciated when you have a stuffy nose.
That's why these exist, the battery backups. Installed onto every habitation module, its used in place of any electrical fault and turns on seemingly before any problems arise due to its direct in-line voltage reading. It flicks on once the current dips even a small amount. This recipe isn't exactly approved by the Duskworks company, but if need be, you can overcharge power cells with circuit components and rover wires to a higher capacity.
- Katherine Collins
8 Circuit Component
1 Battery Backup (100%)
4 Full Power Cells
90-225 Electrical XP
3 Copper
40 Rover Wires
5 Electrical Tools
100 Power
10 Stamina
30 Electrical Level
Battery Backup Research
3D Print Shop Sizes
Task Slots
3D Print Shop Rarity
3D Print Shop Size