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Launch of Glitter!

The Launch of Glitter & FAQ November 16th, 2022 A year ago on December 10th, 2021 we launched the token Dusk!

For a video from Erik Bethke going over this document: https://www.loom.com/share/0e4e302d17b64a42819481704539f88a

Over that time period we have shipped a relentless cadence of new features and game content as we build the game Million on Mars and the greater Million on Mars metaverse of gameplay, fiction, music, collectible NFTs and art.

Over that time we have worked to maintain the health of the Million on Mars economy. We are certainly not perfect! But we do feel we are leaders in the web3 space in our efforts to maintain the relatively stable value of your game assets in these early days of web3 gaming. We are all-in and true believers of Play and Own, we are here for the long term. This is why we have invested deeply in systems such as Professions to deliver on Specialization, Settlements for large scale group play, Martizens for augmented gameplay, and the Dynamic Treasury system to organically manage the meta for gameplay reward systems.

Today, we are now ready to release Glitter!

Thank you for your patience.

We are taking everything we have learned and all of our tools and will handle Glitter in the most vigilant manner to maintain its scarcity and value.

Here is an overview of the roll-out plan - and then more discussion:

  • November 16, 2022 - Glitter for Founders Token Holders begins 52 weeks flow of 100 Glitter per week

  • Initial Glitter Shop offerings are released

  • Initial Glitter in-game utility is released

  • Glitter begins to flow back into the Treasury and managed by the Dynamic Treasury system

  • November 21st - the first gameplay systems to reward Glitter from the Dynamic Treasury are released

  • December 14, 2022 - Glitter from the Martizens begins to unlock from their Bankrolls Late

  • December / Early January - Glitter is able to be withdrawn onto the Solana chain

Notice that on week 4 - December 14th, 2022, there is a significant step-up in the amount of Glitter flowing in the system, so you can think of the first three weeks as the alpha test of the Glitter system, and after that large chunk of Glitter from Martizens comes out on week 4 we start the beta test of the Glitter system. If everything is squeaky clean and everything is happy and tight we might turn on the withdrawal before the winter holidays. On the other hand we are also mindful of team health and pacing ourselves for the long term, and so it might simply be smarter and kinder to ourselves to enable the withdrawal right after the New Years holiday.

Q. Why did you price X item for Y Glitter in the shop - I had the expectation that Glitter would have W value from day zero? A. We are intentionally starting from a very conservative stance with pricing in-game utility for Glitter. We feel we cannot be too careful here. As always, our values are to deliver stability first, and growth in value second. We will continuously ship additional utility for Glitter and new items, including some items that will be exclusively in Glitter and monitor Glitter. We are not aiming for any specific value, but again stable and then rising.

Q. When will the staking rewards in the white paper be released? A. Hopefully - never! :-) Please see the white paper for the in-game lore wrapped staking missions we have planned out, but we do feel that in-game utility is almost always better than staking rewards for the long term health of the Million on Mars metaverse. That being said we will experiment with modest amounts of staking rewards as a marketing effort and/or to provide additional stability.

Q. What is the development teamโ€™s plan on selling the Glitter obtained through fees? A. Indeed, yes, over time the Glitter from these fees we do intend to sell back into a DEX when one is set up by the players. We have no short term plan for selling our fee Glitter and our internal financial planning does not depend or frankly even anticipate selling Glitter as a revenue source in the next year. That being said, after the Glitter is unlocked for withdrawal, and when the players have setup a liquidity pool on a DEX - and we believe that Glitter is experiencing an overly frothy moon - we will tactically sell some Glitter to keep Glitter stable and rising in a sustainable manner.

Also keep in mind that the Investors and Team Glitter pools are locked for a year and slowly unlock after that over another 24 months.

Q. What is the point of Dusk now that Glitter is released? A. Glad you asked! Dusk is HUGE, it is the workhorse of the economy as the stable unit of exchange for the high-frequency bulk commodity and day-to-day player-to-player market operations.

Aerospace will be the gateway to the new elder meta-games:

  • Want Rover PVP? Want to get to the contested DTMs? Need Hoppers.

  • Want to do First-to-Discover achievements? Need Hoppers to get around Mars.

  • Want Asteroid Mining? Need Aerospaceโ€ฆ

  • Want to do truly epic Missions with your friends?

  • Explore Phobos, Ceres, do Asteroid Mining - control critical supplies to and from Earth?

  • Create your own Hopper and visually customize it and make an NFT right?

  • Explore the points of interest on Mars right?

Then you will need Dusk and the resources obtained through Dusk to compete and win Glitter for the elder game mechanics.

Just a sketch to lend a visual for how Dusk leads to Glitter

Well, YES, all of that is very important - that is expanding the GAME, and that is VITAL. But how does that connect back to why do I need more Dusk?

Making the Aerospace content and having lots more to do is great for Explorers and Achievers, but players do not want to just see the goal posts moved out and to mine an asteroid to just to go make more Dusk.

We have a meaning of life question - Why do I want to go on these epic missions?

Why do I care about obtaining Dusk to gain Glitter?

  • Because Land Minting, High-End Crafting, NFT and Pack Minting and other high-value utility will be thirsty for Glitter or exclusively Glitter

  • Because high-end competitive PvP and PvE play will be easier or require Glitter

  • Because Glitter is a FIXED supply token

  • Because Glitter will never be released with an โ€œopen spigotโ€ inflationary system - Glitter will always be released through careful allotment of a specific Dynamic Treasury

  • Because Glitter will be the ultimate tool of stored value and trade between the higher-end gameplay systems of MoM (and future expansions and titles from us..YES you read that correctly)

  • Because Glitter will be required in the consumption side of creating player generated content (above crafted and minted goods)

In short you need Dusk - and lots of production on Mars (to make more Dusk) - and friends to even build a Hopper, Pad, Fuel Tanks and then later Starships. You need Dusk to play for Glitter. And you need Glitter for all of the most important loops.

Please see the white paper for many more details: https://docs.milliononmars.com/whitepaper


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