The Task Initiative from Duskworks HQ
From the meaning of the word mission being strife with 16th century outdated connotations, we at Duskworks strive to set forth a new definition; one of progress, meaning and effort to produce something truly a-new.
Duskworks HQ will now be offering missions, from us, to our middlemen and finally to the independent settler. These middlemen will contact you through your terminal and offer you missions or tasks that will help prove to us how good of a settler you are, and yes, there are rewards for successful completion. Along with this, we are introducing a new path for new settlers arriving on the Red Planet, to be greeted by a friendly face that some of you may know.
For all players, there are two different mission categories to undertake at this current time. More will be introduced in the (very near!) future.
Getting to the missions menu is a treacherous trek, one that will take you eons and ages to even come close to, you will have to click the
Actions Button and then... the Missions Tab! Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a bit.
Once you're here, click on any of the tasks on the left side and then press START on the right side. That's all you need to do to make your terminal start tracking your objectives, once your mission is finished, you'll be prompted by a pop-up to complete your quest and retrieve your rewards.
Make sure to start the quests before undertaking any of them, or your progress will not be counted.


One section of the missions is the Non-landowner section, this houses five different missions tailored to non-landowners to complete. However, nothing stops a landowner from also completing these missions if they so choose to.
Completing these missions will give you a few more resources and XP to accelerate your needs as a settler! Make sure to check back every so often incase we add more missions!


Landowner missions have been tailored to, well, landowners! These missions all require the heavy use of buildings. (although, you could circumvent it by renting buildings, however there are two tasks that require your own buildings!)
Some examples of the objectives are:
  • Upgrading and Installing a Building
  • Running Building-Specific Tasks
  • Acquiring a large amount of a product
These missions will generally award you a little more than the Non-landowner missions. Duskworks HQ will continue offering more missions as time goes on, so be sure to check your missions menu often!
As always, if you find any issues with the missions terminal, alert Duskworks staff! If you aren't already in our discord, come join us at
- Duskworks HQ is signing off!